Orlando False Reality Shooting Massacre: Cop Laughs At Brain Dead

Orlando False Reality Shooting Massacre: Cop Laughs At Brain Dead

Please share a moment of silence for millions of Americans who are addicted to mainstream media propaganda and who can't unglue their fat asses from their big-screen easy chairs. Please take a moment of silence for them. Pic Source: Found on the web.

Please share a moment of silence for millions of Americans who are addicted to mainstream media propaganda and whose asses are glued to their big-screen easy chairs. Experience a moment of silence for them. Pic Source: Found on the web.

Our crimes against peace and crimes against humanity, criminal ID forgery fraud, aka Obama has been given a bad rap. For the duration of his usurping presidency he’s been severely criticized for putting scores of American’s out of work. That reality is widespread and genuine.

However, there’s a flip side to criminal Obama’s poor record on [un]employment. He isn’t given credit for spawning a large industry of crisis actors. Those actors include men and woman from the street (or gutter), mainstream media whore personalities and scores of dishonest law enforcement personalities.

The following 2 minute Peekay Truth video highlights a law enforcement character.  He’s not like most crisis actor law enforcement officers, presiding over another false reality event. Instead, he comes with a (“duping delight”) grin, smile and a wink. He’s happy and lets the viewing audience know it. He heartily laughs (and mocks) because he knows the Orlando (so-called) “shooting massacre” was produced for the brain dead.

Top Orlando Cop Treats Shooting as a Joke (HAHAHAHA, WINK WINK) – youtube.com/watch?v=0KW1Ooao-gc

Source of the above short video: Peekay Truth – youtube.com/channel/UCuQiFhLJ3sJsf3SjJk1cWtw/videos

Other Peekay Truth videos on the Orlando false reality shooting: youtube.com/channel/UCuQiFhLJ3sJsf3SjJk1cWtw/videos

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Those of the public who rely on mainstream media whoredom news to keep (genuinely) informed always bark up the wrong tree. The honest and thinking will access independent websites such as FOTM and Moralmatters which target deceit and misinformation. Pic Source: Found on the web.

Those of the brain dead public who rely on mainstream media whoredom news to keep (genuinely) informed always bark up the wrong tree. Is there any hope for them? However, honest and thinking people will access independent websites such as FOTM and Moralmatters which target and expose deceit and misinformation. Pic Source: Found on the web.

The perpetrators of false reality events prey upon the emotions of their anticipated impressionable and gullible public audience. That is one of the many reasons the mainstream media whore news shows photo-op pics of people mourning and holding candlelight vigils. - Pic Source: Found on the web.

The perpetrators of false reality events prey upon the emotions of their anticipated impressionable and gullible public audience. That is one of the many reasons the mainstream media whore news show photo-op pics of people mourning and holding candlelight vigils. – Pic Source: Found on the web.


People (aka, "sheeple") are like a heard of sheep. They blindly follow whomever attracts their attention. Wise, honest and intelligent people will always question, examine and evaluate what propaganda mainstream media proliferates. Pic source: Found on the web.

People (aka, “sheeple”) are like a herd of sheep. They blindly follow whatever attracts their attention. Wise, honest and intelligent people will always question, examine and evaluate what propaganda mainstream media proliferates. Pic source: Found on the web.

Also related to the above:


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



33 thoughts on “Orlando False Reality Shooting Massacre: Cop Laughs At Brain Dead

  1. Douglas says:

    Concerning the fake THREE HOUR siege of that Orlando club. Its well known in Swat training that the absolute easiest way to gain access to that type of one-story building is to go right through the roof. It can be done in five minutes or less. Instead we see five holes in the cement block wall. Laughable.
    Of course there are no time-date photos to back up the siege and no CC videos of anything.

    1. Douglas –

      What you point out about “no time-date photos” is another “connect the dots” evidence of an obvious false reality. Someone else pointed out the lack of personal video from inhabitants inside the club.

      1. Douglas says:

        Here is a brand new video today. All of the obituaries are coming up ”hollow”. That means that no real obit has been published. Its speculated that many of the 49 ”dead” have fled back to Puerto Rico. Each probably carried a fresh $100,000 or more, check.

        Pulse Massacre “Victims” – No Obituaries for ANY Of Them

        1. Douglas –

          Thank you for the informational link!

          Would you keep “tabs” on this obituary aspect?

          I did see that one mainstream article with media whore Anderson Cooper and the Facebook pic of the supposed 49 deceased victims. My first impression was that most of them looked like foreigners (aka, non-national “American” citizens). I suppose that some of the crisis actors had long rap sheets and were thus given a choice to be a crisis actor in exchange for impending charges being dropped.

          1. Douglas says:

            Anderson Cooper spent his college summertime being an intern at the CIA Hq in Virginia.

            Yes, I will keep on this aspect. It appears that many if not most of these Crisis Actors are from Puerto Rico.

            Meet crisis actor Patience…here she is playing her part as a ”wounded’ club girl. She totally relies on a script that she reads.

            Meet “Patience Carter” – FOX News CRISIS ACTOR for the Pulse “Massacre”

          2. Douglas –

            Thank you.

            One thing I’m sure of: These low-life crisis actors (including Anderson Cooper) won’t be “acting” where they are headed. Barring repentance on their part, every second of their hereafter existence in damnation perdition, will be genuinely felt.

            Liars go to hell

          3. Douglas says:

            Orlando Hoax / False Flag – “Shooter in Hospital” and Donations Pages – Published on Jun 16, 2016 – The Paulstal Service:

            Looking into the Orlando Hoax – How the Fire/Ambulances were kept away from the scene, as unmarked police trucks picked people up and allegedly brought them to ORMC. Amazingly, there were false reports that the gunman was inside the hospital, which caused a lockdown, and had people “turning away victims”.. interestingly though, these “victims” were not taken to other hospitals immediately during this lockdown- Odds are, this is when they were in fact brought into the hospital and put into beds to later be discovered when the staff returns to be part of the “20+ people” who would play the roles of the injured.

            Of course, the scene where crisis actors are carrying away a person with an alleged gunshot wound to the leg, then set him down and start congratulating themselves is damaging to the official fairy tale, the very quick creation of t-shirts and donation pages, which have now brought in millions are also fishy.

            The testimony by a man who supposedly lives nearby that people were running away from the club, then turned around and came back would be an indication that crisis actors were being “Recycled” like they were during Sandy Hook walking around the firehouse.. This limits the number of total people involved.

            The testimony given by “the victims” also seems staged, and not believable, and the mandatory eye rubbing (instead of wiping tears from below the eyes) is seen again.

            Keeping the real police fire and EMTs a block away created a hoax “Safety zone” where recycling of crisis actors and general nonsense could take place, with only a few “Safe” camera angles. Even these safe camera shots were screwed up, as the camera was left rolling too long in the now infamous “screw up” shot where the crisis actor is seen standing on his allegedly shot leg, and his friends are seen playfully shoving each other and congratulating themselves, now, apparently, unconcerned about further moving their injured friend or carrying him as they have reached the supposed “finish line” where they can set people down.


          4. Douglas –

            As people of honest sense examine this latest false reality “creation,” the more it can be picked apart, detail by detail. because it was obviously contrived and then played out by crisis actors. It’s all theater. all for gullible world-wide audiences who care to only be spoon fed what they think is reality. Sad, indeed! Wouldn’t you like a front seat at some military trial of some of these national and local propaganda media whores where they would have to defend the indefensible without corrupt government giving them a pass?

          5. Douglas says:

            According to the NDAA, these hoaxes are now legal.



            This bill appears to not only open the door to legalization of the dissemination of propaganda in America, but would also legalize covert infiltration of media organizations by government agents and even the creation of media outlets that legally operate entirely as government fronts.

            Read more at http://www.maxkeiser.com/2013/06/first-time-since-1948-propaganda-is-now-legal-in-the-u-s/#p6frV1kktcG6ODyP.99

          6. Douglas –

            Thank you for the 2 informational links. I was familiar with the 2nd one (you twice mentioned). The first, I intend to add (update) to my past Moralmatters commentary of Dec. 3, 2015:

            San Bernardino And Other False Reality Events: Legalized By Immoral Bastard U.S. Legislation

            Regarding making hoaxes (aka, false realities) legal by law:

            That action still does not make criminal (evil / wicked) actions morally right. Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich fashioned many immoral laws; some of which ended up gassing to death millions of people. Some of those responsible for implementing those unjust (ungodly) laws were (temporally) tried at the Nuremberg Trials and severely punished. They were tried and found guilty not only for crimes against humanity, but crimes against peace:

            Crimes against Peace

            What are crimes against peace?

            The Nuremberg Trials: What were the Crimes?

            I’ll add what the Divine Revelation [Lord God Almighty (maker of heaven and earth)] says about unjust laws:

            “Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?” – Psalm 94:20 – KJV

            Certainly, Creator God frowns on unjust laws. He does not countenance them no matter who makes them. These temporal edicts fashioned by wicked earthly rulers are simply and plainly wicked and unholy. Those world leaders will have to answer some day at Lord God’s holy justice Court. Barring repentance on their part these unjust leaders who fashioned unjust laws and who tormented millions in this world, will be forever punished in hell’s tormenting eternal damnation flames. They will, “get theirs!”

            The Eternal Relief Of The Righteous — Psalm 9:5-17


            …….“The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.” (Psalm 9:17)…….


  2. Douglas says:

    Green screen fraud at Orlando. This woman is allegedly the mother of one of the ”dead” club boys.

    Greenscreen Fakery

    1. Douglas –

      Thank you for this excellent video. It’s a prime example of one of the major methods of media deceit.

      For the benefit of this ever increasing Moralmatters audience, could you explain the basics of “green screen?”

      As I understand “it” (green screen) interviews are feigned to take place at a natural location. However, (instead) they are carefully scripted interviews within a “green screen” media studio. Then, once the interview has taken place, the background scene is then introduced to fool the gullible sheeple audiences that the interview was spontaneous and on the location or close vicinity of the false reality victims, involved.

      Please elaborate. And, tell me (also) if I have a basic understanding of “green screen.”

      1. Carole says:

        The Russianvids video (Greenscreen Fakery) exposes the Orlando Nightclub story as a hoax and it exposes the mainstream media as being 100% a propaganda arm of the government planners.

        1. Douglas says:

          Carole and friends: If you google ”Operation Mockingbird” you will know what has completely taken over the US government.

          The United States no longer is a free nation with a free press.

        2. Douglas says:

          More new information on how the hoax was enacted:

          That’s because they were just recycling a limited number of crisis actors.. just like “walking around the Sandy Hook firehouse” to increase the appearance of people, when in fact the club appears to have been semi closed/just for friends of the owner mostly.

          Apparently, drinks were 11 dollars a pop, people who weren’t friends of the owner’s son were scared away in general.. that would limit “unfriendlies” in general.. Then, make sure everyone is out by the 2AM closing time, and start the fake “shooting” shortly after that- Shouldn’t everybody be out of this bar by 2AM? That is the legal closing time, so what are people still doing in the bar? All it would take is closing at the regular 2AM time (or a bit earlier) then, just kept a select few around, and those were the crisis actors who got recycled.

  3. Carole says:


    1. Carole –

      Thank you for the not surprising video. Once a foundation of lies are laid, the whole structure’s materials are also lies. Crumbling is the only fate.

      I will say that “the powers that be” lies are catching up with them. How will they ever produce evidence at possible future Military trials before they are eventually sentenced and executed for their crimes against peace and crimes against humanity?

      1. Carole says:

        With all due respect, there never be “military trials” or any legal consequences for the government planners and their legions of actors who carry out their evil missions.

        There will be a Judgment, however, and that is the same Judgment we all will face some day.

        All of life’s inequities will be resolved by the One Righteous Judge and Ruler on the Day of Jesus Christ.

        These planners and the ilk who fund their operations are trying to play “god.” They believe in their plan to decimate the population and create a completely different type of world that is populated by non-human beings.

        But they are not gods of any description, They are merely mortals with just enough scientific knowledge and just enough money to try all of their schemes.

        But no matter what happens, they will not win in the long run. They will never realize their long term goal to create “the perfect world” because the Power of Creation belongs to the LORD.

        That’s all we need to know.

        1. Carole –

          I fully agree with you. The ones brought to temporal justice are as likely as to be, as one finding hen’s teeth. There are (though) isolated examples, such as the one elderly Nazi guard who was recently found guilty. And, even he is not likely to experience severe punishment.

          However (as you say) there is a day of judgement for these wicked people which will be commenced by the Eternal Judge.

  4. Carole says:

    The Dude Drops Orlando Shooting Hoax Truth Bomb LIVE on TV!!!

    1. Carole –

      Excellent summation of these false realities perpetrated by corrupt government. This “Chris Dorsey” knows what he’s talking about. I thought that the non-reaction (and let’s move on) by the media personality interviewing him, was telling!

      1. Carole says:

        Having watched this video for a second time, it appears that the “Chris Dorsey” personality was put in play as an actor who was made to look like a “crazy conspiracy theorist.” That is the his reason that the interviewer basically blew past all the true statements “Dorsey” made.

        This is the way the government planners address all of the “event skeptics” who see the obvious flaws in the official narrative of these stories. The government planners publish a fake video “interview” showing a guy who is telling the truth and is made to look like a buffoon so that the believing public will laugh at what he says and go back to sleep.

        What I am saying is that this “Chris Dorsey” interview is most likely a psychological operation to make all event skeptics appear to be as insensitive and as off-base as this “Dorsey” person sounds in this video.

        1. Douglas says:


          Angel Candelario Padro, 28

          One of the so-called victims. Did you ever see a better looking ”dead” man?
          This man is not dead.

          1. Douglas –

            Being an emeritus Christians pastor and now hospice and chaplain volunteer, I agree. I’ve seen my share of deceased.

            Your pic of alleged “Angel Candelario Padro,” 28 reminds me of the past Moralmatters commentary of:

            San Bernardino Fake Funerals And False Reality Stiffs

  5. Robert says:

    Questionable Gun Poll Reveals Majority of Americans Favor Strickter Gun Laws

  6. Douglas says:

    YouTube is now deleting accounts that report the Orlando event was a hoax.

    “How I See It”, which has been around for years, was deleted this morning. He had some of the
    best videos examining the hoax. If they’re linked on this site, you won’t be seeing
    them anymore.

    When there are mass deletions by YT, you know you’re right over the target.

    1. Douglas –

      Yes. Definite evidence that the “powers that be” are attempting to cover their “guilty as hell,” tracks!

  7. Robert says:

    I CALL Orlando Shooting Victim Angel Colon @ Regional Hospital

    1. Robert –

      Thank you for the very telling video!

      Crisis actors and enabling (assistant criminal media) have a difficult time being consistent with their lies.

    2. Tina says:

      Robert, what is your YouTube channel? I can’t make it out on my phone and my laptop is broken. Excellent video.

  8. Robert says:

    I CALL News 13 Florida, Where FAKE Orlando Nightclub “Killer” Called

    1. Robert –

      Thank you for the excellent video!

      The pervs are again caught with their pants down……..

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