9/11 Inside Job: Rudy Giuliani A Likely Criminal Suspect


“………….The clearest criminal co-conspiratorial evidence was the demolition of Building 7. the same building which was omitted from the official U.S. Government report…………..”

9/11 World Trade Center Building 7: Collapse By Planned Demolition


“The 3rd 9/11 high rise building which was ignored in the government 9/11 report was not reported to have been struck by an airliner. It’s crumbling destruction issued from……….

………….That apparent contrived demolition offers more vindication to the (unfairly) despised, ridiculed and stereotyped group, cat called, ‘9/11 truthers.’ It would do everyone well to remember that official government reports are………..”

Controlled Demolition: Cause of Three 9/11 High Rise Steel Structures Collapsing


“Please watch and listen to the 2 minute youtube trailer and note that there was a 3rd building that collapsed in the immediate vicinity without having been struck by an airplane.

“WTC Building 7″ collapsed as the other 2 World Trade Center higher rise steel structures, by the same controlled demolition. And, with no striking airplane!……….”

Latest Media conspiracy of silence: Ignores the 9/11 event of 1.2 million bikers

Here we  go again with the US mainstream media going hog wild on focusing on negative events, – the alleged “Navy yard shooting.” When do you ever read or hear in the news anymore, of the the latest “reported” news events? When do you read or hear that these [supposed]… Read more“Latest Media conspiracy of silence: Ignores the 9/11 event of 1.2 million bikers”

Muslim hypocrisy celebrating 9/11

The following was found on the Web: “HYPOCRISY IS ALIVE AND WELL – High Fashion in the Mosques: That’s OK, just don’t burn or deface the Koran or draw a picture of Mohamed!! Every day shirts like this are mass produced, marketed and sold by street vendors throughout the Middle… Read more“Muslim hypocrisy celebrating 9/11”