Electoral College: Prevents The Popular Vote From Invalidating Fairness


Electoral College: Prevents The Popular Vote From Invalidating Fairness

The recent November 8th Presidential Election stands to highlight the wisdom of the founding fathers. They put into place a system, whereby smaller geographical (but greater populated areas) could not overwhelm larger geographical (lesser populated) areas of the country.

The following pic is a valuable aid in understanding the function of the Electoral College in its selection of a U.S. President and Vice President. Please also note the 5 minute video after the large picture to further your understanding.

Pic source: Found on the web.

Pic source: Found on the web.

Do You Understand the Electoral College? – youtube.com/watch?v=V6s7jB6-GoU

Source of the above video – PragerU – youtube.com/channel/UCZWlSUNDvCCS1hBiXV0zKcA

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  1. It appears that the Clintons could still steal the election. There is a petition demanding that the Electoral College pick Clinton as President instead of Trump. More than 500,000 people have allegedly signed this petition already and this may be an indication that the Clinton Cabal has a plan in place to corrupt the Electors in a key state or states – despite the fact that the results of last Tuesday’s election gave 290 Electoral votes to Trump.

    A contested election has been discussed, and even predicted, all year, and the Clintons may be able to pull off a real “upset” by corrupting the vote of the Electoral College.

    Anything is possible with the Clintons.


    • Cora –

      I am not surprised that Yahoo entertainment propaganda mainstream media whoredom news would be disseminating this. I read (online) this petition ploy earlier today.

      First of all, Trump’s victory is more than the media whores would have the populace know. They have failed to include Michigan’s 16 electoral votes. That brings the total to 306.

      Secondly, if this effort to heist the election from Trump, proceeded, the Trump machine would then challenge and contest the Hillary Clinton voter fraud and voting machine fraud. Once that auditing process transpires, the American populace would witness and know full well the complete decadence of the Democrats. I would venture to surmise that Hillary Clinton’s actual total vote would then be reduced to at least 25%. I think reality has it, that the cheating Democrats underestimated on two ends: (1) How much they really needed to cheat and (2) how many voters would show up at the polls for Trump.

      Finally, if the petition were recognized by the courts, the legal decision would essentially then be transformed into a matter of who could offer the most money to the particular wavering electors. And, I think that Trump has more pecuniary resources than the Benghazi Butcher.

      I don’t see this damnable sore loser petition going anywhere. The defeated Benghazi Butcher supporters will have to eventually adjust to reality or further go loony tunes.

      • Thank you for being the voice of reason, Pastor Bickel.

        As political pundit (and Trump insider) Roger Stone often says:

        “The Clintons would steal a hot stove.”

        That’s why many believe they will still try to steal this election.

        • Cora –

          And, they did attempt to steal this last presidential election. Only they miscalculated. The “right wing Bible thumper gun-totting bitter clingers” showed up to vote. Those “racist hatemonger pigs” made up the difference for the vote fraud and vote machine fraud.

          Other voting blocks made up the difference. More Catholics and Evangelical Christians voted for Trump. Democrats, Independents and Libertarians also did. I thought I heard Alex Jones say that the Clinton cabal would have heisted 5 more states had it not been for the strong support of American loving voters fed up with the lies of Clinton’s biggest support group, the mainstream media propaganda whores.

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