Aaron Hernandez Reported Suicide: Media Mockery Of Christ And John 3:16


………………….Modern whoredom mainstream media promulgates a very erroneous and popular misconception. It’s the same damning misconception which is promoted by even modern apostate Christianity. That egregious misconception is, that “belief” (assent) to the Biblical Scripture message of the Gospel of John 3:16 is the “formula” for everlasting life as opposed to everlasting (hereafter) damnation in hell.

The Gospel of John 3:16 Scripture is taken out of its Verse 1 to Verse 21 context. Belief entails actions. godly actions. Genuine belief springs from being “born from above.” True belief is encapsulated in being Christ’s disciple. Detrick Bonhoeffer stated it this way [paraphrase]:

“He who believes, obeys; and he who obeys, believes.”…………………..

Christ’s Resurrection From The Dead: Its Life And Death Significance

………The historical documents of the Hebrew Old Testament and Christian New Testament Scriptures are second to none. People who cast aspersions upon the testimony of Scripture do so because of their sin. Their unbelief and sinful lifestyle subdue any spiritual perception on their part. [1 Corinthians 2:14] …………

NASA Goes Berserk: Makes Wild Outer Space Claims Of Exploding Star


“The biggest lies appear not only to attract the most attention, but they also ensnare the auditory and sensory perceptions of the greater percentage of the populace. Few entities can be credited with capturing the masses with more lies and deceptions than the U.S. Government’s propaganda agency, NASA.

The following fantastic tale is one of the latest from NASA. Its yarn is worth your attention. Why?…………………”

Christmas Christians: Scrap The Savior For Scientism


“……………Many professing Christians would never think or dream of physically molesting their children. That, would be unimaginable, egregious and a clear violation of Christian love and against Lord God’s Commandments. But, these same professed Christians daily allow their children to be spiritually and mentally molested by the malevolent culture.

Professing Christian parents allow their children to be subjects of brutal mind control. They do this by……………”

Eric Dubay: Flat Earth Advocate Fell Off The Deep End


“Eric Dubay has accomplished much to advance clear knowledge of “Stationary Earth.” This Moralmatters author does not doubt for one moment that Mr. Dubay has been a modern-day pioneer in bringing to the world specific indisputable information which highlights and illustrates the true physical nature of our world. Also, Eric has brought to bear, certain lies and deceit which are disseminated by certain “powers that be” who are hell-bent proliferating their damning propaganda of heliocentric earth…………..”

Christians Deny Creator Christ: Fall Prey To Pseudo-Science God


“The following picture (below – scroll down) helps to illustrate the historical Biblical Scripture (and present-day) reality. That reality, indicts most professing Christians, who, sadly and pathetically fail to practice the First, of The Ten Commandments! [‘You shall have no other gods before Me!’]

These politically correct ‘Christians’………………..”

Chemtrails Timelapse: DITRH 2 Minute Video


“Those who deny the reality of Chemtrails are arrogantly living in denial. These same reality deniers are the same people who rely on propaganda mainstream (whoredom) media to spoon feed them their daily diet ‘news’ rations. They sit upon their fat and lazy asses clasping their big screen remotes, believing what they see and hear from Cable Network News.

These intellectual cripples are considered ‘normal’ people. They come from all walks of life. They come from many religious persuasions.

One of those major religious persuasions, is Christianity. It’s professed followers…………..”