Paris Shooting Hoax: Dance Invitation To Mainstream Media Connoisseurs


“All roads have led to France. The world is captivated by mainstream media reports about the latest major global (alleged) violence event……………”

Reasons Why NYPD Officers Turned Their Backs On NY Mayor Bill de Blasio


Why have New York Police Officers been turning their backs on the New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio?

Moralmatters proposes 2 answers to the aforementioned question………….

……..Please note the most recent video in a series of analyzing videos, which conclude that the alleged Brooklyn cop-killings were a government contrived violence (hoax) event. Note in the video, the apparent fake grief, tampering with evidence and other significant and striking featured anomalies………..

Hell-Bent Catholic Gov. Mario Cuomo And Repentant Catholic Dr. Bernard Nathanson


…………..Some of history’s evildoers are very blatant. Others, are not. Those that are not “blatant” often perform their wicked deeds under the cover of sanctimony. That reality adds to their wickedness. Their cloaked guise further multiplies their sin. They become guilty of gross hypocrisy. These “respectable” members of the culture will parade as members of Christian churches, professing to be part of Christ’s redeemed faithful. But, …………..

…………Gov. Mario Cuomo became one of America’s staunch abortion-on-demand supporters. He did not don a white clinical garb and wear plastic gloves, forcing his molesting way into pregnant girls bellies, to dislodge and dismember God’s created growing pre-born infants. No, he did not. Neither did Adolf Hitler manually operate holocaust crematoriums which gassed and burned Jewish lives, (and others) – young, frail and elderly……….

Telltale Signs Of Government Contrived Events


Please note the following definition and principle to fix in mind before reading the list of telltale signs of government contrived events.

The definition of false flag and hoax

Distinguishing between the event and the reported / alleged event

What Are Some Major Telltale Signs Of Government Contrived Events (Aka Hoaxes)?………………

Botched Piers Morgan Sandy Hook Hoax Interview: Alex Israel Denies CNN’S Claimed Adam Lanza Classmate Status


Please note the short 1 minute and 48 second youtube video. Especially note @ 1:13 of the video how the young girl apparently contradicts her story of “knowing” Adam Lanza and how she ends up denying that she was a “classmate” of Lanza – contrary to the CNN claim that she, was a Lanza classmate………..

……….Slothful Americans are hooked on their mainstream media addiction; so much so, they lack due diligence to search out Independent Media sources. This massive group of indolent and irresponsible Americans, choose to be whorish in their lustful embrace of mainstream media convoluted cultural deceptions. They have………..

The Hoax Of Sandy Hook: Ignore, Deny, React Or Appropriately Respond


“The following description and pic was found on the web:…………..”

Two Year Anniversary Of Alleged Sandy Hook Shooting: Question The Event


If you are one of the confused Americans over the alleged Sandy Hook Shooting massacre, please access the following documentary video [link below]. If you are an American who has believed and accepted the big government / mainstream media version of events and still can’t figure out why many of your fellow Americans believe those Sandy Hook events were contrived and pre-planned, the recent Sandy Hook documentary is for you…………….