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Please note the 1 minute YouTube video following the Moralmatters mini-commentary:

If only humans would question what they hear, examine what they see and evaluate what others would have them believe, they would be much better off. Americans need to start big-time, applying critical thinking to all that corrupt government, publicly disperses. Critical thinking helps to spot lies and deception. Pic Source: "Critical Thinking" -

If only humans would question what they hear, examine what they see and evaluate what others would have them believe, they would be much better off. Americans need to apply critical thinking to all that corrupt government, so-called “science” and enabling propaganda mainstream media, publicly disperse. Critical thinking helps an honest soul, to spot lies and deception. Pic Source: “Critical Thinking” –

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After the Sunset yesterday, this Moralmatters author experienced a sweet tooth attack. In order to remedy the crisis, he traveled to one of the local food stores and bought some ice cream and peanuts.

He parked his auto and walked across the store’s parking lot, at the exact time, a young couple, happened to do the same. The Moon was bright with its “harvest moon” color. I engaged the couple in conversation – [Paraphrase]:

“Excuse me. Isn’t that a beautiful Moon? How distant away do you think the Moon is?”

My question had to do with what they thought. However, they had no direct answer. All the young man could say, was, that he could not recall what he learned (aka, “was told”) in his academic Astronomy (school) class.

Featured pic source of Harvest Moon:

Featured pic source of Harvest Moon: – Please note the related link below about the distance between the Moon and Earth.

I then proceeded to give my opinion [Paraphrase]:

“They say the Moon is supposed to be 200,000 plus, miles away; but I don’t believe it. And the Sun is supposed to be 93 million miles away, but I don’t believe that either. Especially, when I open my house door in the morning and it is hotly glaring, right at me!”

People, when given an opportunity to think for themselves, generally, refuse to do so. Rather, they desire to allow some one (or some “authority”) to do the thinking for them. Such was the case with the young man, who wouldn’t offer his opinion on the bright Harvest Moon.

If you are one of those many people who do not desire to think for yourself; to question, examine and evaluate; please do not access ( or its YouTube site. Spare yourself some reality. Allow government controlled “science;” government controlled “education” and propaganda mainstream media to do your thinking for you.

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Source of the above 1 minute video DIRTH –

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  • DITRH –
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Also related (as to the Moon and Sun in the aforementioned mini-commentary):


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

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Nathan M. Bickel

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  1. Hi Pastor. I’ve been distracted by all sorts of problems in my real life. I read somewhere that the States would not be experiencing the harvest moon so I didn’t look for it. It reminds me of the beautiful song by the same name by Neil Young. But now I question all the rock star heroes of my youth. I’m glad you got to experience it. I remember when I thought it was 237,000 miles from earth. Watch the Shining. Lots of clues by Kubrick coming clean about the moon landing, including Room 237, representing the supposed distance from earth.

    • Tina –

      Nice hearing from you again!

      Sorry to hear about your problems. Don’t allow them to get the best of you!

      When I always look at the Moon. I wonder how far it is from Earth. 280 miles? 2,800 miles? or, 28,000 miles?

      • Indeed. One day I hope to invest in a telescope. I don’t know if you believe in the Mandela Effect, but there are many reports of all the different phenomena in the heavens now, particularly the sun. The changes in the Bible sent chills down my spine, particularly the lion with the lamb which is now the wolf with the lamb. It changes the whole meaning of the verse. What is your feeling about that as a Pastor?

        • Tina –

          I’ve heard of the “Mandela Effect.” I do not allow that to effect how I understand Biblical Scripture.

          I recommend for you one topical Christian message I authored awhile back. It gives some principled guidelines for understanding The Scriptures:

          Understanding the Bible – Reasons Why Non Christians Don’t Comprehend the Holy Scriptures

          Also please note:

          Definitions page – Various words used in “The Christian Message” website

          Tina – Don’t allow some (so-called) cultural “modern” understanding to dishevel your Christian belief and godly practices. The Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes says, “there is nothing new under the Sun.”

          • Thank you Pastor, I will read the links. I’m hoping you post something about the debate today. Do you remember when Hillary’s “doctor” was carrying around that pen that was supposedly filled with Diazepam? Well, I can recognize a “benzo” user as I get them prescribed myself for anxiety and she was beyond calm last night. Unless she has a doppelganger, she was sedated and feeling quite good which was evident from all her smiling. Donald usually riles her up. Just an observation from someone familiar with that type of medication.

          • Tina –

            Would you care if I used (quoted) your comment to highlight another Moralmatters article on Hillary?

  2. No of course I wouldn’t mind if you quoted me! I’d be honored quite frankly!

  3. […] look at a large Harvest Moon and reiterate their school indoctrination as to its distance from Earth. They glance at the glaring Sun and goose-step the 93 million miles away, textbook […]

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