Voting Fraud Fix Is In: Moralmatters Reader Comments On Matt Lauer Statement

Voting Fraud Fix Is In: Moralmatters Reader Comments On Matt Lauer Statement

Pic of of mainstream media whore, Matt Lauer. The real news he and others hide. "Now here's something really scary: Matt Lauer dresses up like Paris Hilton to host the "Today" Show in 2004. Maybe he should stick to his usual suit and tie." - Pic source:

Pic of one of mainstream media whores, Matt Lauer. The real news, he and others hide. Pic description: “Now here’s something really scary: Matt Lauer dresses up like Paris Hilton to host the “Today” Show in 2004. Maybe he should stick to his usual suit and tie.” – Pic source:

A Moralmatters Reader offers the following:

Click on the video in the Web link below to hear NBC’s Matt Lauer admitting that political party “conventions are choreographed, they are a series of staged evenings … ” He goes on to discuss the “impact” of the series of staged evenings.

In this video, you see and hear one of NBC’s most well-known “news” personalities telling the world that political campaigns are nothing more than Reality Shows.

BREAKING! Matt Lauer Admits DNC Staged Choreographed Illuminati Psyop –

It is a joke for anyone to imagine that our votes count and actually produce results.

The Control System presents a Reality Show for the public during every election season and during every swear-in ceremony.

Pic source: Let’s Talk About Voter Fraud – Part II (Ohio) -

Pic source: “Let’s Talk About Voter Fraud – Part II (Ohio)” –

We are led to believe that we have input into our government because the media is presenting us with ongoing dialog that supports an expensive and well-orchestrated Reality Show.

The truth is that the “candidates” are selected decades in advance and the results of every “contest” are already set in stone. After you see and hear Matt Lauer, also listen to the video at the Web link pasted in below the story.

The game is fixed and it has always been fixed. Our votes don’t count.

Editor’s note:

Pic Source: "VOTER FRAUD IN OHIO!" -

Pic Source: “VOTER FRAUD IN OHIO!” –

The only way to insure a fair presidential election is to “audit the vote.” No one is declared the “winner” until a legal audit is completed. Please note the informational link below which explains how this is possible.

The only way that Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 Presidential Election, is through massive voter fraud and massive voting process fraud. Expect that to transpire. Unless Donald Trump has set in place a legal mechanism to audit the nationwide vote – and, not concede the election, expect the Benghazi Butcher to complete crimes against humanity, aka Obama’s last 8 years of dismantling patriotic, traditional and Constitutional America.

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Source of featured pic of John Fund book, “Stealing Elections………”

Found on the web.


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Nathan M. Bickel

17 thoughts on “Voting Fraud Fix Is In: Moralmatters Reader Comments On Matt Lauer Statement

  1. Douglas says:

    Many more States want to have voting machines. Its VERY easy to rig elections and change millions of votes with these nefarious electronic machines.

    Just a bit of fiddle and diddle with the back-end controls-result totals and switches and bingo, your candidate wins.
    Plus, there are NO records or evidence of what the fakers have done.

    In 2012 many counties in swing states recorded that Obama got 150% of the votes. Really? How does that happen? Voting marshals noted this discrepancy. So what happened to the suspects….nothing.

    1. Douglas –

      I agree. And, what will change for the better this time around? Sorry. I can’t help but be skeptical.

      I would not be surprised if Hillary wins by voting fraud, default. And, if Trump has nothing in place to protest and audit the vote, then we will certainly know that Trump was picked (and agreed) to take the fall.

  2. Liliane says:

    Is NBC’s Matt Lauer the next Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner?

    1. Liliane –

      I would not doubt.

  3. Chris says:

    Been going on! A long ling time!
    Voting machines!
    Rptten to the Core!

  4. We need to show drivers license. And a code of some kind. And well guarded by a police officer. When you vote!

  5. Tina says:

    I want to trust Trump. But I agree with others here that if he concedes without a fight, he’s been on Hillary’s side all along. And I cannot believe the backlash that some celebrities are getting for being against Hillary! There is no explanation for this! Are they all blind, uneducated or uninformed? It’s sickening! I fear she is going to win. She will rig the voting process even if Trump gets all the votes. What a scary time to be an American.

    1. Tina –

      We will know if Trump is certainly a crisis actor in this whole mix. If he does not have a plan put in place to audit the election results and actually vigorously does so, then we will know that he was picked to be a major player.

      Someone told me a long time ago: “If you let (allow) someone to screw you over, then you are just as bad as the one doing the screwing.”

      Or, look at “it” this way:

      “All Fascists are not of one mind. There are those who give the orders and those who take the orders.”

      – [“Watch on the Rhine” (1943) –]

      1. Tina says:

        Wise words per usual. My husband has a lot of faith in Trump. I hope he’s correct. He sent me a video on YouTube that shows how Trump has been talking about this since he’s a very young man. This sounds superficial I’m sure but why do they constantly make fun of Trump’s appearance when he was a very attractive man in his youth? I realize his hair is ridiculous but they never talk about Hillary’s appearance because that would be labelled “sexist!” But I digress lol.

        1. Tina –

          Thank you.

          As to your your husband’s “lot of faith in Trump,” it wouldn’t hurt (in my opinion) to challenge your husband’s faith [aka, have a healthy discussion]. Ask him how he knows Trump is truly genuine, and not just another crisis actor political candidate:

          Donald Trump Makes It Clear: He’s Complacent With Government Crimes

          1. Douglas says:

            Men of Trump’s lifelong caliber are usually spot-on honest. They could NOT have gotten where they are if they were silly-shilly, wild-man goofballs.

            Yes, we all know that a lot of men are very VAIN about their hair. They cut it off, style it, dye it, wear wigs and all sorts of cosmetic fix-its. [Notice that Obama had DYED his hair black before the 2012 election. Bush has also recently dyed his gray-white hair …brown.] That does NOT mean Mr. Trump is insincere or dishonest just because he ”styles” his hair.

            I have no idea what Trump might do overall but he’s a better bet than Mrs. Clinton.

          2. Douglas –

            I can’t contend (against) your assertions regarding Trump. Because (in my opinion) he is the better choice between him and Hillary, I’ve been treading lightly to offer a fuller opinion on Trump’s nomination candidacy.

          3. Tina says:

            Pastor, my husband is actually a lot more informed than me when it comes to politics and this election in particular. In my opinion it’s the old “lesser of two evils,” but I’m hoping I’m wrong, although I saw something about Soros on Trump’s payroll as an advisor. I have not yet read your link above. I’ve had a a good deal of oral surgery the past two weeks and have been soothing myself with mindless entertainment since then.

          4. Tina –

            Take a break from the serious. Especially with oral surgery. If you want to torture yourself with entertainment at this time, watch the Network program on preparing meals, called: “Chopped.” It’s a great diversion from the political!

            And, yes, it has always been a choice (in voting) between a shit sandwich and a crap sandwich……….

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