Paris Terror In Perspective: Gearoid O. Colmain Connects Instigating Dots


“……………..If you care to understand the latest false reality Paris “terrorist” attacks, proxy wars and the Syrian War, please do yourself a huge favor and spend 10 minutes watching an RT video featuring “political author” Gearoid O Colmain……………….”

Paris Terror Attacks Staged: Multiple Sources Evidence The False Reality


“Please note that “false realities” are contrived, engineered and implemented as repeat deception practices of corrupt governments, world-wide. Especially note that government sponsored, law enforcement and media, enabled, “false realities” take place as real (genuine) events.

The term, “False reality” does not suggest that the contrived events don’t happen (actually take place) and that people are not injured and / or killed. False realities are designed to be propaganda driven. They often utilize theatrical blood. Thus they can be correctly called, ‘hoaxes.’ And, even a hoax can end up having people (actually) killed. A 2,000 year-old example, was……………..”

University Of Missouri Events: Waste Of Energy Entertaining False Reality Propaganda


“It’s the same old radical leftist charge: “Racism.” Squawk and squeal. Threaten. And then highlight the ones doing the race-baiting. Frame their roles in a favorable martyr light.

Remember the Ferguson, Missouri contrived riots? Remember the crisis actors complaining about not being paid?……………..”

Big Bang And NASA Propaganda False Realities: China Airliner Flight


“Please note: Essential to a better understanding of the following mini-commentary and short video are the related informational links, 3 pictures and (their) captions which follow:……………..

……………..View the non-run-of-the-mill video and access the related informational links below, while you consider the weighty content implication of the following 2 statements:………………

Roanoke VA False Reality: Shooting Hoax Check List Version 1.4


“The following “check list” [below] was sent by a Moralmatters Reader:

“I found the list neatly typed in a comment under a video about the hoax.” …………………….”

Chattanooga Shooting Another Phony Fake Show: Follow The Many Government-Sponsored Hoax Signs


< <<<<<<<<<<<< A Moralmatters Reader responds to the latest (Chattanooga) "violence event" which is rapidly being disseminated by mainstream media news. Isn't it bizarre and highly suspect that this latest widespread news is readily picked up by mainstream media when that same (dishonest and irresponsible) media has been silent about Planned Parenthood's crimes against humanity; the black market sales of human baby parts? The ready-spread of news by all the mainstream media networks is just one of many telltale signs of government contrived false reality events. Remember: “When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Super Bowl Sandy Hook Kid’s Choir: Ignored By The Newtown School Board


< <<<<<<<<<< A MoralMatters Reader left the following comments after the recent MM posting of: Wolfgang Halbig: Exposed Sandy Hook School Board Members As Criminal Co-Conspirators - Moralmatters Reader's comments utilizing a large photo: At least a large group of those 26 kids were from Sandy Hook and are the actual kids that allegedly were ”killed” on that December day. EXCEPT one big difference….they are 4 or 5 years OLDER when they sang at the Super Bowl. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>