Donald Trump Vindicated: His Claims Of 2016 Election Voter Fraud

The following is copied from an email forward. It originates from ALIPAC – Americans For Legal Immigration PAC – Leading the Fight Against Illegal Immigration and Amnesty –

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PAC Releases Evidence Backing Trump’s Claims of Mass Voter Fraud in 2016 Elections

For National Release

November 28, 2016

Contact: ALIPAC,, (866) 703-0864

A national organization that specializes in illegal immigration issues as they relate to campaigns and elections is releasing archives of evidence suggesting that Donald Trump’s concerns about large numbers of fraudulent votes being cast against him in the 2016 elections are founded.

While illegal immigration and immigration reform amnesty legislation supporting publications like the Washington Post and New York Times are printing more fake news claiming there is no evidence for Trump’s claims and concerns, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALiPAC) is releasing 49 pages of evidence for Trump’s concerns that have been viewed more than 61,000 times by visitors to the world’s largest archive of information about illegal immigration.

ALIPAC’s 49 Pages of Evidence Large Volumes of Illegal Votes Were Cast in 2016–

Later this week, ALIPAC plans to release the locations where researchers and authorities can locate the largest volume of illegal immigrant voters and investigative techniques that can be used to determine illegal votes without the help of Federal authorities that would assuredly try to obstruct justice on such matters.

While Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton try to delegitimize President-Elect Trump’s historic win on November 8, 2016, by calling for recounts, their strategy can be quickly turned into a nightmare for the Democratic Party and SEIU political machinery that willfully engaged in mass election fraud using a host of George Soros financed organizations and operatives. Republicans, Conservatives, Trump supporters, and all Americans that value fair and secure elections should be encouraged to turn their attention to the vast Democrat voter fraud that made the race much closer than it should have been.

“Donald Trump is absolutely correct that large volumes of illegal votes were cast in the 2016 Presidential race predominantly for Democrat candidates and illegal immigrants were brought across the borders to reinforce Obama and Hillary Clinton in these elections,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Obama himself admitted on video to Spanish language audiences comprised of illegal immigrants that illegals would face no scrutiny or hindrances registering to vote and voting, both of which are felonies and deportable offenses. We will work hard to ensure that American voters are never forced face their votes being stolen and muted by foreign nationals again. Let the contentious and historic 2016 elections be remembered as the point where Americans secured our borders and ballots from illegal immigration!”

Shortly before Election Day 2016, a very real video and very real news reports circulated on Facebook, Twitter, and Google showing President Barack Obama giving illegal aliens the green light to vote in all 50 states by promising nobody would investigate for such votes! (CLICK TO View Obama illegal alien voter Video)

That video played a large role in the defeat of Hillary Clinton and in reaction to this populist exchange of accurate information about Clinton and Obama, the platforms of Twitter, Facebook, and Google are vowing to crack down on and censor “Fake News” which is very real news they politically oppose!

ALIPAC is calling on volunteer activists to immediately being contacting their state governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General’s offices to request state boards of elections, law enforcement agencies, and government accountability related agencies in each state open investigations into voter fraud in the 2016 elections.

ALIPAC is calling upon President-Elect Donald Trump to create a Blue Ribbon Commission to be formed immediately following his inauguration that will dedicate efforts to rooting out corruption and illegal voters in US Elections to secure America’s borders and ballots from foreign influences.

Information on the locations where illegal voters can be found and methods that law enforcement, private organizations, and state agencies can use to document the undocumented felony voters will be released by this week! For more information or to support this effort, please visit


Pic source: "Major Election Fraud Alert – Is This How They Are Going To Steal The Election From Donald Trump?" -

Pic source: “Major Election Fraud Alert – Is This How They Are Going To Steal The Election From Donald Trump?” –

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

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