NASA And Scientism: Modern-Day False Gods Worshiped By Professing Christians

Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. – Exodus 20 – KJV

NASA And Scientism: Modern-Day False Gods Worshiped By Professing Christians

The taxpayer-funded big government “scientific” NASA agency, is regarded credible by much of the populace and, many professing Christians. Umpteen scores of professed followers of Christ will readily believe the latest news how NASA is (supposedly)  discovering space while at the same time they dis the very sacred Book (the Bible) they claim to believe-in.

“Scientism” is the perversion of true science. It is also much more. The evil practice of scientism is the successful effort of corrupt governments, government agencies and influential people from all walks of life to replace the truth of Biblical Scripture for man-made fallible assumptions and theories. Please note: “Scientism Exposed” – Pic source: Found on the web.

Professing Christians are a very curious and schizophrenic sort. They claim allegiance to Creator / Savior God. yet at the same time they compromise and denigrate the Holy (Biblical) Scriptures with which they claim allegiance.

These professing disciples of Christ would rather sit comfortably in their soft couches, in the confines of their cozy homes, kick back and expose themselves to the daily flow of mainstream media propaganda news and sick humor comedians, such as Stephen Colbert. But, when a well-intentioned family member sends them a DVD documentary “Scientism Exposed” film as a Christmas present, they clam-up, not even acknowledging the gracious well-meaning gift. After all, why encourage the giver of the gift to be more of a nutty conspiracy theorist? so, they must erroneously think……..

This Moralmatters author was brought up in the Christian “Lutheran” tradition. That denominational persuasion strongly professed to believe and accept the “inerrancy” of Biblical Scripture. That “inerrancy” teaching states that Biblical Scripture was “inspired” by Lord God. In other words, all of the Old and New Testament Scriptures were authored by Creator / Savior, Christ. Although Lord God did not “dictate” (as an employer to his secretary) to the 40 human authors of Holy Scripture, Lord God’s Holy Spirit moved upon them to author exactly what they were to write. Biblical Scripture says so much. It’s a book of holy unfathomable cohesiveness. It interprets itself. And, the reason for it being so unique, is that Creator / Christ is its ultimate Author.

Most people, especially professing Christians would rather believe the claims of “Science” disguised as “Scientism” rather than believe, Biblical Scripture’s, “Thus saith the Lord!” Sad, indeed, is this reality, as professing Christians don’t even submit to the First of the Ten Commandments. – Pic source:

This Moralmatters author always believed in Biblical Scripture, that it was [is] life’s ultimate authority. It’s the source of The Ten Commandments, Christ’s teachings; His holy birth, life, ministry, sacrificial death and resurrection from the dead.

But, one huge spiritual vacuum in my life was not fully understanding the very first book and chapter of the Bible — Genesis 1. also, many other Scriptures that would relate to Genesis 1 and Lord God’s wonderful physical Creation. That, “spiritual vacuum” all became apparent about 2 years ago.  After 6 + decades of life I finally could say that Biblical Scripture all made perfect spiritual, practical and physical sense.

Why does this Moralmatters author post multiple commentaries about NASA, government / media corruption, stationary earth, etc.? It is because he finally acknowledged his worship dependence upon big-government and its stronghold upon his life. He came to realize that big-government is thoroughly depraved; especially, its huge bureaucratic agency, NASA.

And, I’ve come to the realization that I, in some form and fashion “worshiped” this entity. I esteemed (regarded) what was reported about it by propaganda mainstream depraved media. I essentially replaced much of Biblical Scripture in exchange for the false god of “scientism.” I confused true science for scientism. I was gullible to believe and accept the lies of pseudo science in exchange for the truth of Biblical Scripture. I swallowed the same scientism malarkey that my Lutheran Christian forebears swallowed; the same false teachings that molested God’s Holy Scripture Wordthe gross misinterpretation that important parts of Biblical Scripture were poetry and figurative.

“Contrary to the beliefs of some, science is not an impenetrable body of settled fact that must be defended at all costs in the name of truth. When science becomes a worldview—a philosophy of life, a metaphysical framework that explains existence—it is no longer science; it is scientism………” “The Rise of Scientific Fundamentalism” –

Those of you referencing this commentary, especially you professing Christians, I encourage you, also to repent of your scientism god worship and your fixation upon big government’s corrupt and deceitful NASA agency.

This emeritus Christian parish pastor encourages you to realize your life-long dependence upon what is reported and alleged. Cease from unfairly judging and stereotyping those who desire to bring to you, reality. Quit listening to the voice of this perverted world. Cease from your viewing of ungodly TV programs and Network media propaganda. Begin to think, question, examine and evaluate.

Expose yourself without prejudice, to the material of those who bring to this world the true nature of Lord God’s wonderful Creation. Expel the government / NASA lies and deception of a heliocentric universe. Discover your Creator’s Genesis 1 divinely recorded world!

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“Scientism” is the perversion of true science. It is also much more. The evil practice of scientism is the successful effort of corrupt governments, government agencies and influential people from all walks of life to replace the truth of Biblical Scripture for man-made fallible assumptions and theories. Please note: “Scientism Exposed” – Celebrate Truth – Pic source: Found on the web. Pic source:×160.jpg

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Hysteria, exaggeration, and stereotyping has always been a favorite satanic ploy to ridicule Christ’s disciples who hold Holy Biblical Scripture in the highest esteem. However, there are many professing Christians would rather believe big government and its corrupted propaganda agencies that deceive with the Culture’s deception of Scientism. Please note: “Genesis 1: Professing Christians Deny Biblical Scripture”  – Pic source:



“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

– [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]


Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Edit – 3/3/2017 – the following line of the above commentary script:

I finally could say that Biblical Scripture all made perfect spiritual, practical and physical sense.

10 thoughts on “NASA And Scientism: Modern-Day False Gods Worshiped By Professing Christians

  1. Comeau says:

    Excerpt from an interview with a goddess of scientism who is allegedly on board the ISS (International Space Station):

    “This is really the beginning, I think, of human beings leaving lower earth orbit . . . ”

    “NASA ISS LIVE What Did She Just Say”

    1. Comeau –

      Thank you for the short 2 minute video!

      Yes, this is another example of NASA “slipping up.” The deceptive agency and liar crisis actors do tell the truth once in awhile.

  2. MomOfIV says:

    You are right Nathan, many Christians are fooled by their lies. They want to create and dictate “truth”.

    Here is a video I came across by the European Space Agency (ESA) from January 21st 2017 and they show their “astronaut” performing a “space walk” while another “astronaut” videos the “experience”…problem is, I noticed a bubble at 0:17, 0:27 and 1:03 seconds…didn’t know there are bubbles in space. All the commenters were in awe of their spacewalking endeavors….just a bunch of people being fed lies.

    Space programs are very profitable, because all they need to do is give the illusion of traveling to space and they get billions of dollars…this scam is worldwide….international. Hollyweird should be jealous.

    You see the bubble ascending by the “astronaut’s” (more like astro-“not”) left arm at 0:27 and other bubbles in the video (like at 0:17 where you see not only the bubble by his gloved fingers, but wires and velcro stitched under what appears to be nylon). It is interesting to note as well that they show backwards flag on the left arm. It is also interesting how nylon fabric, string, velcro, and coated wires exposed to the harshness of “space” on their ISS, yet everything manages to stay intact and without malfunctions….nylon, string, velcro, wires didn’t freeze or burn…amazing.

    Also the “space packs” on their backs look eerily similar to scuba gear.

    Watch the video at reduced speed…easier to detect the bubbles.

    “Spacewalker’s view”

    1. MomOfIV –

      Thank you for your honest critical analysis of this short clip of another alleged astronaut space maneuver.

      I only wish that more people would be as logical and detail-orientated as you!

      Do you mind if I decide to do a Moralmatters article highlighting the short video, to also highlight your comments, here?

      1. MomOfIV says:

        thank you…by all means, yes, please.

        1. MomOfIV –

          Thank you. Right now I have some other “irons in the fire.” Hope to do a future MM article on this video and your timely comments.

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