Muslim Inbreeding: Devastating For Peaceful Co-Existence


“I am an Arabic woman who can testify that most Arabs, and especially Muslim Arabs, come from “inbred” families. Typically, Arabic men marry their first cousins and reproduce accordingly.

Most educated people understand that the consequences of intermarriage between first cousins often have a very serious impact on the offspring’s intelligence, sanity, health and on their surroundings.

I speak from experience because I know this from my own family. I have seen the tragic consequences of consanguineous marriages at first-hand.

The children of consanguineous marriages………………”

Islam: All Muslims Share Terrorism Goals


“……………..Although it appears that the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving, those same Muslims indirectly promote the wicked actions of terrorist Muslims. The peaceful Muslims are supportive of the terrorist Muslims in several ways:…………..”

Aaron Hernandez Reported Suicide: Media Mockery Of Christ And John 3:16


………………….Modern whoredom mainstream media promulgates a very erroneous and popular misconception. It’s the same damning misconception which is promoted by even modern apostate Christianity. That egregious misconception is, that “belief” (assent) to the Biblical Scripture message of the Gospel of John 3:16 is the “formula” for everlasting life as opposed to everlasting (hereafter) damnation in hell.

The Gospel of John 3:16 Scripture is taken out of its Verse 1 to Verse 21 context. Belief entails actions. godly actions. Genuine belief springs from being “born from above.” True belief is encapsulated in being Christ’s disciple. Detrick Bonhoeffer stated it this way [paraphrase]:

“He who believes, obeys; and he who obeys, believes.”…………………..

Aaron Hernandez And Tim Tebow: The John 3:16 Connection


“………….Remember that the supposedly deceased Aaron Hernandez was a fallen football ‘hero,’ and thus it is easy to make the connection to Tim Tebow and conclude that the Control System (C/S) likely reported that Hernandez is dead for the specific purpose of mocking Tim Tebow – and mocking the faith of Christian Believers who put stock in Tebow’s claim that he is a Believer……………….”

Christ’s Resurrection From The Dead: Its Life And Death Significance

………The historical documents of the Hebrew Old Testament and Christian New Testament Scriptures are second to none. People who cast aspersions upon the testimony of Scripture do so because of their sin. Their unbelief and sinful lifestyle subdue any spiritual perception on their part. [1 Corinthians 2:14] …………

Eric Dubay: Flat Earth Advocate Fell Off The Deep End


“Eric Dubay has accomplished much to advance clear knowledge of “Stationary Earth.” This Moralmatters author does not doubt for one moment that Mr. Dubay has been a modern-day pioneer in bringing to the world specific indisputable information which highlights and illustrates the true physical nature of our world. Also, Eric has brought to bear, certain lies and deceit which are disseminated by certain “powers that be” who are hell-bent proliferating their damning propaganda of heliocentric earth…………..”

Muhammad Ali: His Erroneous View Of Islam


“Not only was Muhammad Ali misinformed about the San Bernadino false reality (see news piece excerpt, below); he held a false view of Islam. the same erroneous view that GW Bush propagandized following 9/11; that, Islam was [is] a religion of peace.

Islam is not a religion of peace. It shouldn’t even be categorized as a religion. Islam is…………..”