Orlando False Reality Shooting: Media Fairy Tale Meant To Traumatize And Enslave

Orlando False Reality Shooting: Media Fairy Tale Meant To Traumatize And Enslave

The following commentary is offered by a Moralmatters Reader:

Pic Source: "AR15 and Recoil – Gun Talk" - yellowtennessee.com/2013/ar15-and-recoil-gun-talk/

Pic Source: “AR15 and Recoil – Gun Talk” – yellowtennessee.com/2013/ar15-and-recoil-gun-talk/

The photo shows a woman with a .223 caliber AR-type rifle.

NO ONE could have entered a busy nightclub on a Saturday night carrying something this large, along with a handgun and enough ammo to carry out a siege for three hours.

Nightclubs have been screening people on a one-by-one basis for decades. As you pass through the ID screening, there are usually muscle-bound male “bouncers” standing next to the screeners.

For the past 15 years, we all have been subjected to purse, backpack, luggage, shoes, and computer searches, as well as pat-downs, at all the airports.

For the past three years, we all have been subjected to purse and backpack searches, sometimes even pat-downs, at stadiums and sports venues.

For the past year, some churches have been searching purses and backpacks, sometimes even patting-down congregants, before they can enter their houses of worship.

JUST THE NIGHT BEFORE THE PULSE NIGHTCLUB EVENT IN ORLANDO, FL, there was a shooting at a concert venue in the same city Orlando, FL (the singing star of the concert was allegedly shot in cold blood).

Millions upon millions of adults never outgrow their love for fairy tales. Their asses become glued to their big screen easy chairs as they robotically press their remotes in search for Network cable TV mainstream media tales. - Pic Source: pinterest.com/pin/120752833733607251/

Millions upon millions of adults never outgrow their love for fairy tales. Their asses become glued to their big screen easy chairs. In robotic fashion, they incessantly finger their TV remotes in search of Network cable mainstream media tales. – Note: “Pernicious Mainstream Media” – moralmatters.org – Pic Source: pinterest.com/pin/120752833733607251/

Let’s use our critical thinking skills for a moment.

Logic tells us that any venue in a hot town where a shooting just occurred would have extra security measures in place ON THE NIGHT AFTER a cold-blooded murder took place in their city.

All of the above tells us that NO REAL SHOOTING took place at the Gay Nightclub. If you look at the film clips in the news stories, and you see the so-called testimonies of the actors used to play “survivors.” you see that the story is a fairy tale.

Now we see that this event is being highly politicized and that the gay persecution angle is being over-emphasized, along with gun control. We have already had two press conferences from the POTUS regarding this story, so the story will continue to spin out control.

The Control System is going to use this story to tear our heart strings so that all of us will learn to worship the LGBT and cry out for gun control, and also to demand special laws to protect these poor gay people. Suddenly, LGBT are a persecuted group on par with the Jews who were thrown in the camps to die in Nazi Germany.

Do you see the deception going on here?

AGAIN: No man would have been allowed to enter any venue carrying as much equipment and ammo as this so-called assailant reportedly had – unless, of course, the security personnel stood down and just let him pass through without screening him.

Pic source: Found on the web.

One of the major telltale signs of a government contrived false reality (aka, false flag, hoax, psyop) is immediate aftermath involvement by those who are behind it. like an arsonist showing up at the scene of the crime. Yet, Americans still believe the crimes against peace and crimes against humanity, ID forgery fraud, aka Obama. Worse yet, they believe his “controlled right” talk show host, goons parrot every false reality event that comes down the pike. Pic source: Found on the web.

Don’t be fooled by this story. It is 100% staged and all the details have been fabricated to make LGBT a sympathetic group and also to galvanize everyone to “stand together” to stop these fake shootings.

These fake shootings are being advertised as “tragedies caused by gun violence.” But no one has been killed, no one has been hurt. You and I have been made to believe the story, but the story is 100% false.

The news media is nothing but an entertainment and propaganda business. The news media has presented this fairy tale to traumatize the nation and the world. With enough of these fake tragedies, the majority of the world’s population will submit to all the draconian mandates of the governments.



Editor’s Note # 1:

9:02 PM – 6/14/2016 –“This” just in from a Moralmatters Reader. His comment submitted to a prior commentary about the Orlando false reality “shooting:”

“Why is it we don’t have video pictures of the alleged assailant entering the Pulse Nightclub? The club had surveillance. The so-called shooter had to be carrying a large bag of ammo and magazines, plus the Sig Sauer MCX rifle and a Glock 17. Also, no video of this guy in the area at all. This was a crowded area with video cameras everywhere.

Pic source: Found on the web.

Pic source: Found on the web.

Why isn’t anyone asking these questions and demanding to see surveillance video that proves this assailant somehow got by the screeners at the door of the club while he was carrying all that weaponry and ammo?

Now president Obama officially said today in a press conference he wants to reinstate the assault weapons ban nationwide.” – “Orlando Florida Gay Nightclub False Reality Shooting” – moralmatters.org

Editor’s Note # 2 – 9:19 PM – 6/14/2016:

It appears as if the world “powers that be” can’t even wait for the fake bodies of Orlando to be buried. [The “agenda” is clear and obvious as to these false reality contrived events]:

“World Government:United Nations calls for gun confiscation policies in the U.S. (Jun 14, 2016)” – youtube.com/watch?v=m3PDBhtVbl8&feature=youtu.be

Related to the above:

The perpetrators of false reality events prey upon the emotions of their anticipated impressionable and gullible public audience. That is one of the many reasons the mainstream media whore news shows photo-op pics of people mourning and holding candlelight vigils. - Pic Source: Found on the web.

The perpetrators of false reality events prey upon the emotions of their anticipated impressionable and gullible public audience. That is one of the many reasons the mainstream media whore news show photo-op pics of people mourning and holding candlelight vigils. – Pic Source: Found on the web.

Nurses, first responders undergo mock active shooter test in Orlando – wesh.com


Friday’s active shooter drill at the Emergency Nursing 2015 Conference brought together a range of volunteers — from student first responders to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and fire department to real-life amputees.

“Unfortunately, because of recent events and changes over the past few years, we’ve had to step up the game and include some of the training that we don’t usually train for, like the active shooter on scene,” said Miguel Delgado, of the First Response Training Group.

Nurses attending to mock patients knew they were in for a drill, but they had no idea it would be a mass casualty/active shooter test. – http://www.wesh.com/news/nurses-first-responders-undergo-mock-active-shooter-test-in-orlando/35618656


People (aka, "sheeple") are like a heard of sheep. They blindly follow whomever attracts their attention. Wise, honest and intelligent people will always question, examine and evaluate what propaganda mainstream media proliferates. Pic source: Found on the web.

People (aka, “sheeple”) are like a herd of sheep. They blindly follow whatever attracts their attention. Wise, honest and intelligent people will always question, examine and evaluate what propaganda mainstream media proliferates. Pic source: Found on the web.

Also related to the above:


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



24 thoughts on “Orlando False Reality Shooting: Media Fairy Tale Meant To Traumatize And Enslave

  1. Douglas says:

    I continue to see major flaws in this scenario. The perps came up with the group photo of the 49 ”victims” WAY too fast. This was complete with detailed bios. You just cannot gather that much info that fast…plus 49 near perfect photos of the ”victims”. Someone had to have written this out in advance as part of a script. Just try and select 49 total strangers, get their names and collect perfect photos of each person. I don’t believe its possible to accomplish in two days.

    We see not even one photos of the ”crime” scene. Not one…..just a lot of talk and internet messages that sound trite and unbelievable.

    Again, there are hospital press shows that are not convincing. They showcase the ”patient” who is not even in a hospital gown as required of real patients in a hospital.

    There are several sneaky photos of wrapped bodies at a morgue. Who and how were those taken? They looked staged for the camera.

    There are several aerial photos of trauma techs outside the club with their one white van. It looks like a lot of people standing around doing nothing. Not convincing at all….just badly staged.

    Omar probably is gay and is a part of the hoax. His ex-wife in Brazil is making statements. At least she is safely at a great distance.

    At this point I agree with MM…..this still appears to be a total hoax. Like another Reply said…where are the CC videos? Where?

    1. Douglas –

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you.

      Only a wacky conspiracy theorist would accept hook, line and sinker what the mainstream media news has alleged (reported) about this whole Orlando (so-called) “shooting” event.

  2. Larry T says:

    If there really were 49 deaths in that nightclub, then we should expect to hear about 49 lawsuits against the Pulse Nightclub for gross negligence because its security and ID screening personnel somehow overlooked a young, military-age, Arab man who was toting an assault rifle and other paraphernalia.

    We would never – ever – hear the end of the grief if that many people got killed in one place.

    Real deaths mean really angry people who want real justice, and we almost never see angry family members suing any one after their “loved ones” get killed in a government-sponsored drill.

    The only lawsuit we have heard about related to these false shooting stories is the families of Sandy Hook who are reportedly suing the gun manufacturer – not the school system that failed to keep the kids safe.

    The government planners cannot afford to have hundreds of family members of its victims screaming and crying in the media for years.

    That’s why these events are staged and faked: to save the government from the grief of having to cope with the families of the dead people.

    The government planner tear at your heart strings by showing you the victims and telling their life stories, but then there are no repercussions against anyone for the deaths of these people who have been killed in “senseless shootings.”

    1. Larry –

      Excellent comments! I think you are spot-on in your assessment why no real deaths rarely occur. You said it! “Lawsuits!!!”

      But be that as it may, I would offer to you another reason why these families of 49 don’t or won’t bring lawsuit. Could it be that they are part of the crisis acting production “crew?” Why bring lawsuits when taxpayer monies are already being funneled their way? And then one has to logically assume that they signed agreements to play in crisis acting roles and to keep their mouths shut.

      1. Larry T says:

        Exactly my point, Pastor Bickel, and thank you for articulating it so well.

  3. Carole says:

    Top Orlando Cop Treats Shooting as a Joke (HAHAHAHA, WINK WINK)

    1. Carole –

      One of the things I find significant is that media whore crisis actor, ABC’S George Stephanopoulos introduces the false reality enabling (corrupt) law enforcement photo-op, interview. It’s the same low-life scum, Stephanopulous, who covered (lied) for criminal aka Obama during the very unusual instance when the criminal ID forgery fraud told the truth – admitted to not being a Christian, but a Muslim – “my Muslim faith.” Yet, sadly too many people still give credence to media crisis actor whores; foremost among them, criminal aka Obama and ABC’S George Stephanopoulos.

      Obama: “My Muslim Faith”

  4. Chris says:

    Politicians and media work hand in hand to divert and sway –
    Thats what they do!
    That’s ALL they do!
    Americans are medicated drugged and drunk fools thinking Tv facebook and american idol is ” real”
    No wonder ? Geez?
    Sheeple –
    Sad but true


    1. Chris –

      Thank you for visiting Moralmatters and for your apt (reality) comment. You have a lot of good material on your blog!


      One of the best pieces of advice one can give: Shut the big screen off and begin thinking!

      1. Douglas says:

        I haven’t watched any TV news in almost 15 years. We do occasionally watch TV news if there’s some natural disaster…flood, tsunami or fire, but that’s it.

        Of course some of the best old TV news was when Sen. Obama told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that his religion is Muslim…. priceless.

        1. Douglas –

          And, I consider you one of the most informed. What does that has to say about TV News? Go figure…….

  5. Jeff says:

    There’s A Hole In The Wall & A Hole In The Story

    1. Jeff –

      Thank you for these additional informational links exposing this Orlando false reality. Should I have the time, I intend to round up all these links and place them all on a Moralmatters topic resource page for ready access along with the commentaries which I have authored.

  6. Jeff says:

    The Fake Wounded of the Orlando Homosexual Bar Shooting Hoax

  7. Jeff says:

    Blasphemous Shills are in Full Display

  8. Paul says:

    Pulse Nightclub Shooting Circus Of Stories & Lies By Traitors

    1. Paul –

      Thanks for the video.

      This YOUTUBE Truther does a good job pointing out how a person would have to be the worst possible conspiracy theorist to believe the official mainstream media whoredom propaganda.

      1. Paul says:

        Pastor Bickel: it is a tragedy that people refuse to examine the facts so as to see all of the glaring inconsistencies in the Orlando Fairy Tale.

        Thank you for your faithfulness to continue to report on this story and the other horrific propaganda stories the mainstream media is using to scare us and to take our rights away.

        Moral Matters continues to focus on the deception that is leading us into tyranny. It is one of the only Websites where we can come to find the truth about many of these over-the-top stories regarding false reality events.

        1. Paul –

          Thank you for the kind words. I can’t disagree one iota with you. It gets lonely at times. But thank Almighty God that readers such as you are reached and genuinely understand what is at stake!

          Not only can Moralmatters Readers such as you correctly discern truth from falsehood, but you can readily recognize these false reality propaganda events. Please spread the word about these falsehood events. Please direct people you know to Moralmatters! Thank you!

          By the way, it so happens that I am in the process of authoring a commentary to illustrate how these government contrived false reality events are despicable “crimes against peace.” I hope and pray that this upcoming commentary will be one of those defining Moralmatters articles!

          1. Paul says:

            Pastor Bickel: These traumatizing false reality stories are crimes against peace and, ultimately, crimes against humanity.

            There are many people who suffer grief, fear, and mental illness requiring medication because they believe these staged horror stories.

            There are men who were once pro-Constitution and staunch supporters of the Second Amendment. These men have been traumatized by these non-stop fake stories about “gun violence.” Many of them are now ready to turn their weapons into the authorities because they don’t want to be “part of the problem” of proliferating gun violence. They have been made to feel guilty and responsible for the debilitating trauma these stories have caused to countless thousands of people.

            These false reality stories, with their improbable story lines, are ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who no longer feel safe.

          2. Paul –

            Thank you for your spot-on comment! What you reference is part of the diabolical “fallout” of crimes against peace, false reality events.

          3. Douglas says:

            The horrific truth is that there is a huge faction of elected representatives in Washington DC whose goal is the total destruction of the USA. These are America haters and they’ve been at it for over 60 years.

            Call ’em what you want, neo-nazis, crypto-fascist or closet commies, they’re all cut from the same diabolical black and bloody cloth.

            These scum have taken over the MSM and by that, there is no longer a free and feared press. Congress used to fear the press. Today they control the MSM and have nothing to fear.

            Unless things can change…the USA is finished as a free nation.

          4. Douglas –

            Excellent summation, albeit how depressing.

          5. Douglas –

            Spot-on comment; albeit how depressing.

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