Hillary Clinton: Illegal Arms Shipment To Destroy A Trump Election Victory

A Hillary Clinton Illegal Arms Shipment To The U.S. Is Intended And Designed To Destroy A Trump Election Victory

A disturbing news report published by EU Times on Oct 27th, 2016, has the Hillary Clinton Foundation purchase of illegal arms and subsequent shipment to the United States. Those reported actions, are claimed to be intended and designed to upend (and demolish) a Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Election Victory.

Pic Source: Found on the web.

The scowling face of a scorned woman. [Remember the old adage? “Hell hath no fury as a scorned woman?”] There is no depth that the Benghazi Butcher will sink to grab influence and power. Wikileaks revelations has certainly evidenced how this megalomaniac operates. Pic Source: Found on the web.

This eutimes.net report has the embattled Hillary Clinton spending multiple millions of dollars on illegal arms to be shipped to America for terrorist purposes against the “deplorables;” thereby (destructively) engulfing the remainder of the populace. Talk of Obama declaring Martial Law could find its actual maniacal fulfillment if this report about Hillary Clinton’s designs and actions turn out to be reality.

In light of damning Wikileak revelations about Hillary Clinton and the recent reported news of the FBI re-opening its case against the former Sec. of State, “what difference” will “it make” to the Benghazi Butcher to go all out, in collaborating with sinister aka Obama, in depriving Donald Trump and the American people of a fresh beginning of “Making America Great Again?”

Russia Asks CIA: Why Did Hillary Clinton Just Buy $137 Million Worth Of Illegal Arms? – eutimes.net

Pic Source: Source of (above) featured black and white pic of Hillary Clinton: "Trump’s Not the Bully But There Is a Bully We Should Worry About" - http://www.independentsentinel.com/trumps-not-the-bully-but-there-is-a-bully-we-should-worry-about/

The Benghazi Butcher is an old pro at shipping illegal arms. She and criminal Obama are experienced Arab Spring arms’ dealers. Pic Source of (above) featured black and white pic of Hillary Clinton:
“Trump’s Not the Bully But There Is a Bully We Should Worry About”


……..Once these weapons are in the hands of Hillary Clinton’s “new revolutionaries”, this report continues, they will then be used to unleash a “terror wave” across America protesting Donald Trump’s landslide victory—thus enabling President Obama to declare martial law to disarm all of these people, and once doing so, allow the US Electors to place Hillary Clinton in power. [Note: American presidents are NOT elected by the voting of citizens, but by the vote of the Electors selected from each of that nations 50 States.]………. –


Editor’s note:

Moralmatters always warns of mainstream media propaganda. As such, it is always wise to be on guard about the material which is disseminated by that same U.S. and worldwide press; which (propaganda) reflect and mirror fallible governments. However, having stated so, the aforementioned news report and mini-commentary is not (at all) far-fetched, by any means!

What is abundantly obvious and clear (though) is, Hillary Clinton’s machinations. She and her cabal have been, and always are, “up to no good.” She has proven by her criminal record, that she and her wicked accomplices will do, whatever it takes to assist her to rise to power.

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

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5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: Illegal Arms Shipment To Destroy A Trump Election Victory

  1. Cora says:

    I keep hoping that we are all in a long-lasting nightmare, Pastor Bickel.

    1. Cora –

      Unfortunately, I believe it is “real” in every respect. There is nothing that is left untouched by those malevolent people who desire to destroy Lord-God-given freedoms and normal living.

  2. Tina says:

    There is nothing this woman will not do. She is evil personified. I can no longer look at her or listen to her voice without feeling ill. She is so condescending to her supporters as if she’s teaching a kindergarten class and they don’t seem to notice. And her newfound open-mouthed smile like she’s better than Trump. At least he looks human.

    1. Tina –

      Yes. Exactly.

      Truth always wins out. It may, first, take a backseat to falsehood as lies and deceit capture the fallen nature of peoples’ attention. But soon, or at least in the long run, reality and truth, triumph. I sense that the Benghazi Butcher’s world of lies is in the process of crashing down upon her and also some of those “attached” to her and her web of deceptions.

      1. Tina says:

        Yes I believe Huma is in trouble! Two weeks to go… this is crazy.

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