Romney’s Albatross – Cult Stigma – Republican Establishment’s Big Mistake

“Big Hate” – comment to the “Big Hate” news piece: Establishment Republicans should have known better. They can squeal all they want now, about the lib Dems hauling out their cult and hate cards, but, it will do no good. The Chris Christies of the GOP should have foreseen… Read more“Romney’s Albatross – Cult Stigma – Republican Establishment’s Big Mistake”

Blind sighted News Media – Incapable of Reporting [Christ’s] “Redemption”

“Family spokesman: Charles Colson, Watergate figure who turned to religion, has died at 80” – – Published: 7:21 PM 04/21/2012 comment: Unless I missed it, in this one liberal AP – Associated Press news article printed on the Daily Caller website,  I think it simply amazing how liberal media pieces… Read more“Blind sighted News Media – Incapable of Reporting [Christ’s] “Redemption””

Liars Go to Hell

“Liars Go to Hell” – …….Perhaps, the most prevalent example of people lying to other people, are politicians of all levels – federal, state, county and local “leaders” who campaign for public taxpayer paid offices and who make all types of campaign promises, only to go back on those promises… Read more“Liars Go to Hell”

Abortion Survivor / Abortion Genocide

“Planned Parenthood Celebration Jolted by Abortion Survivor – She sings the anthem to applause, then her secret is revealed to stunned silence” – See a brief portion of one of her speeches – “Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor in Australia Part 2” –  “ Interview with Angelina Steenstra: Co-ordinator… Read more“Abortion Survivor / Abortion Genocide”

Government Schools – Seedbeds of Brainwashing / Indoctrination

“Ayn Rand World: Public Schools – comment – and much more: This whole issue of government attempting to dictate for parents their children’s’ education is a perfect illustration of government out of control. And, it is common knowledge (though often denied in liberal circles) that when government has… Read more“Government Schools – Seedbeds of Brainwashing / Indoctrination”

Obama – A Billion Times Worse Than a Drunken Sailor!

Gee, I thought that all this was GWBush’s fault! How can any thinking voter believe Obama’s lies anymore. Even a moron can figure this one out! Also – More of Obama’s political sins: Tax Facts: Exposing Barack Obama’s Sinister Attack on the Wealthy and How it Will Actually Destroy the Middle… Read more“Obama – A Billion Times Worse Than a Drunken Sailor!”

“Propaganda Breeding Process” for Future Jihad Terrorists?

Is this another “propaganda breeding process” for future Jihad terrorists? Given the reality that Muslim children are taught to despise Jewish children, one has to be very suspicious: “Islam’s Cartoon Missionaries” – …..But a closer look reveals the Islamic nature of the comic book. The title, 99, refers to Islam’s… Read more““Propaganda Breeding Process” for Future Jihad Terrorists?”