Loretta Lynch Approval: A Major Reason Why The Republican Party Is Treacherous


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Apparently, there is no end to criminal co-conspirators. It makes no difference if a political leader belongs to the opposite political party. Weak knees, bribes and / or political pay-offs are always “in order.” Don’t …………….

Remembering Racist And Criminal Eric Holder: Anti-American And Anti-Constitutional


“America’s aka Obama Attorney General remains arrogant and unrepentant. Commie Holder plays the political correctness, anti-American and anti-constitutional martyr role to the end of his White House criminal ID fraud’s appointment cabal role: …………”

Eric Holder Announced His Exit After FBI Told The Truth About Sandy Hook Hoax


“……….Moralmatters finds it very “interesting” that Eric Holder announced his Attorney General exit, following the very recent FBI 2012 report disclosure that there were no school deaths at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. Hence, this big government entity has broken ranks with the massive federal government propaganda machine and its kowtowing corrupted mainstream media………..”

Eric Holder Stepping Down Comes On The Heels Of Court Ruling Smack Down

“………. This latest court ruling shows again that Judicial Watch’s independent investigations and lawsuits are more effective than Congress and the rest of media………

XXX Rated Sandwich

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For those who have never seen a ………..”

Eric Holder: The Devil’s Terrorist Attorney General

One of the latest circulated realities of Eric Holder was his involvement in the 1995 terrorist bombing. FOIA documents directly link him to have facilitated the Oklahoma City bombing.

Two Top Wicked Persons In US Government: Aka Obama And Attorney General Eric Holder

Aka Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder Is Supposed to be the United States top law enforcement officer. Yet, at most every turn he has obstructed justice by ignoring existing laws and by supporting our White House occupier criminal ID fraud, aka Obama.