New York Chelsea Bombing: Contrived And Staged

New York Chelsea Bombing: Contrived And Staged


“I saw and heard about this ‘bombing’ on CNN. It must be true!” Yes, and the same TV Big Screen also depicts King Kong and Godzilla! Does the TV medium of technical communication automatically translate into reality? Of course not! Think (over), question, examine and evaluate what the mainstream media propaganda whores toss you! Pic Source: Found on the web.

If “8,000 surveillance (spy) cameras “helped to snare [the alleged / reported] ‘bomb suspect.’ “ then why weren’t they good enough to help prevent the alleged / reported “bombing?” If our U.S Government can send a duct-tape Red Green-type, module to the Moon and back, why can’t it harness the available and superb technology (which spies on everyday patriotic Americans) to provide upgraded security to those same inhabitants?

The reality: The New York bombings were contrived and staged. What we have, is another major “crime against peace” committed by our own American government!

This Moralmatters author thinks that one has to be a nutty conspiracy theorist to believe that the latest New York bombing (s) actually took place as reported. What? 29 people reportedly injured and no one killed? That is almost as ridiculous as the Sandy Hook hoax with 20 some (plus) souls, supposedly (allegedly / reportedly) “killed” and no one injured.

“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did government and its enabling mainstream media, tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

A Moralmatters Reader offers the following commentary on the alleged (reported by the media whore) NYC “bombing” affair:

The SURE sign that the CHELSEA bomb story is a HOAX is that the media is now saying the perpetrators posted a MANIFESTO.

Pic source:

The alleged New York bombing [propaganda mainstream media] “report of a MANIFESTO is the sign that this story is a HOAX to push a specific agenda.” – Pic source:

The report of a MANIFESTO is the sign that this story is a HOAX to push a specific agenda.

Of course, the discerning reader will take note that the so-called trash can “bomb” was detonated in CHELSEA.

Does the name CHELSEA ring a bell?

Oh, you say that CHELSEA is the name of the only child of the 2016 Dem presidential candidate?

Not only that, but the 2016 Dem presidential candidate was filmed leaving the $10 million residence of her daughter CHELSEA only hours after that fake fainting spell in NYC on 9-11-2016.


NOT a coincidence. The Control System has exposed that last night’s trash can “bomb” in NYC was a HOAX using three very obvious signs:

1. News reports that the FAKE trash can “bomb” was detonated in CHELSEA.

2. LGBTQ (very heavy political agenda) claims it is responsible for this attack.

3. The existence of a MANIFESTO (the dead-giveaway sign of a HOAXED “attack”). The minute you hear about a manifesto in any news story is the same minute when you know that story is 100% a HOAX. Just in general, the report of a MANIFESTO = HOAX.

Yep This is Staged! –

Furthermore and finally:

Pic of crisis actor and / or patsy, Ahmad Khan Rahami, thought to be a major suspect in the NY reported bombing. Wouldn't you know; he has Muslim "leanings." Pic Source: From propaganda mainstream media -

Pic of crisis actor and / or patsy, Ahmad Khan Rahami, reported (aka, “picked”) to be a major suspect in the NY reported bombing. Wouldn’t you know; he is identified as a Muslim.” Pic Source: From propaganda mainstream media –

Authorities allegedly captured the suspect “after a shootout” in the 100% HOAX NYC CHELSEA trash can “bomb” story. (See attached photo.) They captured him in LINDEN, NEW JERSEY

The Control System is now blaming a Muslim. Early reports indicated that the LGBTQ took responsibility, but maybe we will learn that this fake Muslim perpetrator is gay. The Control System likes to combine agendas such as the Muslim Extremist and the persecuted LGBTQ storylines. The media used both of those themes to great effect in the 100% HOAX Orlando Pulse Fairy Tale.

Here is the fake news story about how the “shootout” left an officer injured and a “suspicious” was found:

Officer injured In Shooting In Linden, NJ; Terror Suspect Arrested – September 19, 2016 | 11:15 AM –

Please also be aware:

Evidence of predictive programming in video game. Proof that the Chelsea event was a False Reality – 100% HOAX.

The video game pinpoints the exact location of the dumpster explosion in Chelsea:


Related to the above:

Note the propaganda mainstream media whore story line on the contrived and staged New York “bombing:”

Chelsea Bombing: What We Know and Don’t Know –

More related to the above. Another false reality event around the same time as the New York “bombing” event:

Minnesota Hoax – Demon On Wheels –

The aforementioned Moralmatters Reader says of the MN staged event:

“The video shows the so-called victims to be nothing more than crisis actors who seem thrilled with the opportunity to appear on TV. This is yet another HOAX put in play to scare the public into demanding Martial Law.”

Also – related to the above:

As usual the 5 big media whores parrotted the mainstream media story-line about the alleged "Istanbul International Airport 'shooting.'" Above pic of 5 major American self-proclaimed talk show hosts. With each government contrived false reality, they (prostitute) herald the mainstream media whore story line. It is no wonder they are called, "The Controlled Right." QUIZ: Which Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Are YOU?

Five mainstream media whore “parrots.” With each government contrived false reality, these so-called “conservative” talk show hosts, herald (prostitute) the mainstream media whore story line. It is no wonder they are called, “The Controlled Right.”
QUIZ: Which Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Are YOU?


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

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Nathan M. Bickel


Source of featured pic of “Manufactured Terrorism:”

Found on the web




21 thoughts on “New York Chelsea Bombing: Contrived And Staged

  1. Douglas says:

    What’s the point of putting a bomb in a heavy metal trashcan? Wouldn’t the bomber want the bomb out in the open where it can really do some damage?

    I suspect the ”bomb” was really another flash bang like the ones used in Boston…maybe it was a somewhat larger charge. They create a big flash of yellow light, some smoke and a huge sound..BOOM. All of this is to scare the nearby people.

    1. Douglas –

      Yes. The whole tale lacks sense. A supposed Muslim perpetrator doing what you’ve just stated? I thought that Muslim terrorists desired to wipe out the infidels? not just injure them. Where did he get his terrorist training? Certainly not from the bloodthirsty Islamic mullahs? Must have been from the American CIA……….

  2. Annette says:

    Now we see that the alleged Minnesota Mall “stabbing,” supposedly another “terror attack” that occurred over the weekend, was 100% a hoax, too.

    Minnesota Hoax – Demon On Wheels

  3. Robert says:

    Thank you for sharing the truth about these hideous news stories. People need to wake up.

    1. Robert –

      Your comment reminds me of a local TV news announcer. When I alerted him of big government being behind these type events, his response was, [Paraphrase]: “I don’t believe this.” Yet the same news personality the other night was reporting on some young child being physically abused by being locked away and tied up; and, who had escaped and sought a neighbor’s help.

      People will believe these news stories, but curiously (and inconsistently) they will not believe how the American people are abused by their own government, via being constantly lied to for government’s malevolent and controlling agenda.

  4. Robert says:

    Today (Monday, 9/19) there was another ridiculous “scary” story about a “masked invader” who entered an elementary school in Utah with a “bomb threat.” The police responded with full-on SWAT team and MRAP vehicle. The “intruder” was just some wimpy guy (actor) who was wearing a bright green jumper and a white rag wrapped around his head. Green is the color of SATAN. Look at the photo of this actor-agent in the article at the Web link below. Who would dress like that in a small town in Utah?

    There was no motive (as usual), but the police sergeant who was interviewed claimed that the actor-agent was uttering something about “Jihad.”

    BREAKING: Intruder Claiming To Be Jihadist Enters Utah Elementary School, Police Snipers On Scene, Bomb Threat…UPDATE: Taken Into Custody

    1. Robert –

      Yes. “BREAKING NEWS” means that all Americans hop to their big screens to suck in Anderson Cooper’s propaganda BS…….

      1. Douglas says:

        As Mr. Cooper has stated himself…when he was at Yale he did his summer intern work at CIA headquarters….”

        Thank you Anderson, that’s all we need to know about who you are. The CIA is like the Mafia….once a part of it…always a part of it. There is only one way out….

        1. Douglas –

          Please elaborate upon your comment. Who is “Mr. Cooper?” And, what is that “one way out?” a couple of huge cinder blocks attached to a live bound body, thrown into a waterway or ocean?

          1. Douglas says:

            I refer to silver haired Anderson Cooper of CNN. Way out? Being a friend of ”Jack Ruby”.

          2. Douglas –

            Oh, I’m starting to “get it.” The fraternal “association” with the corrupted CIA……….

          3. Tina says:

            Pastor, Anderson Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. I read her autobiography many years ago. Her mother was a lesbian and lost custody of little Gloria because of her lifestyle of excess and partying. I also seem to recall that one of her relatives was involved with the Duke of Edinburgh or the King who abdicated so it’s all very interesting how all these elites are connected.

          4. Tina –

            Maybe it is a good thing that we don’t know the half of how these elites are “connected.” It’s easier to sleep at night, not knowing……….

  5. Bill C says:

    Woke up, it was a CHELSEA “mourning.”

    1. Bill C –

      Please elaborate.

      1. Bill C says:


        Chelsea Clinton is the daughter and only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Chelsea’s name was inspired by a visit to the Chelsea neighborhood of London during a Christmas 1978 vacation. Hillary Clinton said that upon hearing the 1969 Judy Collins recording of the Joni Mitchell song, “Chelsea Morning”, Bill Clinton said to her, “If we ever have a daughter, her name should be CHELSEA.”

        1. Bill C –

          Thank you. Interesting. Some would say this story is so romantic. Others apparently, differ.

          Pray tell me the reason for Web Hubble’s untimely death.

          The Moment Chelsea Clinton Found Out She Is Web Hubbell’s Daughters & Not Bill Clinton’s

          “DNA Evidence – Chelsea Probably NOT Bill Clinton’s Daughter” – Larry Nichols.

          1. Bill C says:

            Webster “Webb” Hubbell is still alive.


          2. Bill C –

            Thank you for correcting me. It makes sense. Chelsea can visit her real father, if he is, indeed.

            For some reason I had it in my head that he had passed on. I thought that Hubbell “mysteriously” croaked in prison; one of the many “Clinton ‘deadpool.'”

            Maybe Hubbell was spared if he really was [is] Chelsea’s father. There is such a striking resemblance – especially with that lower lip feature.

        2. Tina says:

          Puke! Romance my as*! Their marriage is a sham. Everyone knows it.

  6. Tina says:

    Pastor, you are absolutely right. Can you imagine trying to figure it all out with a family tree?

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