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Police State Find Their Lone White Christian Homo-Hating Domestic Terrorist

An interesting piece appeared on James Tracy’s excellent website. It illustrates the lengths corrupt U.S. Government will go to further its overhaul malevolent agenda. Note also, the government double-standard, hypocrisy (pointed out) in the commentary:

‘Anti-Government Conspiracy Theorist’ Imprisoned Over YouTube Video –

This Moralmatters author occasionally offers his comments online. Please note his response to the comment by “BigTim.”


  1. Why is an event that allegedly happened on July 1, or July 2, being promoted so vigorously in the media almost 2 months later?

Supposed pic (or, photo op) of apparent crisis actor, Bryce Cuellar, who was according to media report allegedly arrested and imprisoned for his alleged drunken YouTube performance behavior. Pic Source:

Supposed pic (or, photo-op) of apparent crisis actor, Bryce Cuellar, who was according to media report allegedly arrested and imprisoned for his alleged drunken domestic terrorist, YouTube performance behavior. He doesn’t appear drunk and disorderly. Just posing, perhaps for a selfie. Pic Source: ‘Anti-Government Conspiracy Theorist’ Imprisoned Over YouTube Video –

Earlier, this Moralmatters author left the following comment after the aforementioned piece:

Horrors! A man can’t even (anymore) over-imbibe within his own domicile and spout-off his big mouth in front of his personal computer screen! But its okay for radical U.S. politicians to daily do the crazy and be highlighted by the corrupt government mainstream media whores! And neither do the neo-Nazi police state operatives bat a gnat’s eyelash over #BlackLivesMatters crisis acting low-lives, frothing from their racist and hate-mongering double-standard mouths as they threaten and attempt to intimidate.

The only thing that matters for the Propaganda Government, is to stereotype the loner eccentric white guy to further their complete shut-down of American freedoms, agenda.

And, who knows (even) barring future investigation, whether “this” reported (alleged) news was fabricated (staged)? I would not doubt that it was…….. – ‘Anti-Government Conspiracy Theorist’ Imprisoned Over YouTube Video –

Related to the above:

The Militarization of American Police –


If the U.S. Government were serious, it would arrest and imprison certain individuals in the #BlackLivesMatter group; especially dirty money George Soros who helps fund it. Pic Source: Found on the web.

If the U.S. Government was serious about local police militarization for domestic terrorism, it would arrest and imprison certain individuals in the #BlackLivesMatter group; especially dirty money-man, George Soros, who helps fund its disrupting, violent and intimidating rallies. Also, how about groups like the Black Panthers who intimidate outside election polling places? However, U.S. Government is not serious; only serious to intimidate the general law-abiding public, to further its complete-control, agenda. – Pic Source: Found on the web.

“………From the streets of Fallujah to Franklin, Indiana, heavily armored military vehicles have been rolled out for one and the same reason: many police officers in the US believe there’s a war going on.

Franklin, Indiana is by all accounts the idyllic Midwestern American town. Eponymously named after one of the founding fathers and “the first American,” Franklin’s small town bona fides provided Life Magazine with a Norman Rockwell-esque scene for a bit of village life utopia in the heart of the Great Depression.

But if you were to talk to local law enforcement, a battle is raging in the streets of Mayberry……….

……….All across the state, and the country, the trend is similar. From picking up military surplus to using to $35 billion in grants from the Department of Homeland Security to acquire the most advanced weapons, police forces across America are armed to the teeth…………” –


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

  8 Responses to “Police State Find Their Lone White Christian Homo-Hating Domestic Terrorist”

  1. The worldwide persecution is rapidly coming to our shores. Their ultimate goal, as with the Jews, is our extermination. And don’t be deceived by the Satanic, NWO types like Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and their ilk. These elitist don’t need us for the one-world government of Antichrist. And if you’re non-white, do not feel yourself privileged, immune, for their plan, goal is a neo-“final solution,” reducing the world’s population to 500,000,000–and that’s a lot of you! The non-elite (those remaining after the great holocaust) will be the slaves of the elite, worked to death, as the Jews in concentration camps during WW II. Christ is the only escape–government CANNOT “save” you, only the Lord Jesus can save.

  2. The mainstream media labeled Lee Harvey Oswald a “lone nut” back in November of 1963. The media has used the same terminology to describe “lone actor” patsies for generations.

  3. If I was still on Facebook I would warn a friend of mine who is planning to live under the grid and posts his extensive firearms. He is a man of God. He wanted to join some Texas militia to protect our borders. He’s a childhood friend that would protect me at all costs with his biker relatives from the North East. He has got to be a target at this point. I feel for him because after 30 years of marriage and two kids, his wife left him, likely because he’s not well physically, for a younger, healthier man. I hate Facebook and Zuckerberg, but may make an exception in his case to contact him.

  4. FisherOfMen FAKE Conspiracy Theorist BUSTED Trying to FRAME Truthers (Redsilverj)

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