NASA Nemesis: The Firmament

NASA Nemesis: The Firmament

The divine revelation of Biblical Scripture describes those foolish, who oppose Lord God and His Anointed. It emphatically states:

“Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, “Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us.” He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall hold them in derision………” – Psalm 2 – NKJV

What's the point of featuring current news event in perspective, without knowing the reality basis for fallen human nature? - Pic Source:

It is futile to understand our world without the honest acknowledgment of the “depravity of man” (aka, “the depravity of human nature”). What’s the point of featuring current news events in perspective, without knowing the reality basis for fallen human nature? – Pic Source:

Have you ever wondered as to the origin of “political correctness?” It’s origin can be discovered in the manifestation of “the depravity of man.” the same human nature condition which Biblical Scripture designates as “sin” (violations) against Creator God and His Creation.  Sinful (depraved) human nature always opposes Lord God’s divine will and purpose. Hence, the innate wicked and selfish desire of humans, is, to disrespect Lord God’s higher order and holy purposes.

Modern United States government is one of the most wicked, in human history. Not only does it needlessly and destructively meddle into the affairs of sovereign nations (making war and murdering priceless souls); it also perpetrates Crimes Against Peace against its own populace.

Current corrupt American government with its enabling mainstream whoredom media, rabidly and continually, propagandizes. It lies and deceives. A principle arm of malevolent U.S. government, is NASA. It’s another major renegade agency of government whose purpose is to extort and brainwash the public. Chief, among its goals, is to further perpetuate the heliocentric untruth.

Critical thinking does not come naturally. Humans are highly suseptible to being propagandized through their optical and audio senses. Corrupt big government and enabling mainstream media, know that. Pic source: Found on the web.

Critical thinking does not come naturally. Humans are highly susceptible to being propagandized through their optical and audio senses. Corrupt big government and enabling mainstream media, know that. Hence, the ever-present programs of lies and deception. NASA being a big part of that program deception.Pic source: Found on the web.

Please take special pause starting @ 8:05 minutes into the excellent video below, presented by FE-Mirror. For those of you honest and intelligent enough to think, question, examine and evaluate, you will have to admit that NASA has presented our world a crock of deception smoke and mirrors.

But, allow your thinking to venture a step farther. Why would one of the worst and wicked propaganda agencies of government, lie and deceive? Why? For what purpose? To thwart Lord God’s designed Created order? Note the following video and be open for some clear “clues” / connection of dots. Also please ponder the present (pipe dream) propaganda push of NASA, known, as The Orion Project.

Furthermore, for you Moralmatters (professed) Christian readers, do yourselves a great favor and return to the first book of the Bible. Reread Genesis 1 and seriously think. Discard the religious pseudoscience explanation double-talk that you’ve heard from your church’s pulpit and Church Body’s hierarchy. Think about what that first chapter of Holy Scripture says about the “firmament” and its relation to the Sun, Moon and starry luminaries. Then cross-reference those individual Scriptures with other Scriptures, cherishing Lord God’s clear words. Do you think for one moment that Creator Lord God would and will allow depraved mankind to molest His heavens?

“The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.” – Psalm 115:16 – KJV

Excerpt of the video presented below:

Pic Source: "BREAKING NEWS: NASA admits it still hasn't figured out Van Allen Radiation Belts!" - 3/18/15 -

Pic Source: Found on the web — “BREAKING NEWS: NASA admits it still hasn’t figured out Van Allen Radiation Belts!” – 3/18/15 –

[Ron Skiba]: “…………if there is something that definitely, at least in my opinion, exposes the Apollo Program as a fraud, it’s the Orion Project. The Orion Project, after they retired the space shuttle;……..they’re pretty much are telling you that Apollo never happened; especially when they put out videos like this talking about the Van Allen Radiation Belts:

[Youthful NASA male propagandist]: ‘we are headed 3600 miles above Earth. 15 times higher than the International Space Station. As we get further away from Earth, we’ll pass through the Van Allen Belts; an area of dangerous radiation. 

NASA is a major "stumbling block." Especially for professed Christians. They would rather believe NASA lies than believe Biblical Scripture. Especially Genesis 1. Pic source -

NASA is a major “stumbling block.” especially for professed Christians. They would rather believe NASA lies than believe Biblical Scripture. Especially Genesis 1. Pic source –

…….radiation like this can harm the guidance systems, on board computers or other electronics on Orion. Naturally, we have to pass through this dangerous zone twice; once up and once back. But Orion has protection. Shielding will be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation. Sensors aboard will record radiation levels for scientists to study. We must solve these challenges before we send people through these regions of space.’

[Ron Skiba]: What? We must must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space? I thought this problem was solved over 40 years ago? We sent a bunch of people in jumpsuits in tin cans through it there and back a half dozen times. Oh, oh, I forgot. The Apollo guys, they were clueless regarding the radiation belt. It didn’t affect them…….”  

Update – 2/19/2017: It appears that we have another “scrubbed” YouTube video. Often this occurs because the “powers that be” (or, shouldn’t be) are on a rampage to extinguish reality. There are always those who don’t like the truth, because that truth hits too “close to home.”

Please note another YouTube video:

Scientists Found a Dome Over The Earth! By Rob Skiba –


Source of the above video: FE-Mirror –

Directly related to the above:

One of the purposes of the Firmament, is that it’s presence acts as a “barrier.” Please note the following Moralmatters topic page which highlights The Firmament:

Firmament: What Is It? –

Other related informational links:


Pic source:

Please note: Stationary Earth: Clear Non-Curvature Evidence That Contradicts A Spherical Earth - - Pic source: Found on the web.

Please note: “Stationary Earth: Clear Non-Curvature Evidence That Contradicts A Spherical Earth” – – Pic source: Found on the web.

According to “globalists” – those who spread the propaganda of heliocentric earth, it would be impossible to see the Chicago skyline buildings from the Michigan lake shore. The “curvature” of a spherical (ball) earth would preclude the physical (and scientific) ability to view that Chicago skyline, which (theoretically) should have vanished from human sight, due to earth’s theoretical (heliocentric) curvature. This reality also confirms, stationary earth – and, all that stationary earth entails. the wicked propaganda, political correctness, false worldview, “science,” (aka, pseudo science) etc.

Chicago Skyline missing curvature #FlatEarth –

More related informational links:


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


10/4/2016 edit of the above commentary:

Added (inserted) “government” to the following sentence:

“……….Modern United States government is one of the most wicked, in human history………”  

18 thoughts on “NASA Nemesis: The Firmament

  1. Allen Vergakis says:

    I’m not one for all caps and multiple exclamation marks, but here screams the need–EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!

      1. Allen Vergakis says:

        My pleasure. I pray, it will be accepted as a clarion call.

        1. Allen –

          People in positions of influencing others need messages like the following:

          “Dear Teacher ……… :”

          I think it a sad and pathetic shame that public schools would rely on NASA as a teaching tool for their impressionable students.

          As one of my grandson’s teachers, please consider the following web article. Do you teach your students to first, think, question, examine and evaluate the culture’s pseudoscience?

          “NASA Nemesis: The Firmament”

          1. Allen Vergakis says:

            As a retired Government scientist, I’ve seen, firsthand, how employees can twist evidence and data to achieve a fore-drawn conclusion. Not all, but enough to know it’s disturbing, and increasing amongst government-granted academics. So-called, man-made global warming is the paramount example. I recall, when during the 1970s, the EPA was a credible agency, not a Government and political strongarm of intrusion and terror.

          2. Allen –

            I’m sure that you could add the FDA and other government agencies as prime examples of political and moral perversion.

            By the way, there is a film that is supposed to be shortly released on the web that may interest you. I’m looking forward to it. This Robbie Davidson “Celebrate Truth” production is advertised to expose the culture’s pseudoscience. Davidson prefers to use the word, “Scientism.”

            Scientism Exposed
            11 hrs ·
            Due to unforeseen circumstances #ScientismExposed release date will be pushed to Nov 21st 2016. The producers want to apologize to everyone waiting for the film. A big surprise is being added and the Celebrate Truth team feels that this extra time will be worth it for wider distribution and greater production values. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused and thank you so much for your understanding. To God be the Glory. Blessings.


          3. Allen Vergakis says:

            Nathan, you’re absolutely correct with your assessment. ALL Government agencies are corrupt! All share a malignant, militant, NWO view towards our God-given freedoms. I was simply offering my observation as a former-Government employee. And I see the Feds are working an amoral and political agenda into the agencies.

            In the early 2000s, I experienced the precursory incursion into privacy and the conditioning arising. Most engaged as if it were nothing, and signed on, to the point some participated in the facilitating. Another hard-nosed and forward-thinking conservative and I were the only ones I know that opted-out. The engagement was voluntary, but we were somewhat pressured to behave. Privately, I wouldn’t doubt if our opting-out was held against us. Now, doubtless, adherence is mandatory.

            What comes to mind is the recent statement by a few Christians, saying they’d quit, before taking the pro-homosexual-brainwashing training. Quitting is WHAT they should not do, a class-action lawsuit is what needs to be done. God bless you and yours, Nathan. In Christ, Allen.

          4. Allen –

            Thank you for your comment. And, I agree with what you say about Christians “up and quitting.” It is best to “ride it out.”

            I recall though, in my one position, working for a government funded agency, me refusing to initiate and implement an outreach to gays. [The Director was a homosexual]. It wasn’t long after that, I was terminated. I came to work and was informed that I had a small space of time to clear out of my office. I will further say (my thinking at the time) was that the Director of the gov’t funded agency of which I was employed, wanted to use my Christian pastor emeritus status to cater to gays. I felt very uncomfortable with the new change and was not about to be used to further expand my job description.

  2. Douglas says:

    I spent 4 years in the USA military defending all of our freedoms. It now appears I was wasting my time.
    I thought I was doing the right thing for my country and our Founding Freedoms….all paid for in blood.

    The current politicians could care less about this country.

    The BLOOD and GUTS of USA soldiers….all for nothing.

    1. Douglas –

      I would have to agree. When I hear of some young man or woman volunteering to join the U.S. Military, I think to myself that they are ill-informed and must be unaware of what they are in for!

      1. Allen Vergakis says:

        The ONLY war worth fighting is the one that may, of necessity, precipitate within the country–another American Revolution.

        1. Allen –

          I would not doubt your assessment.

          When corrupt government can grant immunity to those under investigation, that degree of rancidness is a clear indication that the whole “system” is broken.

          1. Allen Vergakis says:

            Nathan, thank you for the link. It should be viewed by all, and not be a “missing link.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

          2. Allen –

            Lord God forbid that there should be “missing links!”

    2. Allen Vergakis says:

      Sadly, tragically you’re correct.

  3. Mona says:


    1. Mona –

      Thank you for the wonderful short video. It’s one of those which masterfully exposes more NASA lies.

      Feel free to submit more comments like this. Moralmatters is always interested in exposing deception.

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