Gun Control Agenda Exposed Via Premeditated Santa Barbara Shooting: Poor Crisis Acting Martinez

“……This guy is really, really obnoxious. He is also a bad actor.”

Alleged Santa Barbara Stabbing And Shooting: Another Contrived Pre-Planned Event

…….How is it that a 22 Y-O spoiled kid was able to write a 141-page “manifesto” that reads somewhat like a Hollywood screenplay?…….

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax: Another Propaganda Government Grab For your Guns

“….Listen to and watch [short video below] the poor (crisis) acting job by a supposed father of a supposed “victim.”……”

Government And Mainstream Media Celebrate the Boston Marathon ‘Bombing’ Fraud

America: Ignore the filth emanating from the tabloid mainstream lying media. It’s propaganda peppered with a smidgen of truth.

Franklin Regional High School Stabbing Scam: Americans Wake Up To Your Wicked Government!

Big government dispenses, mainstream media regurgitates and gullible Americans, swallow.

Franklin Regional High School “Stabbings:” Likely Another Government / Media Pre-Planned Hoax Event

Government / media hoaxes often are contrived and pre-planned for the end purpose of destroying individual freedoms. One has only to follow the media propaganda rhetoric which follows the event.

Fort Hood 2014 Shooting: Government Campaign To Confiscate Guns One Group At A Time

The campaign to confiscate guns will likely be carried out by disarming one group at a time. The first group is this contingent of soldiers, ex-soldiers, and (soon) every day citizens who are “depressed” and/or who are taking medications for depression.