Paris Shooting Hoax: Forensic Evidence Controverts Mainstream Media Propaganda


“Please note the series of Moralmatters articles on the Paris Shooting Hoax (with their multiple informational links) following the Moralmatters mini-commentary and the 2 minute revealing video:

Forensic Evidence Controverts Mainstream Media Propaganda

Forensic evidence can be as basic as……………..”

Paris Shooting Hoax: Mass Demonstration Over-Kill


“Please note the 3 minute youtube video following the Moralmatters mini-commentary:

Take a good look at the political leaders in the very front of the massive demonstration. Gaze at their faces. They came for an obvious (bogus) ‘solidarity’ photo op. They also arrived to…………….”

Hell-Bent Catholic Gov. Mario Cuomo And Repentant Catholic Dr. Bernard Nathanson


…………..Some of history’s evildoers are very blatant. Others, are not. Those that are not “blatant” often perform their wicked deeds under the cover of sanctimony. That reality adds to their wickedness. Their cloaked guise further multiplies their sin. They become guilty of gross hypocrisy. These “respectable” members of the culture will parade as members of Christian churches, professing to be part of Christ’s redeemed faithful. But, …………..

…………Gov. Mario Cuomo became one of America’s staunch abortion-on-demand supporters. He did not don a white clinical garb and wear plastic gloves, forcing his molesting way into pregnant girls bellies, to dislodge and dismember God’s created growing pre-born infants. No, he did not. Neither did Adolf Hitler manually operate holocaust crematoriums which gassed and burned Jewish lives, (and others) – young, frail and elderly……….

Independent Media Solidarity Presents Extensive Documentary About The Alleged Sandy Hook Newtown School Shooting


“………….The future of traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America is at stake. Honest, intelligent and freedom loving Americans no longer need to be ruled by government criminals and mainstream media criminals. These criminals deserve to be publicly exposed and eventually brought to trial. It is incumbent that these same wicked individuals (who involve themselves in massive public scams) be indicted, prosecuted, sentenced and severely punished for all their fraud………..”

Why Obama sings Mandela praises: Mandela and Ted Kennedy were birds of the same crimes against humanity feather

“The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.” – Psalm 9:17 – KJV “You shall break them with a rod of iron; You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel. Now therefore, be wise, O kings; be instructed, you judges of the… Read more“Why Obama sings Mandela praises: Mandela and Ted Kennedy were birds of the same crimes against humanity feather”