Obama’s Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Photo-Op: He Remains A Devil

He never changes. He always uses every opportunity. The White House criminal ID forgery fraud manipulates mainstream media to make himself (out) to be, what he is not.

Pic source: Found on the web.

Pic source: Found on the web.

Aka Obama cravenly desires the public to believe that he is a compassionate person. He knows that he is not. He knows that he is a world-wide terrorist. He understands that he is de facto commander-in-chief of ISIS. He knows that he is a devil, doing his father’s bidding.

He knows what he started when he initiated his Arab Spring. He knows what he did to Libya; its country’s leader and the devastation he brought to Libya’s people and its nation’s infrastructure. Aka Obama also knows that his satanic life and deeds will end and he will pass from this temporal life into a hereafter existence where his priceless soul will forever be tormented in damnation hell. His priceless soul will join those tyrants who came before him. Such a pathetic state of existence his time spent here on earth will have been.

Please note how one of Satan’s principal deceivers attempts to make himself to care for humanity. Do you really think he is drinking from Flint, Michigan’s water supply? a tormented and paranoid man (who like his grandfather Adolf) has his food and drink specially guarded and tasted (beforehand). And, even if aka Obama did drink some Flint, MI water; how many times was that water boiled and then mixed with a water purification tablet?

Also note how the White House crisis actor coughed “several times during his remarks,” and how he “asked for and drank a glass of water.” How contrived! How fake!

 Pic of America's top criminal crisis actor, White House ID forgery fraud, world-wide crimes against humanity terrorist and ISIS de facto commander-in-chief, aka Obama. Pic Source: "Obama drinks filtered city water in Flint to show it's safe" - foxnews.com/politics/2016/05/04/obama-drinks-filtered-city-water-in-flint-to-show-its-safe.html

Pic of America’s top criminal crisis actor, White House ID forgery fraud, world-wide crimes against humanity terrorist and ISIS de facto commander-in-chief, aka Obama. Pic Source: “Obama drinks filtered city water in Flint to show it’s safe” – foxnews.com/politics/2016/05/04/obama-drinks-filtered-city-water-in-flint-to-show-its-safe.html

Look at the pic of him drinking the supposed Flint, MI water. He’s miserable. He knows that he is a phony. He knows that he is playing another deceiving crisis acting role. Is he becoming wearied of being such a big-shot hypocrite? One thing sure (barring repentance on his part); his future perdition status will be anything but acting. His eternal existence will be one of genuine pain, sorrow and untold anguish. How sad and pathetic for one who had such gifted potential……………

Obama drinks filtered city water in Flint to show it’s safe – foxnews.com


FLINT, Mich. – Sipping filtered city water to show it’s again drinkable, President Barack Obama promised Wednesday to ride herd on leaders at all levels of government until every drop of water flowing into homes in Flint, Michigan, is safe to use…………….

…………..After coughing several times during his remarks, Obama asked for and drank from a glass of water. He also drank city water after getting a lengthy briefing on the crisis, which forced residents to spend months drinking, cooking and bathing with bottled water……………… —


Above pic of top global terrorist, US criminal ID fraud, aka Obama. Please note the multiple protesting pics by scrolling down. See how aka Obama is not welcome by many Malaysians during his week's visit, there. - Pic attribution: "Protest" - "Protest against US President Barack Obama's Malaysia visit" - http://www.demotix.com/hub/politics/demonstration/protest?view=larger

Above pic of top world-wide terrorist, U.S. criminal ID forgery fraud, aka Obama. Please note the multiple protesting pics by scrolling down. See how aka Obama is not welcome by many Malaysians during his week’s visit, there. – Pic attribution: “Protest” –
“Protest against US President Barack Obama’s Malaysia visit” – http://www.demotix.com/hub/politics/demonstration/protest?view=larger

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



Source of featured pic:

Pic Source: Found on the web.

9 thoughts on “Obama’s Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Photo-Op: He Remains A Devil

  1. Ken says:

    The contaminated water crisis in Flint, MI started two years ago (2014). The President of the United States should have addressed this terrible scourge as soon as it was exposed. Any kind of crisis where the water supply has been contaminated should be the highest priority of the State’s Governor, and that Governor should be working in concert with the President of the United States to get the situation resolved within days or weeks.

    It’s been two years of hell for the people of Flint. MI. Government officials have been playing politics and pointing fingers rather than to address the situation in a timely manner. They have treated this story like a political conundrum rather than a serious health crisis that should have addressed immediately.

    This story that the POTUS visited Flint, MI for a photo op is nothing more than a public relations stunt.

    1. Ken –

      Yes. I agree. A “public relations stunt.”

      Politicians are the group of people who desire to control and manipulate. But when their job is to address security issues in a timely manner, they are nowhere to be found.

      1. Ken says:

        How many citizens of Flint, MI “voted” for aka Obama and continue to look up to him as their hero, overlooking his unconscionable disdain for them during this crisis?

        1. Ken –

          Sadly and pathetically, I think that most of Flint’s populace voted for Obama. That’s because Flint, MI is primarily black. And, observant people who think, question, examine and evaluate, know how blacks always and mostly vote for the Democrat candidate for U.S. President, whose political party endorses and sanctions depopulation of America’s populace (aka, abortion and economic genocide, etc.).

          Isn’t that (same old) voting approval action by blacks, similar to self-annihilation? Hence I can only conclude that (for the most part) blacks only vote according to their emotions. Emotions which are driven by a huge element of racism. I know that last sentence (on the surface) is politically incorrect; because only whites are racist……….ha…..ha……..

          1. Ken says:

            I agree with your thoughts on this matter, Pastor Bickel. One of my best friends is a 70 Y-O Black man. About two weeks after the coronation of aka Obama, this friend told me that the aka O phenomenon was the “the biggest bamboozlement” of his people, bigger, even, than the 1960s myth of the Great Society.

            I was somewhat surprised to hear that from a Black man of his generation, but then, this man understands how the System has used and abused Black people for centuries. My friend was able to see through the idolatry surrounding the fraud we call aka Obama. The surprise (for me) was that my friend was able to articulate this so soon after the pretender ascended the throne.

            To this day, my 70 Y-O friend is embarrassed that people think about Black people as being stupid and gullible because so many of them fell for the fairy tale that aka O is the so-called “leader of the free world.”

            I’m sure the people of Flint. MI looked upon the visit of aka O with starry eyes, flushed with the notion that such a great one would come to their little town.

            But those innocent people ignore the reality that the “leader of the free world” was too busy taking selfies and indulging himself and his family in lavish vacations to be bothered with the life and death circumstances in Flint, MI.

            The idolatry surrounding aka O is both sinful and disgraceful. All throughout history, we have seen so-called leaders who have been raised up as false messiahs who were sent to save the people from the ravages they have experienced in a fallen world.

            This phenomenon tells us that every man and woman is born with a God-shaped void in his or her life. Until the people repent and come into a relationship with the LORD, their suffering will continue.

            Contrary to the false praises we have heard from the mainstream media and other sources, aka Obama did not come to serve anyone except his puppet masters.

          2. Ken –


  2. Robert says:

    Flint Water Crisis; Corruption Coverups & Murder

  3. Bill C says:

    Maybe Obama was thinking that he would be “cured” of his homosexuality by drinking the contaminated water of Flint, MI.

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