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When you aid and abet the enemy, it makes you one of them. When you become a terrorist accomplice, it makes you a terrorist.

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Obama Says Trump Unfit For Office While He Turns America Into ATM Machine For Terrorist Countries

As usual, the White House ID forgery fraud, crimes against peace and crimes against humanity lies with his recent unfounded and unevidenced charge that Donald Trump is unfit for the White House. Pic Source: Found on the web.

As usual, the White House ID forgery fraud, crimes against peace and crimes against humanity, aka Obama, lies with his recent unfounded and unproven charge, that Donald Trump is unfit for the U.S. Presidency. Pic Source: Found on the web.

Directly related to the above:

What’s more important? Trump offending one father or the meltdown of the US economy? –

Pic source:

Mainstream media – especially, CNN, is full of propaganda. It censors news, hides news, makes up news and distorts news. Please note: “Pernicious Mainstream Media” – Pic source:


……….This was a trap. A media WMD — “Weapon of Mass Distraction.” This was a brilliant set-up to distract the voters and to destroy Trump’s momentum. Trump fell for it, and it worked (in the short term).

But what’s truly amazing is the magnitude of the media conspiracy. The mainstream media decides what’s in the news and what makes headlines…

So they decided this the opinions of this one Muslim father were far more important than thousands of parents whose children have been killed by illegal alien criminals because Obama and Hillary left the border wide open.

There’s been a total media blackout about those parents and their opinions

Most remarkably the mainstream media decided this one Muslim father…and Trump’s reaction to him…is far more important than the meltdown of the entire U.S. economy and the destruction of the once great American middle class………. –

Please note: "Operation Mockingbird, CIA, NSA, Media Whores And Hoaxes" - Pic Source:

Please note  the following about corrupt U.S. Government enabling criminal, mainstream media – “Operation Mockingbird, CIA, NSA, Media Whores And Hoaxes” – Pic Source:

CNN SHOW AIRS 200 TIMES MORE TRUMP CONTROVERSIES THAN IRAN – Just 27 seconds of reporting on Obama’s $400 million to ‘state sponsor of terror’ –


…….That’s according to a new report from the Media Research Center, which found CNN’s “New Day” devoted one hour, 24 minutes and 18 seconds to Trump chatter.

But the Wednesday morning newscast spent only 27 seconds reporting on Obama’s staggering sum sent to Iran, a state sponsor of terror……

Also related to the above. Note how treasonous aka Obama has been absolutely wicked toward America:

Perhaps, more Americans will wake up after hearing of aka Obama's decadent public bathroom directive. Perhaps (and prayerfully) they will understand him as an unrepentant vile person intent upon destroying America. Note: "Treasonous Obama Built ISIS: FOIA Documents Disclose Willful Decision" -

Please Note: “Treasonous Obama Built ISIS: FOIA Documents Disclose Willful Decision” – – Pic Source: Found on the web.

Open online letter to aka “president” Obama: Repentance is in order for your wicked, troubled and tortured soul –


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Nathan M. Bickel

  9 Responses to “Obama Unfit For President: He’s A Terrorist Monster”

  1. President Nixon approved of several hundred thousand secret dollars to be given as hush-money to the Watergate Burglars – all US citizens. Remember what happened to Nixon?

    Obama secretly gives $400 million cash to Iran [USA hostages were later released that same day]. Clinton says, so what.

    • Douglas –

      Apparently, you overlook (or forgot) what Clinton does not. Clinton elevates the number “1.”

      (Aka) Barack Hussein Obama is allegedly America’s FIRST Black President.

      Hillary (Satan willing) will be America’s FIRST Female President. That’s a huge “so what.”

      I can’t help but think that some soon impending day, will usher in the hereafter beginning of Hillary’s and Obama’s extended eternal stay in damnation hell. There, their unrepentant priceless souls will be given a # 1 priority by the devil, himself. I think it will be the “treatment” of highest priorities, but not what the two murderous and lying nasties ever expected………..

  2. One of those drunken-goats elected mayor out West would make a more fit POTUS than the NWO demon currently in the White House.

  3. The only remaining question in my mind is whether or not the current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a “home grown” domestic terrorist.

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