Barack Obama’s Mental Illness

Please note: The following articles dealing with Obama’s mental illness does not give this Christian emeritus pastor and web author any pleasure. I believe that this man who presents himself as Barack Obama, is fast becoming the pathetic victim of his own lifelong lies. The Scriptures say of lifestyle liars that they are future inhabitants ofhereafter hellish damnation. It is my hope and prayer, that Obama, (by God’s grace) would come to genuine repentance over both his personal and many political sins of commission and omission.

EU DIPLOMAT: My Govt ‘Believes Obama Mentally Unwell’… –

AP Pic of defensive and paranoid appearing, deceitful White House criminal ID fraud, aka Obama. He will be no exception to the adage rule - "What comes around, goes around." His divinely appointed permanent "bus experience" is in progress. Pic Attribution - "The Intelligence Community Does Not Like Being Thrown Under the Bus" -

Pic of defensive and paranoid appearing, deceitful White House criminal ID fraud, aka Obama. Pic Source – “The Intelligence Community Does Not Like Being Thrown Under the Bus” –’s narcissism explained by Dr. Sam Vaknin the author of Malignant Self-Love: A must hear interview

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Featured pic source of – “Get Over Yourself:”

26 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Mental Illness

  1. Linda says:

    Classic case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder!

  2. Citizen says:

    A illegal President
    A evil Human
    A poor example of a father
    A liar
    A socialist loving illegal
    A stooge of the left that placed him there

  3. Ali Yahaya says:

    I wish quick recovery from the illness.

  4. john coleman says:

    Obama is a pathetic, anti-American, failure as president. As Newt Gingrich so eloquently put it “Obama is the greatest threat to national security ever to occupy the White House”. The greatest threat to America isn’t global warming or climate change. It isn’t even ISIS. It is Barack Hussein Obama.

    1. John –

      Thank you for your comment. I agree. By the way, are you the same “John Coleman” that initiated the Network Weather Channel?

  5. Study fail says:

    Obama has African behavior that collects all the psychological disorders in Africans nations, fantasies hallucination imposition ratio of complex of inferiority that accompanies him, and psychotic behaviors in his children and the black wife, and it appears on the face of him and his wife of the issue it is that it was discovered that those who brought him (Jewish ) do not respect the culture in free democratic societies, Obama broke the ethics in America and UN , and destroy all the respect to all the ties societies, which is not correctable and always create the American sense of inferiority in face of the others specially Jewish and Russian .

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