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Apr 072013
It is common knowledge now, that Obama faked his birth certificate and other identity documents. That, is what is denied by the mainstream media who are the conspiracy theorists of dishonest and rabid silence.

It’s now becoming common knowledge, that Obama’s birth certificate was [is] forged. The mainstream media and its minions of “conspiracy theorists of dishonest and rabid silence” will do all they can to confuse the public.

Please note below: Update: February 9, 2016:

The investigation into Obama’s show cased birth certificate is complete. The “Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse” has not only found that Obama’s long form birth certificate is a forgery, but is the same investigation that has now publicly declared the felony [fraud] forgery.

This past recent Friday, the Arpaio chief detective investigator, Mike Zullo went on national radio airwaves as the highlighted guest of Pastor Carl Gallups “Freedom Friday” talk show host program. There, Zullo fielded questions from callers and made it clear that after a 15 month legal investigation by the Arpaio Cold Case Team that allegations (of forgery) over Obama’s purported legal and legitimate birth certificate were, indeed genuine.

The legal implication of the Obama forged long form birth certificate

It wasn’t too long ago that our White House occupier, Barack Hussein Obama hauled out this forged birth certificate to quell questions about his legitimacy and to quell the call for him to prove that he qualified for the political position he was (and still is) occupying.

It is this author’s estimation that Obama used a fraudulent, tampered [with] and / or totally forged legal document to buttress his claim to be legitimate president of the United States. Mind you, that there are certain qualifications for being the executive chief of the United States. There are identity requirements to be had. What Obama apparently ended up doing, was presenting to the American people a bogus basic document that would ordinarily help fulfill a portion of the overall requirements to [even] qualify and run for the high office of US president.

Hence, it must be concluded that Obama, by hook and crook, was able to arrive at where he is now (today) by committing a felony crime of forgery. Whether he himself actually did the forgery, is immaterial. Obama is accessory to the proven forgery, just as a mobster’s get-away driver is assessory to the crime of a mobster’s drive-by murder.

Now, what? Where does the Sheriff Arpaio Investigation “Cold Case Posse” go from here?

Two popular (alleged) "Conservative" national talk show hosts. They talk big about our nation's Constitution and following it, but hypocritically ignore the reality of Obama not meeting the Constitution's requirement of being a "natural born citizen" to hold the high office of chief executive. They also are disengenuous by ignoring Obama's felony birth certificate forgery and ID fraud.

Pics of two popular (alleged) “Conservative” national talk show hosts.  You’d think that they have more important things to report than their continued whining about Obama.  Hannity and Levin are hypocritical and  disengenuous by ignoring Obama’s  birth certificate forgery.  There is no excuse on their part not to report on the latest from the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse Investigation’s definitive results.

This author’s thoughts of where the Sheriff Arpaio Investigation “Cold Case Posse” proceeds after having evidenced Obama’s birth certificate to be forged, is that this same entity will attempt to bring this legal and professional assessment before many national high profile individuals. Obama and his cronies are already (most likely planning) whether they will have enough money to pay (off) certain individuals’ silence on the matter. But, odds are, not everyone can be bribed by this corrupted White House occupier who has proven again and again that his deceptions and corruptions stink to high heaven.  This author’s contention is that there is a limit to the number of politicians and judges can be “leaned on” to continue (with) this “conspiracy of silence” over this national birth certificate forgery.

However, in the meantime, this Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse will be doing what they can, to alert the United States public. Such an endeavor is more than worthy of monetary contributions to follow-through with what was once initiated. You the reader and supporter of our Constitutional Republic; please consider a gift of support for the volunteer Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse team. Give what you can. And, when you see more news exposing this fraud – please, spread it about through the Internet and to your family, friends, acquaintances and neighbors. And, do challenge the fence sitters on this whole issue. Speak to their disengenuousness and hypocrisy. Call them out for them being Obama enabler’s of silence over this forgery crime!

Finally, this author is of the distinct impression that Obama and his crony enablers have lots of money; and are even using taxpayer’s monies to spread their propaganda campaign of misinformation about Obama’s [now] proven national forgery.  Please, I repeat – do what you can to defeat the lies. Contribute and do what you can to help this volunteer posse spread the word about Obama’s forged crime!

Link to access for purposes of donating to the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse:

Update: February 9, 2016:

Please disregard the aforementioned about contributing to the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse team. The public was promised more very significant information regarding aka Obama. However, that information hasn’t been publicly disseminated. It’s now been years since that promise was made. That promise has gone unfulfilled. At least that is this Moralmatters author’s present understanding. Don’t wait for a “bus” that was scheduled to arrive. Needless to say, Moralmatters is extremely disappointed with the Sheriff Arpaio Investigative team. However, that disappointment and failed promise on its part, does not negate what (it) has already evidenced about the criminal ID forgery fraud, aka Obama.

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Pic of Col Allen West. He likes to speak to crowds with the American Flag in the background. But, his recent political sin of omission over refuses to expose Obama's fraud might might as just well have Allen West trampling America's flag as reportedly Obama's mentor, Bill Airs did.

Pic of Col Allen West. He likes to speak to crowds with the American Flag in the background. But, his recent political sin of omission over refusing to expose Obama’s fraud might might as just well have Allen West trampling America’s flag as reportedly Obama’s mentor, Bill Ayers did.

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