Sandy Hook False Reality Exposed By Another Independent Media Solidarity Documentary


“………………Oh yes, don’t be surprised that this documentary is also repeatedly scrubbed from the web by the criminal co-conspirators as they think that they can continue to lie to the American people about the contrived Sandy Hook false reality event:……………….”

“Mass Shootings” In America: Why So Many Under Aka Obama?


“The White House ID forgery fraud is scheduled tonight to speak via his controlled mainstream media to all those willing to hear more of his lies. His propaganda will decry the multiple “mass” shootings which have been a prime focus of his occupation of the American presidency. And, you can be sure that this devil’s (crimes against humanity) favorite disciple will utter words that will be hailed (as definitive) by enabling propaganda, low-life crimes against the peace, mainstream media……………”

Trump, Treasonous McCain And The Johnny-Boy Tabloid Mainstream Media


“Why is Johnny-Boy without mainstream media scrutiny? Why is it okay for McCain to call Americans, (supporting Donald Trump) ‘crazies?’ But, it is not okay for Trump to say that McCain was a hero because he was a POW?…………….”

U.S. Veterans Intentionally Targeted By Government Control System: Paints Them As Domestic Terrorists


< <<<<<<<<<< Please note the pointed comments of a Moralmatters reader regarding the recent government contrived "Texas biker shootings" false reality. Also note the section toward the end of this page: "Why do fraudulent false reality events naturally flow downhill from corrupt big government and its back-pocket mainstream media?" >>>>>>>>>>>>

Texas Biker Gang Shootout Looks Like Another Government Contrived Staged Event


“When mainstream media news broke, about some bikers being allegedly gunned down, this Moralmatters author immediately found that to be bizarre. Why? “It” was reported to have taken place in Waco, TX – the same state in which the corrupt Obama regime government is preparing for the 2 month Jade Helm government drill exercise.


Paris Shooting Hoax: Forensic Evidence Controverts Mainstream Media Propaganda


“Please note the series of Moralmatters articles on the Paris Shooting Hoax (with their multiple informational links) following the Moralmatters mini-commentary and the 2 minute revealing video:

Forensic Evidence Controverts Mainstream Media Propaganda

Forensic evidence can be as basic as……………..”

Why American Government Is Politically And Morally Corrupt: Absence of Conceptual Absolutes


“Our current corrupted American government has long been coming. It predates last Century’s World War II. Please take the time to thoughtfully read the excellent following commentary. It has been copied here on Moralmatters by permission of its author, Mary Thompson. Some of Mary’s writings appear in:…………….”