London Bridge And Borough Market Terrorist Attacks: Staged Events

“The best way to understand the world and political affairs, is to acknowledge the depravity of man; the depravity of human nature.” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

London Bridge Borough Market Terrorist Attacks: Staged Events

Wolf! Wolf! Another UK “terrorist” attack. Remember the last one? Remember how fake it was? This latest “London Bridge attack” comes within a week of the UK’S big election. Isn’t that strange? or, not so strange, such as another telltale sign of a government contrived propaganda / violence event?

If you desire to view an  example of entertainment soap opera news, visit It has some of the latest about the “reported” London Bridge terrorist attack. a video, a photo gallery and Twitter Tweets. The news media knows it all. No reason to wait for law enforcement to report on this big event. Why wait when “it” has been already scripted ahead of time.

London Bridge attack – everything we know –

Editor’s note:

Pic of self-proclaimed “patriot,” Diane Sori. Her online website along with others, claim to be “patriotic.” However, there is one major missing ingredient. These websites choose to thumb-suck on mainstream media propaganda rather than actually putting America, first. They would rather parrot media propaganda like the “controlled right,” than shoot straight with the American people. In essence, they are opposite of what they claim to be. – Pic source:

Yesterday on Facebook this Moralmatters author questioned a FB posting from Diane Sori from “The Patriot Factor.” I specifically questioned (in a Facebook comment) this latest reported London Bridge terrorist attack. I stated that one must proceed with “caution.” not to believe everything mainstream media tosses our way.

I had been a Facebook friend of Diane Sori for a considerable time. But, what then happened, surprised me; but then, again, didn’t. The professed “patriot” locked-down in denial mode. Her one word response was “Bull.” I then was Facebook unfriended, apparently, by Ms. Sori.

I relate the aforementioned because I hate to have anyone else waste their time with Facebook personalities and websites that are in denial mode about past, present and future contrived and staged propaganda events perpetrated by corrupt governments, shady law enforcement and dishonest media.

Our world has experienced umpteen false flag (aka, false reality) events perpetrated (as crimes against humanity) by conniving governments, complacent law enforcement and distorting media. It’s time that the public recognize the repeated scams and fraud. No need to focus our attention on these pre-planned soap opera events. no need to strap our attentions to the propaganda industry. no need to jump every time some reported terrorist event is supposedly perpetrated and blamed on Western-created ISIS Muslim boogeymen. There is no need to reinforce the mainstream media propaganda daily narrative.

Honest, informed and well-intentioned individuals would do well to stay away from websites, such as The Patriot Factor. Avoid those online personalities such as Diane Sori, who claim to be “patriots” but who are either shills or who never wake-up and learn to cease mouthing their mainstream media propaganda thumb-sucker news.

Obama created ISIS and Western governments still permit ISIS mercenaries to do their propaganda and dirty work, including blaming ISIS boogeymen for contrived and staged events. Mainstream media Diane Sori-type thumb-suckers have refused to understood this. – Pic Source: “ISIS Army Parades in 43 New Toyota Hilux Trucks – Donated By US Taxpayers:”

It is most important to also note:

These Western-government staged terrorist events blaming Western-created ISIS Muslims, smokescreen the behind-the-scenes “creeping” Muslim influence upon the world’s culture. Where are the real news stories about Muslim ill-treated and mutilated women? Where is the reported news about Muslims and their intolerant push for their sharia law? Where are the news stories of the unholy indoctrination of Muslim youth? Where are the news stories of Muslim Jihad training camps here in the U.S.? Where are the news stories about “peaceful” Muslims who forcefully clutter and block streets and traffic while they pray to their fake god, “Allah” and worship their wicked Mohammed?

Please also note:

A Diane Sori self description:

“I am an American Patriot…part of the grassroots movement of bloggers spreading the truth the media will not. I am also co-host with Craig Andresen of RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on American Political Radio………”

Diane Sori’s online radio “side-kick” Craig Andresen’s “patriotic” website, is called, “The National Patriot.” On the right side of his home page he includes (promotes) in his “Blogroll,” a self-proclaimed lesbian who designates herself as, “Cynthia Yockey, Conservative Lesbian.”

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Note (link below) the over-kill know-it-all propaganda news article about the reported London Bridge terrorist attack. Note the photo-op pics. Pay special attention to the soap opera details. This UK news article is especially published to convince the dull of mind and the gullible:

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The populace is easily swayed by “‘sheep herder’ government authority, political correctness.” Herd mentality is comfortable. It easily follows. It loves conformity. No questions asked. Believe what you are told. Accept what is presented to you by corrupt government, academia and the mainstream media propaganda whores. Pic source: – “The Sheeple have spoken” –

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Above pic of 5 major American self-proclaimed conservative talk show hosts. Avoid these shills. With each government contrived false reality, they prostitute (herald) the mainstream media whore story line. It is no wonder they are called, “The Controlled Right.”
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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

“The best way to understand the world and political affairs, is to acknowledge the depravity of man; the depravity of human nature.” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

– [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


8 thoughts on “London Bridge And Borough Market Terrorist Attacks: Staged Events

  1. Tapp says:

    Netanyahu and the joooz signature all over these attacks….they are done not fooling anyone anymore. Them joooz.

  2. Douglas says:

    watch this……

    It shows UK cops in uniform [or actors] actually changing into ”terrorist” costumes behind a bus in public. Totally fake and pathetic.

  3. Isaiah says:

    Where are the “fair and balanced” mainstream media reporters asking the one critical question?

    “Who hath believed our report?”

  4. Aiden says:

    The goals with these “sensational” stories are the suppression of free speech on the Internet and the implementation of Martial Law.

    L0nd0n Bridge$ falling down! Part 2

  5. Robert says:

    “Give me a break. This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.”

    Bill Clinton

  6. Douglas says:

    Both the UK and the USA governments have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to control and own the media.
    They want to CONTROL your mind and what you think. They want to keep you in total constant fear. With FEAR on your mind, they want you to demand MORE government control. Finally what they really want is a POLICE STATE.

    Its appears obvious that CNN is a Top Secret Government propaganda news operation.

    1. Douglas –

      Yes! Spot-on assessement! Thank you!

      It was you who sometime ago, brought to the attention of Moralmatters about the government control of the media. Here, linked below is a Moralmatters article which references your comments:

      Operation Mockingbird, CIA, NSA, Media Whores And Hoaxes

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