Carrie Fisher: Hollywood Star Wars Actor Misled Gullible Public

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.” – Psalm 19:1 – NKJV

“The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s; but the earth He has given to the children of men.” – Psalm 115:16 – NKJV

Carrie Fisher: Hollywood Star Wars Actor Misled The Gullible Public

The real and sad tragedy of the reported sudden death of Hollywood star, Carrie Fisher, is two-fold. She allowed herself to be used by the Hollywood and mainstream media propaganda whores to disseminate untruths.

Hollywood space movies and NASA CGI (computer generated images) are damaging misinformation and deadly propaganda. Its non-academic and school presence, clutters umpteen minds with erroneous and fantastic images which make devastating imprints upon the foolish and gullible masses. But worst of all, these (unreal) outer space images, lead the unsuspecting multitudes into the ungodly cult of scientism.– Pic source:

Secondly, Carrie Fisher (via her Star War’s acting role) was part of a misinformation / propaganda team, disseminating crucial deceptions about Lord God’s created world and heavenly order.

The late daughter of past Hollywood favorite, Debbie Reynolds, was one of several Hollywood “crisis actors” who was selected to showcase, highlight and glamorize the deception of  “outer space” and modern / future space travel.

Essentially, and more basically, Carrie Fisher’s seductive role aided to reinforce “scientism,” the false (unproven) heliocentric narrative that is anti-Christian (anti-Bible Scripture) reality.

There are two classes of people who live here on Earth. Those who diminish Creator Lord God’s Glory and those who attempt, during their lives to heighten Creator Lord God’s Glory. Sadly, and pathetically, Carrie Fisher’s life ended with her diminishing efforts that denigrated her Creator and His created Earth and Heavenly work.

Editor’s note:

It does not please this Moralmatters Christian emeritus pastor author that any one family should experience such a sudden loss of a fellow family member, whatever the attending circumstances may be. Nor does it please this author that anyone should die in an apparent unrepentant state.

For a better understanding of the above mini-commentary, please reference the following informational links:

“……the large 250 foot traverse crane shown below. Notice fake Moon crater surface created beneath the crane. This crane was purposely built in 63/64 to perfect the lunar landing as close as possible to the real thing, and used to suspend both the LM and astronauts. – “APOLLO REALITY – How, and where NASA faked the lunar orbit, landing and lift off.” –

“Ball’s Out Physics Episode 4.0: The ISS, Satellites, and the Thermosphere” –

Note @ 5 minutes into the video. Doesn’t “that” look like “one of those” NASA satellites? Note also starting @ 6:30 minutes another fake satellite being launched:

How NASA Creates The Illusion Of Satellites – Exposing NASA –

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Pic Source: "BREAKING NEWS: NASA admits it still hasn't figured out Van Allen Radiation Belts!" - 3/18/15 -

Pic Source: “BREAKING NEWS: NASA admits it still hasn’t figured out Van Allen Radiation Belts!” –

NASA Deception –

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Godzilla must exist because he appears on screen. We can see him. He moves. Therefore outer space travel exists because it is shown in movie theaters, televisions and computer screens. How else would the gullible public be convinced of something that doesn’t scientifically exist? – Pic source: “U.S. Air Force: We’re Not Afraid Of Godzilla” –

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Note (view) the Introduction “clue” video, first, for better understanding of the remaining multiple short videos.


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



14 thoughts on “Carrie Fisher: Hollywood Star Wars Actor Misled Gullible Public

  1. Tapp says:

    Lew Wassermann says it all…Ron Reagan was his boy. Plus Jules Stein both Russian zionists that ran MCA in Hollywood. They all do it for the MONEY. I have no sympathy for Fischer….Like daddy a Jew.

  2. Bob Wiles says:

    Wow, Pastor Nathan!
    I hadn’t thought of Carrie Fisher in this way.
    The speculation is that she was revealing illuminati secrets
    and became a ritual murder victim along with George Michael.
    I have today discovered and am pleased
    to forward to my cousin. We agree that evolution and the
    big bang theory are crocks and that astrophysics has
    been subverted by scientism. However he does not accept the flat earth
    which is a tough sell for everybody. I credit Rob Skiba with getting me on board.
    Spreading the perception of geocentrism is difficult but highly worthwhile
    since all other conspiracies gain immediate credibility.
    Thanks for what you do. I will be using your wording.

    1. Bob –

      Thank you for your more than gracious comments. I’m always elated when someone new discovers Moralmatters. I think it to be one of the few Independent sources “out there” which at least, attempts to “tell it like it is.” and, without the commercialization of a pop-up web page.

      Yes. Rob Skiba is a good guy. Very analytical. An exceptional thinker!

      As to Carrie Fisher: One of the weaknesses of the public is to make these Hollywood performers, mini-gods. Especially are professed Christians guilty of this. They end up repeatedly violating the First Commandment (Exodus 20)

  3. Catherine says:

    Not even Carrie Fisher, the daughter of Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds, was immune from the “requirements” of Hollywood’s casting couch.

    The short film at the Web link below exposes a darker side of Carrie Fisher’s “stardom.”

    Carrie Fisher & The Darkside Of Hollywood – Photos The Media Won’t Show You

    1. Catherine –

      I think that you, in 3 words, correctly described a reality about rising to Hollywood stardom:

      “Hollywood’s casting couch.”

      If I understand your comment, correctly, the more slutty a female actress can be (in Hollywood) the more casting opportunities there will be.

      1. Catherine says:

        Pastor Bickel:

        Required sex acts and other abominations are mandatory for people who aspire to be in show business, in politics, and in all visible areas of public life. Those requirements are not related to sexual immorality, but rather, they are part of the mandatory dark rituals that characterize all facets of public life.

        The bottom line is that if you are a celebrity, a politician, or a public figure of any description, then you “sold your soul” to reach that pinnacle of achievement.

        1. Catherine –

          I would not doubt with what you are saying. I’m would not doubt that if one does an Internet search there is much information “out there.”

    2. Tina says:

      I don’t understand why a person who has inherited a lot of wealth from their parents would go into this business especially knowing what is required! Because of how sick Hollywood is, I believe she may have been indoctrinated from an early age. It certainly says a lot about her parents who should have warned her or protected her. Some are even speculating that Harrison Ford offed her for recently outing their affair 40 years ago when he was married. I think that is farfetched as he’s married to a different woman now. But I also doubt very much that she even knew about flat earth. So few people do unless all these “elite” are in fact aware of the lie. But I believe most of Hollywood are just puppets and clueless.

  4. Cory says:

    That animated film of Godzilla breathing fire with aircraft circling his head is enough to make us laugh. Thanks for much-needed comic relief.

    That entire Star Wars fantasy was and is a psychological operation which was designed to brainwash countless millions of young people over a span of multiple generations.

    Shame on Hollywood and its overpaid crisis actors for participating in a decades-long hoax which has been mesmerizing people for decades.

    1. Cory –

      Yes! Spot-on! I believe that it’s all part of the ongoing worldwide attempted mind control by the “powers that be” (or, should not be)!

      1. Cory says:

        Pastor Bickel:

        Those “powers that be” are dictating how we should think and feel about everything, and even how we should think of a lost loved one during the grieving process.

        Today I learned that the Common Core math system is known as the “Say Ten” way.

        “Say Ten,” aka Satan.

        The reason those “powers that be” are force-feeding our children with the Common Core math curriculum is obvious.

        1. Cory –

          Yes. Anything contrary to traditional, patriotic, Constitutional and Christian America.

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