A Hillary Clinton Presidency Without Hillary

A Hillary Clinton Presidency Without Hillary


Two worldwide terrorist leaders. Pics of  “crimes against peace,” aka Obama, de facto commander-in-chief of terrorist ISIS, alongside of his (then) war-monger Secretary of State, the Benghazi Butcher (aka, “Hillary Clinton”) Note: “TREASONOUS OBAMA BUILT ISIS: FOIA DOCUMENTS DISCLOSE WILLFUL DECISION” – moralmatters.org – Pic source: Found on the web. Also note: “Obama’s World-Wide Terrorism”

Those who are honest and informed know that the present United States Government is one of the most corrupt governments in all of human history. Never before has a nation been so politically and militarily active in meddling in the affairs of worldwide governments than this present-day, American government. Never before has there been such massive proliferating espionage and deceit. Never before has there been so many perpetrated contrived and staged propaganda and violence events designed to deceive the public, to further the “powers that be,” NWO (New World Order).

One would have to be a “carnival barking”-type, crazy-head illegitimate conspiracy theorist to defend the maniacal political and military workings of the United States Government. how it covertly schemes and maneuvers to create its favored outcome goals. and, how it commits crimes against peace against its own American people. The Sandy Hook false reality “shooting” is a prime example. That major contrived and staged event purposed to seize the public with fear of gun-totting crazies. It was designed to further extend big-brother government’s illusion of security protection among its populace. Tighten (already) gun-control restrictions. Armed citizens are not to be. They represent an ever-growing threat to all. The federal government implication: A nation needs to suspend its personal protection freedoms (via Second Amendment “guarantees”) and allow controlling big government to properly do the job it never has, and never will do.

Please note the following Tony Elliot commentary excerpt how wicked U.S. Government may be malevolently maneuvering on another “front.” Evidence is accumulating. Evidence as presented by “connecting dots.” And, don’t think the presented possibility scenario is far-fetched. U.S. Presidential history has documented the non-present frail and stroke-ridden person of President Woodrow Wilson; how a presidential administration can basically proceed without its elected head:

A Hillary Clinton Administration May be Entirely Run by a FIGUREHEAD – eaglerising.com


Side by side comparison of Hillary Clinton and her alleged "double." Pic source: "A Hillary Clinton Administration May be Entirely Run by a FIGUREHEAD' - By Tony Elliot - eaglerising.com/36880/a-hillary-clinton-administration-may-be-entirely-run-by-a-figurehead/

Reported side by side comparison of Hillary Clinton and her alleged “double.” Pic source: “A Hillary Clinton Administration May be Entirely Run by a FIGUREHEAD” – By Tony Elliot – eaglerising.com/36880/a-hillary-clinton-administration-may-be-entirely-run-by-a-figurehead/

“……..It is a very big possibility that the real Hillary Clinton may not even play a part of a new Clinton Administration and all decisions will be made by her cabinet from the direction of her clone via an invisible entity.

If anyone thought President Obama may not be who he claims he is, such a Clinton Administration being conducted entirely without Hillary herself would make any speculation we may have about Obama seem inconsequential.

The American people are being played to go one step further than what we already have in Barack H Obama who remains a mystery man in all respects since he has his personal records sealed, to accept an idea as President. Hillary Clinton may be the first Administration in US history where she is only a figurehead, or an idea, but not in charge of anything.”


Please Note:

Directly related to the above:

Pic Source: Found on the web.

Always stop to think, question, examine and evaluate. The above pic is referencing the latest news about Hillary Clinton and her health. Note a mainstream media propaganda source: “Clinton cancels West Coast trip due to pneumonia after collapsing at 9/11 memorial – as doctor reveals she was diagnosed on Friday” – dailymail.co.uk “Pic Source: Found on the web.

Also related to the above:

As usual the 5 big media whores parrotted the mainstream media story-line about the alleged "Istanbul International Airport 'shooting.'" Above pic of 5 major American self-proclaimed talk show hosts. With each government contrived false reality, they (prostitute) herald the mainstream media whore story line. It is no wonder they are called, "The Controlled Right." QUIZ: Which Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Are YOU? http://www.youngcons.com/which-conservative-radio-talk-show-host-are-you/

Five mainstream media whore “parrots.” With each government contrived false reality, these so-called “conservative” talk show hosts, herald (prostitute) the mainstream media whore story line. It is no wonder they are called, “The Controlled Right.”
QUIZ: Which Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Are YOU?

Please note topical page link below of multiple Moralmatters articles about the Benghazi Butcher (aka, “Hillary Clinton”):

Hillary Clinton: Labyrinth Of Lies – moralmatters.org


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

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10 thoughts on “A Hillary Clinton Presidency Without Hillary

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Hillary for prison!

    1. Alex –

      I can drink to that!

  2. Marshall says:

    There is an historical precedent with a U.S. President who became incapacitated at a critical juncture in the history of the United States. The situation was managed in secret because the President’s wife stepped in to give the appearance of mentally competent Commander-in-Chief so that the business of the country would continue.
    . . .

    The 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, successfully sold his concept of a League of Nations to the European powers who included it in the Versailles Treaty, in June of 1919. He had more difficulty convincing the U.S. Senate. Conservative Senators (the “irreconcilables”) blocked ratification of a treaty that included provisions for the League of Nations. Wilson decided to go over their heads by appealing directly to the American people through a cross-country speaking tour. The proposal upset Wilson’s physician, Dr. Grayson, who pleaded with the President to reconsider. He argued that Wilson had not yet recovered from the Paris Peace Conference, and that as a man of 60, he could not ignore his health. His argument fell on deaf ears. “I do not want to do anything foolhardy,” the President responded, “but the League of Nations is now in its crisis, and if it fails, I hate to think what will happen to the world … I cannot put my personal safety, my health, in the balance against my duty — I must go.”

    President Woodrow Wilson boarded a special train, which left Washington on September 3, 1919, and made stops all across the country. The President promoted the League of Nations during this campaign, but the whistle-stop speaking tour abruptly ended on September 26, 1919, because President Wilson’s was found to be near a “complete breakdown.”

    On the morning of October 2, 1919, Mrs. Woodrow Wilson found her husband unconscious on the bathroom floor of their private White House quarters bleeding from a cut on his head. Wilson had suffered a stroke – a massive attack that left his left side and impaired his vision. She immediately summoned Dr. Grayson. Then the conspiracy began. The two of them formed a bulwark between the invalid President and the rest of the country, simultaneously shielding President Wilson from intrusion and hiding his condition from outsiders.

    For seventeen months the enfeebled President Wilson lay in his bed on the brink of death, barely able to write his own name. The outside world knew none of this. All communication with the President went through his wife. She entered the sick room with messages and emerged with verbal instructions or the scrawl of a signature on a piece of paper. Edith Wilson called the period her “stewardship.” Later, others called her the first woman President. The Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles with its provision for the League. Although Wilson’s health improved, he never fully recovered.

    President Wilson Suffers a Stroke, 1919 – A Presidential Crisis the Nation Knew Nothing About

  3. Susan says:

    Zach Galifianakis Interviews Walking Corpse Hillary Clinton on Between 2 Ferns

  4. Catherine says:

    Pastor Bickel: Do you think this may be a nefarious plot to make Bill Clinton the next US President by proxy? That is, let the public believe that Hillary ascended the throne but then Bill Clinton will actually rule and reign in the same way Mrs. Woodrow Wilson actually ran the country after President Wilson became incapacitated after his stroke in October of 1919?

    1. Catherine –

      Could be. But Bill isn’t in that good of health, himself.

      Perhaps, this following scenario is plausible:

      Bill could work closely with the Democratic VP candidate should the Dems become successful in November. Bill could help Kaine, “raise Cain.”

      Check out Kaine. He’s a liberal’s dream child.

      1. Catherine says:

        Tim Kaine is absolutely worthless. Did you see him laughing and carrying on while Hillary was suffering with a protracted coughing fit in Cleveland during a Labor Day campaign stop?

        Even if that coughing fit was staged, Tim Kaine looked like he was just in a trance. No man I know would laugh and make merry while a woman was suffering at the podium as Hillary appeared to be during that event. Kaine appears to be both mindless and heartless. A real man (and running mate) would come to Hillary’s aid and give her water, but instead you saw him raising his fist, laughing and carrying on like a buffoon, even as she was choking and coughing.

        I would be hard-pressed to call Kaine a man, much less a human being. But you’re right: he’s just the kind of mindless and heartless Left-wing robot the Planners would love to have seated on the throne.

        Hillary Clinton Coughing Attack in Cleveland- FULL VERSION (REALLY BAD!)

        1. Catherine –

          I didn’t “see” Kaine’s reaction in the manner you apparently have. I viewed the scene shortly after the video came out, understanding Kaine’s appearance as one fidgeting; he was embarrassed, not knowing how to respond. He simply was trying to carry-on as if Hillary’s seizure-fit was really no big deal and, in doing so, trying to convey to the crowd, not to worry. He was attempting (I thought) not to react; but in so doing, went overboard.

          1. Catherine says:

            Pastor Bickel: You have an interesting take on Kaine’s performance. I still think he was under mind control. His response to Hillary’s coughing fit was inappropriate, to say the least.

          2. Catherine –

            Those who are elevated to be the puppets, are no doubt, subject to their handler’s, “mind control.” Else they would eschew at least some of the perversity.

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