Donald Trump And Operation Mockingbird’s Complete Control Of Media

Donald Trump And Operation Mockingbird’s Full Control Of Media

A Moralmatters Reader offers the following:

“Mr. Trump reacts to the effects of Operation Mockingbird. He probably does not now about it….few people do. We live in horrific dark times. Article:”

Trump rants against freedom of the press: The Donald claims he’d be ‘beating Hillary by 20%’ if the ‘disgusting and corrupt media’ hadn’t undermined him

Is Donald Trump ignorant of why mainstream media is, the way it is? Doesn’t he know what is behind propaganda media? Or, is he playing a political crisis acting role? Or, whatever……….?

Pic Source: "Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program" -

Pic Source: “Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program” –

Reality has it, that mainstream media is completely controlled. There is no journalism in mainstream media. Media corporations don’t question. They don’t examine and evaluate day-to-day alleged events. They just report them as genuine spontaneous happenings.

The major media networks then pass on, what is scripted to them from above. In turn, local media TV and Radio outlets are willing accomplices to parrot the mainstream media propaganda whoredom news. It’s all scripted from the “powers that be” – aka, the “elitists.”

Do you ever wonder why all the major “conservative” talk show hosts never question contrived and staged shooting events? Do you ever wonder why these talk show host (media prostitutes) are being paid by big government to host their 3 hour radio broadcasts? Ever hear, commercials like, “” ?

Please reference the past Moralmatters articles of:

Pic Source: "Operation Mockingbird: CIA Control of Mainstream Media – The Full Story" -

Pic Source: “Operation Mockingbird: CIA Control of Mainstream Media – The Full Story” –

Whether Trump is aware or not, of the corrupt government “machinery” behind the everyday “news,” is not readily apparent. However, rather than exposing the deep dark underbelly of mainstream media, Trump has chosen to take to Twitter and single out the New York Times:

WAR ON MEDIA BEGINS: Trump Needs Every American To Do 1 Thing For Him Right Now – 

Essentially, Donald Trump is asking his following to spread the awareness of a corrupt New York Times; asking his supporters to repeatedly flood social media with the following message:


But, isn’t this Donald Trump appeal, “Mickey Mouse?” Certainly it is, when the Trump campaign could (rather) be exposing why mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times, are so corrupt and wicked? Trump needs to marshal a meaningful and substantive offensive, exposing why mainstream media act the way it does. He needs to tell it like it is! Does he really understand; or, is there some other reason he will not fully expose the government / media corruption? Please note the recent Moralmatters article:

Donald Trump Makes It Clear: He’s Complacent With Government Crimes –

Editor’s Note:

Do not be disappointed should Donald Trump be elected next U.S. President and should he not follow through with his campaign promises. Do not be disappointed if and when he turns out to be a disappointment to your high expectations and aspirations. Do not be disappointed if and when Donald Trump does federal government business the old political correctness way.

This Moralmatters author will vote for Donald Trump. He is hopeful and is praying for the best. But Trump is only one man. one fallible human being.

“Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.” – Psalm 146:3 – KJV

The aka Obama commie cabal are in Thanksgiving mode. They are thanking themselves for doing such a good job of manipulating events in Ferguson Missouri. Not only that, but rejoicing in their mind control of many unsuspecting and gullible Americans.

Mainstream media is not a reflection of reality. It is propaganda designed to engineer cultural change by the ruling elitists. Pic source: Found on the web.

Related informational links:


A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

14 thoughts on “Donald Trump And Operation Mockingbird’s Complete Control Of Media

  1. Douglas says:

    The government has been totally taken over the main stream media. It has cost the taxpayers billions of secret money for the government to infiltrate and purchase the TV, and other news outlets. It has also taken the USA government 60 years of secret behind-the-scenes action to do that.

    A good example is CNN. It is totally controlled by a government owned front company.

    The effect of this is a darkness that is laid on the 330 million Americans a news blackout situation that has destroyed the USA as a free nation.

    Both Benjamin Franklin and President Thomas Jefferson predicted this situation. They foretold that the new country, the USA, could and might eventually be taken over by INTERNAL enemies. That is exactly what has happened.

    Example: There is not one MSM news outlet that has said that Sandy Hook, or Boston Bomb, or Orlando Pulse Bar, etc., etc were all 100% hoaxes. That fact alone should chill- freeze you to the bone.

    Mr. Trump is feeling the horrible deadly sting of Operation Mockingbird. All of this is happening right in front of your face.

    1. Douglas –

      I agree with your bleak assessment. However, do you feel there is any hope of genuine reform? Surely you aren’t convinced that a possible Donald Trump U.S. Presidency could reverse all this? Or, are you convinced? I, for one, have my doubts, as Trump’s RNC speech referenced government contrived and staged violence events, as real. Does he really believe that, or just “playing along” until he hopefully gets elected? and then he initiates prosecution against America’s “crimes against peace” perpetrators……….

      1. Douglas says:

        President Kennedy knew that rogue elements had secretly taken over the CIA. He said he wanted to ”splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces”. Those rogue elements are currently in near total control. Therefore the USA is not a real nation anymore. Those rogues have their ”Kremlin” in Langley, Virginia….the actual seat of power for the now castrated, moribund & defunct USA.

        For anything to change, the USA will have to be brought to a complete standstill and we know what that means. That will require a total collapse of the Federal government and many states as we now think we know them. Many States have also gone rogue. Think…December 26, 7:32 PM… 1991…the collapse of the Soviet Union. That is the probable or conceivable fate of what’s left of the ”USA”.

        Mr. Trump?…who knows what he might or might not do, things are changing every day and week. The situation is much too fluid to predict. I have no idea what’s inside his head.

        1. Douglas –

          Thank you for allowing me to “pick your brain.” I have no qualms with what you assert. All of what you say is based upon past and current history. It’s a sad state of affairs………

  2. Douglas says:

    The CIA budget is $50 billion, or $70 billion a year. No one really knows for sure…its all secret. The US taxpayers are actually paying for their own destruction and do not realize what has happened and is happening to them at this very moment.
    The CIA is supposed to be about ”foreign” intelligence but its mostly about domestic control. Only a few countries have even the slightest interest of the CIA. A billion or two a year could easily cover these countries. The rest is for domestic spying and media control….NDAA propaganda…gun control hoaxes.

    How does one stop the over-reaching of the CIA? That’s a good question. JFK knew about it and that was in the 1960s. It cost him his life and created the situation we have today. A secret coup d’état took place in Dallas on that day in 1963. Here is a definition: a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics….[such as an assassination].

    The current horrific situation created Donald Trump. Here is a non-politician who in his righteous indignation reaches out and appeals to freedom loving Americans that something must be done. Notice the reaction that he gets from the powers-that-be on both sides. Scary, eh?

    Keep the masses drugged, drunk, entertained, scared and you can take away all of their God-given freedoms and rights.

    As our MM editor states, its a sad state of affairs.

  3. Chris Blau says:

    Orchestrated Confusion with the Big 6 media Corporations that control ALL info dispersed to it’s Pill popping – boize guzzling jerry springer kardashian populace!
    Fear Factor Bird Flu Sars Mad Cow !! Etc etc!!! Boo!!! Scare you! LOL!
    add a pinch or two of fake terror scenarios ; boogie man !
    Isis? Isreali secret intellingence Services! LOL!
    And a very ignorant gullible american populace!
    Kinda of an insult? You think?
    Soooo transparent! Soooo obvious!
    Just pathetic!
    This is: T R E A S O N

  4. Dennis says:

    Why is Trump Feeding the Beast?

    1. Dennis –

      Thank you for sending this interesting video. I cannot controvert it. I think it has much merit. especially the aspect of Trump being another crisis actor. I think it ill-advised to not preclude that definite and real possibility. After all, Trump has not run “cross-current” to the mainstream media narratives. He essentially parrots the same story line, agreeing to all the government contrived and staged propaganda / violence events. Maybe he’s putting on an “act” to become elected with the later intention of “cleaning house” should he be elected U.S. President. Regardless, I’m not holding my breath……..

      1. Douglas says:

        Trump is a great salesman….one of the best.

        BUT he seriously might lack ”critical thinking” abilities.
        Just because he is rich on real estate investing does not make him intellectually sharp or even a nice person.

        Time will tell if he ”gets” the big picture. JFK ‘got’ the big picture and it caused his broad daylight murder. It was so secret an event that even the patsy false perp had to be killed immediately….by mobster Ruby on orders from a Chicago mafia chief.

        1. Douglas –

          I suppose that the near sea shore’s undertow is always greater than the best of swimmer……….

  5. Dennis says:

    Is Trump Another Trojan Horse Like Bernie Sanders?

    1. Dennis –

      This video maker puts out some good work and substantiates his assertions. I think his main premise is a good possibility. Even I, as the Moralmatters author has been skeptical of Donald Trump. I’ve indicated those reservations in a couple of Moralmatters articles. the latest one being:

      Donald Trump Makes It Clear: He’s Complacent With Government Crimes

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