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Please note the large cartoon pic below. Take care to understand the political and moral reasons ( “Hillary’s ‘Stool'”) why the Benghazi Butcher (aka, Hillary Clinton) does not stand with traditional, patriotic, moral and Constitutional America:

New Cartoon “Hillary’s Stool” –


“Hillary Clinton has serious health problems. She needs stools and pillows at hand constantly. She wants to debate Trump sitting down. She may be wearing adult diapers as well as a catheter bag. She may have the onset of dementia. It appears she has recurring seizures. She needs long bathroom breaks. She needs……..”


Pic Source: GRRRGRAPHICS.COM – used (copied) with permission

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Pic Source: Source of (above) featured black and white pic of Hillary Clinton: "Trump’s Not the Bully But There Is a Bully We Should Worry About" -

Pic source of (above) featured black and white pic of Hillary Clinton: “Trump’s Not the Bully But There Is a Bully We Should Worry About” –


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



  3 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Does Not Stand With America”

  1. aka Obama does not stand with America, either.

  2. .
    HILLARY CARE – HMO Regulation: TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 13 > § 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law.
    FBI — Federal Statutes — – Federal Statutes Federal Civil Rights …[ OPM FEHB – Sec. 900.401, Title VI of the CIVIL RIGHTS ] For offenses resulting in death [ – criminal denial of OPM FEHB|HMO Hospital and Nursing Facility Services: PATIENT DUMPING – ], there is no statute of limitations.
    1998 CLINTON Administration — Deputy U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder – National Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control [ HMO Regulation – T18CFR242CRIME ] Task Force –, CHAIR of the Task Force, Devising the Plan: HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON.
    OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT [ OPM ] Sec. 900.401, Title VI of the CIVIL RIGHTS Act of 1964 — Authority: Sec. 602, 78 Stat. 252 (42 U.S.C. 2000d-1). Source: 38 FR 17920, July 5, 1973 – A PERSON SHALL NOT BE DENIED [ HMO Regulation: illegal agreement between Elected and Law Enforcement Officials – 1998 Deputy U.S. Attorney General – ERIC HOLDER – – OBAMA’s U.S. Attorney General, HHS OIG June Gibbs Brown etal. and HCFA Medicare|Medicaid Administrator Nancy DeParle – ( OBAMAs 2009 Health Czar ) – illegal agreement with Federal|HMO Hospital Insurance Contractors: – to AVOID a United States Government Investigation, Civil or Administrative – T18CFR242CRIME, and to AVOID Exclusion — in MICHIGAN – ( one of six states ): State Attorney Generals Jennifer Granholm – — ( on OBAMAs Economic Advisory Team ) and Wallace HCF Division — using Hospital HHS social workers for enactment ( Commission of a Felony ) of a dispute resolution appeals procedure – fully launched in 1999: – criminal Denial of Existing _ OPM FEHB|HMO Hospital and Nursing Facility Services – PATIENT DUMPING – and allowing OPM FEHB|HMO Hospital Insurance Contractor ( Health Alliance Plan, Wayne County, Detroit MI ), illegal billing defrauded individuals ( unjust enrichment ) – to Force ( fraud by fright, white collar economic crime T18CFR371CRIME ) illegal application for HCFA|CMS State MEDICAID|HMO Hospital Insurance kickback conversion ~ eligibility poor – T18CFR242CRIME ] the BENEFITS of [ Hospital Insurance Services ] or be otherwise subjected to discrimination [ Elderly – RETIRED ] under a program ( OPM FEHB Health Insurance Program ) or activity Receiving Federal FINANCIAL assistance from OPM.
    Federal racketeering statutes, first enacted in 1934 and periodically amended, target a number of specific offenses, such as conspiracy to obstruct, or obstruction of, interstate ‘ COMMERCE by robbery or extortion.
    HMO Regulation – – Using Hospital HHS social workers for enactment of a dispute resolution procedure – fully launched in Michigan in 1999 – – PATIENT DUMPING.
    $25,000 OPM FEHB – Hospital – Anti Dumping violation
    $25,000 OPM FEHB – Nursing Facility – Anti Dumping Violation and a
    $50,000 HCFA|State – MEDICAID HMO Kickback conversion, approximately
    $100,000 = collected in ” Volentary Fines – ” by HHS OIG, from Federal HMO Contractors, on EACH defrauded Retired OPM FEHB, et al – Individual – Forced – into illegal application for HCFA|CMS Medicaid HMO Kickback conversion: Civil and Crime Victims Rights – – DENIED.

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