National Enquirer-Type Tabloids Versus Mainstream Media

National Enquirer-Type Tabloids Versus Mainstream Media

What’s the difference between tabloid papers and mainstream media newspapers? A Moralmatters Reader claims, 2 weeks.

A Moralmatters Reader offered his comment after the following Moralmatters article:

Cruz Sex Scandal: Unanswered Questions –

Reader’s Comment:

Many people laugh at the supermarket tabloid papers. I don’t.

I did some research on them. My findings were that the papers are 99.9% on target. Their modus is to get the juicy scandals FIRST. Then this happens:

Two weeks later you read the exact same scandal in the snooty NYTimes and TIME magazine.

Related to the above:

We can only hope that the above pic found on the web refers to another Ted, than Senator Ted Cruz. Question: "Why hasn't Senator Ted Cruz filed a lawsuit against The National Enquirer?"

We can only hope that the above pic found on the web, refers to another Ted, than Senator Ted Cruz. Question: “Why hasn’t Senator Ted Cruz filed a lawsuit against The National Enquirer?” Note: “SHOCKING CLAIMS: Pervy Ted Cruz Caught Cheating — With 5 Secret Mistresses!” –

Ted Cruz Facebook Poetry:

“There once was a lawyer named TED,
He tried to put (5) five in his bed,
His frequent ERECTION,
His POTUS campaign is now DEAD!”

— [Source: Facebook Poetry]

Editor’s Note: This website author makes no bones about it, to link The National Enquirer.  After all, he has repeatedly linked tabloid mainstream media, when appropriate and necessary to expose continual lies and deception.


Undisclosed satire sources say that the reason Mrs. Cruz will not be joining her husband Ted, at some campaign gatherings, is that she is spending the time securing an attorney to bring a lawsuit against National Inquirer.

She is reported to have told sources that her favorite Country Western song is, “Stand By Your Man!”

Tammy Wynette – Stand By Your Man !LIVE! –

Source of the above music video: AnnaMayWongSociety –


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


 Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Source of featured pic:

John Edwards Rielle Hunter Engaged? Did John Edwards Strike Wife Elizabeth?

3 thoughts on “National Enquirer-Type Tabloids Versus Mainstream Media

  1. timez draggen says:

    So to be fair. First you say govt and media can’t be trusted. But in this case they are telling the truth. I believe the media sources you speak of all have the same owner, alternative and mainstream. All we will ever hear from either will be. whatever ‘story’ they choose to promote.

    You also post a suggestive poster of a woman who claims things which seem inappropriate for you to post. We are also to believe whatever her story is. I guess we can be certain she’s being honest. I mean why would she lie for money, she usually lays for money only. Not both.

    Isn’t there a book that talks about judging lest ye be. I think there’s some stuff about gossip and babblin in there also. Something you might want to look into is esquires as all but one of our presidents have been one. Elections are a fallacy. We have won no wars, only fought them. All warring nations end up at the same place, ruins. Live by- Die by. Claiming it is ok to deceive or lie to non Christians in my opinion makes you the latter, so it is ok to continue deceiving and lying to yourself. If you are offended, you likely know the rest.

    1. timez draggen –

      A response to your first paragraph:

      I have stated and repeatedly stated that “mainstream” media cannot be trusted. Alternative media is much different that “mainstream” media which, essentially is (reportedly) contained in 6 major groups. And this Moralmatters website has stated that the U.S. government (starting with “Operation Mockingbird”) is behind and responsible for the manipulation and control of all mainstream media.

      Response to your 2nd paragraph:

      I understand your point. The pic was found on the web. As a Christian pastor emeritus author, I do not feel that this website needs to pander to any “Christian political correctness ‘virgin ears'” crowd. This sex scandal news was out in the public domain before Moralmatters decided to do a number of articles about it. “It” is not as if this website is drudging or drumming up anything as a first source report. This website is interested in certain types of “exposure.” Exposure that highlights hypocrisy, misdeeds and ills perpetrated upon people. Where there is “smoke” there is a fire. Do you actually think that movie theater viewers should keep silent when they smell smoke? Do you expect them to only holler and cry out when they see and feel the scorching flames?

      Response to your 3rd paragraph:

      I can only agree to your following assertion:

      “Elections are a fallacy. We have won no wars, only fought them. All warring nations end up at the same place, ruins. Live by- Die by.”

      As to your charge that I am violating the Matthew 7 Scripture by “judging,” please reference the following link, so that next time you don’t falsely level the same charge against someone else:

      Absolutes and Christ’s often misunderstood words of “Judge not…..” –

      As to your last 2 sentences, it is difficult for me to fairly respond, except to say that it is somewhat ambiguous (to me) what you are apparently attempting to convey. If you are saying that I, as Moralmatters author, intentionally lie to the Cyberspace audience; then, I think that you are taking a huge leap of assumption. I also think that you would not have stated what you did, if you would be a serious reader.

    2. Douglas says:

      Times draggen: Rev. Bickel did his best to honestly reply. My problem is that your English and sentence structure is all over the map. Please be more clear in the future.

      You try a guilt trip on Moral Matters about what you call ”gossip” and a vague reference to ”scripture”.. Sorry but that argument will not fly.
      Newspapers like the Enquirer and Globe have proven to be 99.9 % accurate and true.

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