Rest In Peace, Reverend Nathan M. Bickel

Pastor Emeritus Nathan M. Bickel [1950 – 2017]


It is with a heavy heart that I commence work as custodian of Nathan Bickel’s Moral Matters blog. In March 2012, at perhaps our second conversation, he asked if I would carry on with Moral Matters at his passing. On this day, as he is laid to rest in his beloved Bay City Michigan, respecting his wishes, I do so.

Please offer prayers for him and his grief-stricken family. You may sign his guestbook here:

The hundreds of thousands of lives he touched online – and in person – fared far better for his moral leadership, his patriotism, his wisdom, his courage, and his tenacity. May Almighty God grant us the determination to carry forth in Nathan’s spirit, ever-seeking Truth, calling out saboteurs in whatever ‘pretty garb’ they wickedly skulk, to defend and protect our beloved country at all costs.

6 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Reverend Nathan M. Bickel

  1. MomOfIV says:

    What a dear, sweet man who loved the Lord!
    I’ve enjoyed his posts and noticed they have been absent for a while.
    He was fearless about exposing evil and pushing truth.

    Rest In Peace Pastor Bickel, may the Lord’s favor shine upon you in Heaven.

  2. Mary Thompson says:

    Having had the pleasure of exchanging e-mails sharing information and results of research during the past few years, those exchanges will be missed, as will Pastor Bickel’s personal gracious and polite demeanor. His outreach through his website reached receivers he never knew while on this earth. May his labors not been in vain, and may he rest in Peace in his heavenly Home.

  3. art says:

    My heart goes out to Nathan’s family and all who knew him either in person or viraly

  4. Keith says:

    Rest in peace Nathan.

  5. Douglas says:

    He posted many of my graphic art messages. He was a fearless fighter for truth and goodness.

  6. Cody B says:

    We need more people on this earth like Reverend Nathan Bickel. Thank you for doing what you did. Thank you for opening the eyes of so many people.

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