Charlotte Propaganda Black Lives Matter Protests: Contrived And Staged

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Don’t bother reading the Moralmatters Reader’s commentary (below) if you are in denial of  “the depravity of human nature” and if you don’t believe that big government and the mainstream media propaganda whores do not criminally co-conspire to contrive and stage propaganda and violence events. Don’t waste your time. Just sit back in your easy chair and allow the propaganda news of the day to mess with your status quo political correctness minds:

Please note significant Moralmatters articles which help establish a logical and consistent basis for understanding government contrived and staged propaganda and violence events, spread far and wide by the mainstream media mainstream media enabling propaganda whores:

Charlotte Propaganda Protests: Contrived And Staged

A Moralmatters Reader offers the following mini-commentary about the latest false reality media spectacle:

Please view the staged short video:

The actors are wearing carefully-crafted costumes and there is sensational story (with a grainy 45-second video) about a young White guy being dragged – and stripped – by a handful of Black kids in a parking garage. Nothing much happened in this scene, but the Twitter post claims that the White guy was “begging for mercy.”

Mind you, there was NO actual beating, the White guy was not really hurt, and the scene looks staged and specifically acted out for the camera.

A large part of the Black versus White civil unrest stories has specifically to with the BLUE LIVES MATTER movement. This is a serious divide-and-conquer tactic that pits Soros-backed Black Lives Matter (#BLM) against the Police (Blue Lives Matter).

These HOAX news stories, where cops are featured killing Black people, are being put in play to generate a widespread demand for BLUE LIVES MATTER laws in every state. The BLUE LIVES MATTER movement identifies Black Lives Matter as the threat.

Louisiana just codified into law a BLUE LIVES MATTER bill (May, 2016).

Crisis actor Black Lives Matter protestors are like rabid beheading Muslims who claim they are civilized - Pic source: "Keith Scott shooting: Won't release video, say Charlotte police after violent protests" -

Photo-op pic of crisis actor Black Lives Matter protesters. They are like rabid beheading Muslims who claim that they are civilized – Pic source:
“Keith Scott shooting: Won’t release video, say Charlotte police after violent protests” –

There was a petition, signed by thousands of citizens and sent to the White House, to label the Soros-backed agitator group, BLACK LIVES MATTER, as a “terrorist” group in mid-July. POTUS rejected the BLUE LIVES MATTER petition.

So these HOAX shootings of Black men by Police have more than one goal:

Generating widespread rioting nationwide to justify the declaration of a “national emergency.” (for Martial Law).

Generating widespread demand for BLUE LIVES MATTER laws in every state.

Identifying BLACK LIVES MATTER as a “terror” group so as to continue to stir the pot of racial hatred.

See the grainy video of a White guy being dragged and stripped by really young Black kids inside a parking structure. Really looks staged for the camera, and NO ONE WAS HURT.

Furthermore, the first ten minutes of a Russianvids exposé video reveals that the “police” guns show no recoil or smoke, and the so-called shooting victim was not shot, but rather, reached into his van to get a blood packet to use in his staged “shooting.”

Related to the above:

Note below the “overkill” crock of BS video allegedly taken by the supposed victim’s wife. Note how the woman contradicts herself. Note that she is too far concerned taking an erratic (non-convincing) video rather than rushing over to stand by her TBI stricken man. Note how she sticks to her crisis acting script, – “he better live.” Ask yourself: “How much did the couple get paid for their crisis acting parts? Did the video break your emotional heart-strings?” Or, will it help cause you to question, think, examine and evaluate?

BREAKING – Family Of Keith Lamont Scott Release Video Of Police Shooting In NC- Very Peculiar –

Source of the above 3 minute video: Victurus Libertas –


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

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Nathan M. Bickel


8 thoughts on “Charlotte Propaganda Black Lives Matter Protests: Contrived And Staged

  1. Allen Vergakis says:

    It’s a shame “protests” doesn’t have another “o,” then the root word would be Soros.

  2. Klokke says:

    The video with those pre-teen kids stripping a White boy in a parking garage looks like an LGBTQ “sexual encounter” to me.

  3. Catherine says:

    The Black Lives Matter “protesters” look just like the so-called ISIS militants we see in the mainstream news stories. They wear similar clothing styles, carry similar “protest” signs, and stand in similar poses during their “civil unrest” events.

    In short, these two agitator groups appear to be similarly trained and use the same modus operandi.

    The similarities should help people to realize that all such “militant” groups have been recruited, trained, sent into action, and paid by the same benefactor.

    1. Catherine –

      I agree.

      Furthermore, are you suggesting that the “benefactor” is George Soros? And, if so, is he working (in some form or fashion) whether directly or indirectly, with corrupt U.S. Government and / or with one or more of its divisive and wicked agencies?

      1. Catherine says:

        George Soros is, indeed, the “benefactor” I had in mind. However, I believe that he and his colleagues actually run the U.S. Government. Every agency and every person in the government takes directions from the same source.

        1. Catherine –

          Yes. I would not doubt.

  4. Tina says:

    This is not normal behavior. My husband and I were pulled over recently. He was asked to get out of the car. I was not allowed to leave the car until they specifically told me to. I don’t trust the police down here in Florida even though we’re white and middle aged. But the absolute last thing on my mind was to break out my camera. And again I was instructed to remain in the car! After he was searched and nothing was found, they asked me to step out of the car and searched my bag and then the car. Again, nothing was found. I was so frightened that I was literally shaking. How is it that this woman is what, 15 feet away and able to hold her camera straight without shaking from fear?! Fake, fake, fake.

    1. Tina –

      I agree. It was fake. Anyone with half an ounce of honesty, intelligence and awareness of government contrived propaganda and violence events can recognize these false realities.

      Sorry to hear about your cop “pull-over” experience. You recounting it reminded me of a video I saw and listened to, sometime ago, which offered some advice on how to deal with police pull-overs. If one knows what to say, etc. the police are likely to back down. But you have to know your Constitutional and legal rights and forthright spell them out to the pestering law enforcement authorities. In short, if you have the knowledge and can explain that knowledge, you can be a mouthpiece, “learning” (teaching) the cops.

      No person should have to exit their vehicle and be searched unless they are being charged with something. And, if you or I aren’t being charged with something, the very least that we should do is offer the cops to check out our identification Driver’s License and shortly thereafter, be on our way.

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