TransJenner Aka Bruce Jenner: The Face Of Planned Parenthood’s Filthy LGBT Agenda

“The best way to understand the world and political affairs, is to acknowledge the depravity of man; the depravity of human nature.” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel]

TransJenner Aka Bruce Jenner: The Face Of Planned Parenthood’s Filthy LGBT Agenda

A Moralmatters Reader offers his commentary about Bruce (aka, Caitlyn) Jenner (aka, “TransJenner):

It isn’t the thought of Jenner, but rather, it’s the thought of how the system is using him to brainwash children, brainwash adults, and corrupt society as much as possible.

TransJenner is the symbol of everything that has gone wrong and he has been tasked to push the envelope until everyone submits to their “truth” that LGBT and transgenderism, leading to trans-humanism (man merging with machines via vaccines and unnecessary surgeries), are the way of the future.

Satan uses the “Depravity of Man” – the “Depravity of Human Nature” to corrupt Creator God’s intended Plan and Will. – Pic source: “Whom God Means to Destroy, He First Makes Undiscerning” –

You have to look far beyond Jenner to see what the Satanists are using him to do.

He is the face of the evil and unspeakable plan the Satanists have to destroy God’s Creation.

The problem is NOT Jenner. It’s what and who he represents. People admire him based on his past accomplishments. he went from alpha male in the 1970s, to a cowardly piece of shit who has fully submitted to his god, the god who has ordered him to do what he is doing.

Did you know that Jenner attended Newtown, CT High School for his junior and senior years?? Did you know that the Fairfield Hills State Hospital (an insane asylum that sponsored mind control programs) is located in and was still operating in Newtown, CT during the years Jenner was there? (Web link below.)

There is no question Jenner is under mind control. He is not accountable to anyone for his actions, as we have discussed. His words and deeds are being manipulated by outside forces. I doubt he knows what he is saying most of the time. Right now, his alternate personality called Caitlyn is in control, so it is a different personality from the Bruce Jenner we think is underneath.

The ultimate source of mind control is the evil one; Satan. He is determined to destroy Creator God’s human creation. He has a ready “tool” to work with, because humans are by nature, “depraved.” Unless a soul is under Lord God’s control, that same human soul is subject to the culture’s brainwashing and demonic indoctrination. – Pic source: “Mind Control in the 21st Century” –

Jenner was brainwashed to develop multiple personalities. His Caitlyn personality is who we see anymore. It’s a deception, just as aka Obama was a deception. Aka O was programmed with more than one personality, and the personalities were changed out several times during his public dominance. That’s why he would often deny that he said certain things (“you can keep your doctor”). One personality said, “you can keep your doctor,” but when confronted with those statement, a different personality was in control and it (truthfully) told the news people, “I never said that!” And that is correct: the personality in control at that moment was different from the personality that said “you can keep your doctor.”

Any news of Jenner with this heavy agenda infuriates me because it is so transparent, and yet people are buying into the scam, bending over backwards to accommodate people who try to escape life with the idea that they can transition out of their gender and embrace decades of mental heath problems rather than to try to grow into adulthood and to become productive members of society.

My anger at Jenner and this LGBT agenda is the same kind of anger you feel at PP and the abortion agenda. And, as we have seen this year, PP in heavily involved and invested with this deceptive, evil, and destructive transgender agenda.

Biblical Scripture makes it clear, the negative and dastardly consequences for perverting Lord God’s creation. Also note, an excerpt from the above picture’s online article: …….“The reality is men make bad women and women make bad men, but that’s a little too complicated, apparently, for Barack Obama to understand,”……….. Pic source: “Transgender Obama Appointee Affirms LGBT Agenda” –

Bruce is the face of that filthy LGBT agenda, and that’s why I get mad every time his name comes up. It’s a righteous anger, similar to your own righteous anger at PP. You are 100% correct to feel outrage at PP and the abortion agenda, just as I am 100% correct to feel outrage at PP and Jenner as they push this body mutilation and trans-humanist agenda.

I hope you can understand that those two agendas are equal in my mind, and my anger is at the god of this world who is directing these agendas. Jenner is the face of the TG movement and his Caitlyn personality is lying to the public to get us all to buy into the lies so that we can decide to change our gender at any time.

I become infuriated at the idea that they are damaging children and young people, possibly in a way that these young people may mutilate their own bodies and be emotionally and mentally ill for the remainder of their lives.

Why No One Wants the Abandoned Mental Asylum in Newtown –

It’s the contention of some that Bruce Jenner’s heavy cocktail of hormonal drugs directly impaired his driving ability leading him to being responsible for vehicular homicide. – No need for the LGBT crowd to worry. Jenner will never be found legally guilty. He’s the poster boy- tranny for the NWO deviants. – Pic source: “Bruce Jenner At Fault In Pileup, Prius Driver’s Lawyer Says” –

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……The complete normality of transexualism is fast becoming the new orthodoxy. However, writing in the Wall Street Journal last week, a leading psychiatrist, Dr Paul McHugh, described this as a terrible error.

“This intensely felt sense of being transgendered constitutes a mental disorder in two respects. The first is that the idea of sex misalignment is simply mistaken—it does not correspond with physical reality. The second is that it can lead to grim psychological outcomes … ”………. –

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“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“The best way to understand the world and political affairs, is to acknowledge the depravity of man; the depravity of human nature.” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel]

– [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

8 thoughts on “TransJenner Aka Bruce Jenner: The Face Of Planned Parenthood’s Filthy LGBT Agenda

  1. Lori Halderson says:

    I just had some time to read about what actually occurs when they are performing their sex reassignment surgery. Your article refers to them mutilating themselves.

    An African tribe I read about cut their skin so their remaining scars reflect some social meaning within the tribe. This to me is a mutilation. The sex reassignment surgery went way beyond this and I don’t feel it really could be classified as a mutilation.

    One article mentioned the FALSE penis was being sewed over the persons biological clitoris. Sadly persons in this category used to be classified as mentally ill. This classification was ended and is no longer recognized preventing these people from getting help.

    I classify what I read as not a mutilation but DERANGED. The trauma this must be causing to children is truly heartbreaking. Which is one of their money makers trauma based mind control.

  2. Robert says:

    Earlier this year, we learned that Planned Parenthood is behind all the legislative initiatives to put the subject of “gender identity” into school curricula, starting as early as First Grade.

    Young children have NO NEED to learn anything about sex, about gender, about homosexuality, or about “gender identity.” These topics are not even comprehensible to very young children, and yet the state legislatures are working overtime to introduce these topics into the public schools to begin the indoctrination process that will lead to a high incidence of gender confusion among adolescents in the future.

    Now we know why the state legislatures are trying to include this subject into the curricula of public schools: Planned Parenthood money and its substantial political influence are behind this agenda.

    Few people know that Planned Parenthood has expanded its business model to include Transgender Counseling leading to Transgender Hormone Therapy.

    This is a very lucrative business because Transgender Counseling and Hormone Therapy is an ongoing, possibly lifelong, commitment for most patients. That will mean a steady stream of income to Planned Parenthood.

    Planned Parenthood is trying to get future customers for its Transgender Counseling and Hormone Therapy business by working to brainwash very young children from the minute they start their education in the public schools.

    By the time the brainwashed young children will reach adolescence, many of them will be very confused, and thus they will seek out school “counselors” who will convince them that they need to “transition” into a new gender – and then push them to Planned Parenthood to seek “hormone therapy.”

    Here is the bottom line: Planned Parenthood is agitating to get gender identity issues to become a prominent part of early childhood “education” so as to set the stage for the future during which its Transgender Counseling and Hormone Therapy services will be in heavy demand.

    Planned Parenthood is deliberately changing the public education system in an effort to get future customers for its Transgender Counseling and Hormone Therapy services.

    Think about that.

    Planned Parenthood is creating a “medical” and “psychological” problem that is not valid. The transgender phenomenon is a non-issue which has been transformed into a suddenly-overwhelming epidemic in order to boost the demand for Planned Parenthood’s Transgender Counseling and Hormone Therapy services.

    This is a classical Hegelian Dialectic.

    Problem => Reaction => Solution

    Planned Parenthood creates a fake problem (confusion about gender identity); then there is a reaction (young people believe they were born into the wrong bodies and are made to believe that they need to “transition”); and Planned Parenthood already has the solution available (Transgender Counseling and Hormone Therapy services).

    Today’s parents and grandparents need to wake up to this ugly agenda! They need to look into the curricula of schools, starting as early as pre-school and extending as far as colleges and universities.

    This agenda will not stop unless the overwhelming majority of decent citizens pushes past the objections of the sold-out administrators and bureaucrats. Dedicated citizens must work very hard to get this unnecessary inculcation removed from the curricula in all schools.

    Young people and families are being harmed by this unnecessary re-education program. It is up to mature and decent adults – parents and grandparents – to take a stand against this agenda now. Ask questions, obtain as much documentation as possible, attend school board and other public meetings, and confront the authoritarians about this destructive agenda.

    Be relentless: Demand answers and demand action to stop this agenda.

    Again: there is NO NEED for young people to be taught specifically to be confused about their gender.

    1. Robert –

      Excellent assessment of Planned Parenthood’s militant and diabolical agenda! I plan to highlight your remarks, here, in an upcoming Moralmatters article, if you don’t mind. Moralmatters can help lead the way to inform the public as to Planned Parenthood’s nefarious, devilish actions!

      I cannot help but think of Dr. Martin Luther’s hymn lyric from “Almighty Fortress Is Our God:”

      “………..Though devils all this world should fill, all eager to devour us………..”

      Certainly, there are no lack of devils in government and its politicians who cater to demonic agencies such as Planned Parenthood!

  3. Robert says:

    Harlem’s Pastor Manning exposed Bruce Jenner’s role in the transgender agenda on February 8, 2015 (more than two years ago). He also predicted the downfall of Bill O’Reilly in this same video.

    Bruce Jenner Comes Out Of The Toilet

  4. Jeff C says:

    Since gender is just a “concept,” the Planners have provided the “Gender Unicorn” to help very young children to get accustomed to the idea of gender fluidity.

    At least 40% of transgendered individuals are suicidal!

    Excellent discussion in the video at the Web link below.

    “How is the Gender Unicorn Making the World a better Place?”

    1. Jeff C –

      Thank you for the excellent informational video!

      It is no wonder why “at least 40% of transgendered individuals are suicidal.” Regret can be an overwhelming human reaction / response for what an individual has done to damage and / or destroy his Lord God-created person.

      Regarding “suicide:” I’m convinced that suicide considered by weakened individuals is Satan pulling out all the stops. It is his final solution to a crazed and disturbed soul who has already turned down the wrong path.

      There is no end to Satan’s methods to steal, kill and destroy not only humans but more principally, their souls.

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