Ohio State University Knife Attack: Contrived And Staged False Reality Event

Pic of typical students mesmerized by their Cyberspace / Cell phone gadgetry. This photo-op is not very convincing. These students probably were actor extras; not paid very much to act very real. Maybe they did not get the weird niv. message which urged them to "RUN HIDE FIGHT" - Pic source: dailymail.co.uk

Pic of typical students mesmerized by their Cyberspace / Cell phone gadgetry. This photo-op is not very convincing. These students could have been, crisis actor extras; not paid very much to look very real. Maybe they didn’t get the weird Ohio Univ. message which urged them to “RUN HIDE FIGHT” – Pic source: dailymail.co.uk

Ohio State University Knife Attack: Contrived And Staged False Reality Event

The false reality events under criminal aka Obama’s White House occupancy have long since grown old and stale. “Wolf, wolf!” Another violence event. “Wolf, wolf!” Guess where? Another college community.

The treasure trove of crisis actor possibilities is always in ample supply. always available at the post high school academic educational industry where impressionable youth have their minds daily propagandized by the latest cultural political correctness.

College students are always looking for more money. Extra cash can buy more booze and drugs; more fashionable boxer underwear for slouchy pant butt crackers.

There is no shortage of possible student crisis actors. Being featured in a worldwide publicized event might even garner more future acting possibilities.

No problem with selling one’s soul to the mainstream media whores for a narcissistic piece of ongoing immoral historical revisionism.

The following pic illustrates the Ohio State University “knifing” false reality:

Photo-op of crisis actors running toward the already spread crime scene pic. Don't real law enforcement get a move on them during a real event than after the fact? - Pic source:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3978944/Active-shooter-reported-Ohio-State-University.html

An obvious dead-give-away. Another telltale sign of a false reality event. Staged photo-op of crisis actors running toward the already spread crime-tape crime scene. Don’t real law enforcement get a move on them during a real event, rather than after the false reality fact? – Pic source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3978944/Active-shooter-reported-Ohio-State-University.html

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Ohio State Knifing False Reality: Watch The Press Conference Over-Kill – moralmatters.org

Please note significant Moralmatters articles which help establish a logical and consistent basis for understanding government contrived and staged propaganda and violence events, spread far and wide by the mainstream media mainstream media enabling propaganda whores:


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

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11 thoughts on “Ohio State University Knife Attack: Contrived And Staged False Reality Event

  1. Doug says:

    So far I do not see any signs that this is a hoax but I am still actively investigating. If the readers can find some evidence of hoaxing….please post.!!!

    1. Doug –

      You are entitled to your own opinion and ongoing investigation.

      I’m convinced that there are other telltale signs of this event being a contrived and staged affair. One of those telltale signs is the mainstream media propagandist whore, Sean Hannity, reporting on it, as if it were real. Hannity never misses a big false reality event.

      Another telltale sign is the enormous write-up in the UK MSM news that this Moralmatters article references. That foreign big media propagandist organization seems to know more about this event than the inside of Aunt Maggie’s ass.

      Furthermore, I view these “violence events” through the “historical lens” of corrupt U.S. Government and itsCIA “Operation Mockingbird.” That covert operation is still, ongoing.

      Finally, where is all the video live feed footage of this campus event being carried out? We only view what the mainstream media whores desire us to see; photo ops. The alleged auto ramming of people reminds me of the recent European truck attack. Where is physical proof of blood and guts? Again, only photo ops of what the media propaganda whores would have everyone believe.

      1. Doug says:

        Excellent points Nathan. Thank you. Please more as you see fit.

        Lack of random photos, where’s the injured [no photos], available pics all looked totally staged, all pics appear to mimic previous hoaxes, or combination of events…etc.

        How was a photographer positioned to take only certain views of the ”event”? This points to pre-planning, just as in other hoaxes.

        If ”11” people were stabbed, why didn’t even one person nearby take a cell-photo and send it to media outlets within the hour? All college students have cells with a camera. There should be hundreds of available photos.

        Just as in the Isla Vista event in 2014 and the Nice, France truck nonsense, we get to see a lot of nothing….again. A lot of media talk but no real evidence is presented.

        Was this Ohio attack real…..as of today its very doubtful.

        1. Doug –

          Earlier tonight, I read one report that stated that 10 people died. Then before seeing your comment, I read an article that highlighted 11 being injured. Are these conflicting reports? or, another prime example of too many mainstream media whoredom scripts cluttering each other?

          You make some very salient points. Similarities of other false reality events………..

        2. Doug –

          Another point, is how the reported (alleged) knife-wielding assailant had complained about the university not having proper accommodations for Muslim prayer. All the while that Obama continues to allow into our country more Muslim “refugees.” Those poor under privileged and persecuted Muslims! Come to America and secure your freedom! Then expect that Christian America cater to your every Islamic demand!

      2. Doug says:

        On another tack to this Ohio news we see that now that the Election is over the fake attacks have possibly resumed their usual periodicity….that being one event every 2 or 3 weeks ….just like clockwork.

        Will they continue after Jan 20? Let’s wait and see…I hope not.

        On another story, the so-called killer of the people in the basement Bible study group at the AME church is on trial at this moment. The Judge in the case is allowing the accused to be his own legal representative. This is of course laughable since he’s accused of mass murder it a stretch that this would happen in the real world. As usual all of this is behind closed doors and nothing will be seen by the public at-large. This leads one to believe that the trial is as fake as the event….just as in the Boston Marathon Bomb case.

        1. Doug –

          I think you could be correct. Why would Obama cease his false reality events?

          And, I heard via radio today, on the road, about the false reality crisis actor being granted his own legal representative. What a joke! The fake trial news of this staged event may be like the false reality Boston Bombing trial. Cartoon pics of the accused, jury, judge, prosecutor, etc. Artist’s depictions of the fake trial, of course, will capture uninformed and foolish (brainwashed) minds.

          1. Tina says:

            I honestly can’t keep up with these false flags anymore. I am now only reading the Daily Mail for news. It’s a very simple news source but I suspect they are reporting more real news than the Americans.

          2. Tina –

            Yes. But, the UK Daily Mail also is mainstream media propaganda. Perhaps, even more so. It seems to have more detail and many pictures to convince its reading audience.

            You may want to also check into RT News – Russia Today News. But, even RT news is mainstream media, to a certain extent.

            The news that helps proliferate the false reality events; that news can be considered mainstream media propaganda.

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