Cairo Church Bombing: Appears Like A False Flag Event With Staged Photos

“………..News stories were already prepared to release just as soon as reports of the attacks became known.  How did the news sources have enough information to publish instant – and sensational – news stories about the ‘attacks?’…………”

Cairo Church Bombing: Appears Like A False Flag Event With Staged Photos

A Moralmatters Reader offers the following about the latest “Terrorist News:”

Egypt has experienced one of the oldest civilizations. It is not a new-comer to technology and know-how. Like all governments, Egypt has been the home of multiple false flag staged events to propagandize and mold public opinion. Pic source:
“Fake Aleppo Videos: Egyptian filmmaker charged with spreading false news on Syrian war (Video)” –

Click on the Web link below and look at the obviously staged photos.

Chaotic scenes and crisis actors playing their roles, but nowhere near enough blood in any photo.

43 killed and only a few spattering marks of fake Hollywood blood here and there.

The pews in the alleged target churches have been shattered to shards, but nowhere near enough blood from all of the purported victims of these “attacks.”

Note how none of the rescue volunteers (or workers) have any blood on them.

News stories were already prepared to release just as soon as reports of the attacks became known. How did the news sources have enough information to publish instant – and sensational – news stories about the “attacks?”

False Reality story to gin up support for a war (Christian versus Muslim).

Pic of an American crisis actor solicitation. Pic Source: Found on the web. Originally at the following URL: Please note the following article for background on this pic: “Crisis Actors: How Criminal Government Hires Them” –

Editor’s Note:

Judging from the pictures in the detailed article it appears as if many people (actors) are there because they were placed there. The supposed crime scene is cordoned off with a token semblance of some yellow tape. But, the actors are standing on each side. Few even look as if they are collecting evidence.

The man on the stretcher in some apparent room corner has some bandage on his head but no signs of stress. It appears as if his picture was a cheap photo-op afterthought.

Furthermore, where are real pictures of those really injured; those medical personal or others dressing immediate blood-gushing wounds. No. Instead as with many staged events, we see the photo-ops, following the events. Where is live footage of the injured being treated?

Where are Egyptian Police and / or Egyptian Military in the extensive “news” article? None that this author has noticed. only lots of people appearing as if they are aimlessly standing around.

As always, it is wise to question the latest mainstream media (know-it-all) “news.” Ask yourself:

Why do the media immediately know all the answers? What is left for law enforcement, police and trained investigators?

Human nature is such that it is easily deceived. Humans react with emotions. The avenue to immediately influence the emotions is through the eyes and ears. Only through reasonable thought can the visual and audio be sorted out. – Pic Source: Found on the web.

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“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

– [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

5 thoughts on “Cairo Church Bombing: Appears Like A False Flag Event With Staged Photos

  1. Dave says:

    The Cairo bombing very much indeed looks staged. I was EOD in the Navy and have been doing contracting work dealing with munitions and explosives for about 17 years now. One think I noticed is that the chandeliers in the pics are fully in-tact. One looks turned off and a few are turned on and working with no issues. Those chandeliers should be destroyed beyond belief because they are made mostly out of glass and right above the area of detonation. The chandeliers are not that high up either.

    Another thing I noticed are that quite a few news agencies are posting pics of the attack on the 11th of December 2016 and are added to this recent attack in the news feeds. Al-Jeezera had a video of the 2016 attack and are playing it as the recent attack. The 2016 attack looked staged as well because all the windows in the church were all intact which is nearly impossible if an explosion happens in an enclosed space.

    1. Dave –

      Thank you for your trained observations.

      While reflecting upon your comment I thought of the recent alleged U.S. battleship reportedly blowing off all those reported missiles to Syria. The mainstream news keeps showing night video of the launches. Superficially, it appears rather impressive. But when one analyzes it, not so. Not once did I notice the ship move. And, the water appeared to be clear as glass. And, there was no way to verify if those supposed missiles hit their target.

      People will be drawn to anything sensational. The mainstream media knows that. However, there are always telltale signs of hoax, fakery and staging.

      1. Dave says:

        Here is my observation. The footage of those missile launching are just shock and awe footage to get people all spun up with patriotism.

        What I have seen and noticed was the stupid pictures of the bombing results, 59 Tomahawks is a lot of bang and destruction. The pics of the airfield shows some burn marks here and there and some structures destroyed. It doesn’t from my opinion look like it was hit with a bunch of cruise missiles. I zoomed in and I haven’t seen not even the slightest evidence of runway destruction or craters. To damage a runway has great strategic value. Runways take time to repair, planes can be replaced, but if the runway damaged you can’t launch or land planes.

        I hear different reports of 4-6 people dead, 59 Tomahawks does a lot of destruction and I’m sure there was personnel keeping the airfield operational around the clock. That report seems odd too.

        There is a few articles floating around on the Syria airstrike and the main pic shows a bunch of unexploded, unfused Russian general purpose bombs (OFAB’s) laying all over the place. More than likely if that many Tomahawks was launched those bombs would have simply detonated. So overall that pic looks very odd and out of place like they just threw a random pic in.

        This is just my theory from what I have observed. Russia just had that false flag train incident. After the strike Trump had dinner with the president of China. Odd pics of supposed cruise missile strikes.

        I feel that Syria, China, US, and Russia maybe in cahoots in a big production. Like in pro wrestling when the cameras are rolling they put on a show that they are enemies. When the camera is off they are all friends who wine, dine and play golf with each other and plan there next event.

        1. Dave –

          Thank you for your comment. But, I think that you have gotten ahead of Moralmatters next web commentary. I hope to publish a Moralmatters commentary on the U.S. missile attack upon Syria, yet, today. Could you submit this same comment when you notice that Moralmatters article about the Syrian attack?

          Thank you for thinking, questioning, examining and evaluating. Tons of more people need to think the way you do!

          1. Dave says:

            Sure not a problem, and thank you for all your hard work and efforts. Thank you for being there to get this information out readily to the public.

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