Kalamazoo, Michigan: CNN Reports False Reality Shooting Spree

“………CNN all over the story (BIG sign this is a HOAX)……….”

Moralmatters False Reality Specialist, offers the following mini-commentary:

Analysis of the official narrative of the Kalamazoo, MI story reveals that this story is 100% a HOAX:

There are too many crime scenes, with several seemingly random victims. (Too much going on in one story. Nobody drives around town shooting people randomly with no motive.)

Too many crime scenes is the first sign of a HOAX perpetrated to cause people to demand gun control.

Kalamazoo, MI weather 25 degrees at night, a high of 42 degrees during the day. A little bit too cold for some guy to be traipsing around shooting people randomly at a variety of locations.

  • Crime scene #1: Woman with 3 children was shot in the parking lot of an apartment complex
  • Crime scene #2: Four hours later, two men shot at a KIA dealership
  • Crime scene #3: Ten minutes after that, the same perpetrator fired on two people in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel restaurant

NO motive. The perpetrator had NO MOTIVE.

A perpetrator who kills strangers randomly, in various locations, is the second sign of a HOAX.

KZooFalseRealityKalamazoo (1)

Note who is propagandizing against Second Amendment rights. Note the bottom of the picture. One of the telltale signs of a government staged false reality (hoax) is the immediate catcall for more gun control. Government stages these events to strike fear into the populace and as a means (plan) to strip Americans of their right to defend themselves. Use events like the false reality K-ZOO shooting to declare martial law and a strong-arm call to confiscate Americans’ firearms.

CNN all over the story (BIG sign this is a HOAX)

Media sources are linking the Kalamazoo “shooting rampage” story to many other shooting HOAXES that were perpetrated to justify Draconian gun control laws.

NOTE: Police seized a semiautomatic handgun from the perpetrator [Dalton]. Police are confident that Dalton acted alone (lone gunman).

The “lone gunman” report is the BIG, telltale sign that this story is a HOAX perpetrated to cause people to demand gun control.

The Control System has a first goal to BAN semiautomatic weapons, so this random act of violence has been committed by a White man wielding a semiautomatic weapon. What a coincidence that the perpetrator in this story used the same weapon the government is trying to ban!

Big bad brother corrupt American government counts on the public to glue their eyes to Network news so that it can memorize a nation of sheeple.

Corrupt American government counts on the public to glue their eyes to mainstream media Network news so that it can memorize a nation of “sheeple.” The goal: To completely control them.

The “lone gunman” narrative is yet another sure sign that this is 100% a HOAX perpetrated to make the public cry out for gun control.


Uber, KIA motors, Cracker Barrel restaurants


Directly related to the above:

Report (link below) of the K-ZOO false reality “shooting” from one of Michigan’s largest corporate consolidated newspaper and online mainstream media news sources. The same scripted news appears in every major Michigan city:

Kalamazoo mass shootings: How ‘heinous’ events unfolded and left 6 dead – mlive.com/

How does corrupt government “pull-off” contrived propaganda and violence events (aka, false realities)?

It must be nice to circumvent hospital protocol and insist upon wearing your own clothes while receiving (supposed) “medical attention.”

Featured pic source of bloodthirsty wolf:


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



4 thoughts on “Kalamazoo, Michigan: CNN Reports False Reality Shooting Spree

  1. LaBrat says:

    This informative and well-researched article by missing author and investigator (presumed dead) Anthony Forwood outlines a distinct pattern among these often mind-controlled false flag attackers:


    1. LaBrat –

      Thank you for the interesting link!

      1. LaBrat says:

        You’re very welcome – Mr Forwood’s persistent really digging paid off, and he wrote other equally compelling analysis of false flags from Oklahoma, through Boston, and including an absolutely brilliant exposure of &7.2 billion embezzlement witness psyop patsy myron may – his evidence and reasoning is strong enough to stand on its own, but considering his point about “just one insider with a conscience” (or something like that), this disclosure certainly vindicates everything he said:

        US Intelligence Officer: “Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack”

        1. LaBrat –

          Thank you for your comment – especially the great informational link! I intend to highlight that in a near future Moralmatters article.

          Without a doubt, Americans and the world are being continually deceived by these false realities. These are “crimes against peace.” In an ideal world where temporal justice is operative, instigators and perpetrators would have been executed for these horrific crimes!

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