Oregon Standoff Reality Show: No Different than Any Other False Reality Events

There are certain telltale signs of government contrived propaganda events, often known as false realities. The Oregon Standoff  “event” was no different. Crisis actors were involved and the event was smothered by the mainstream media whore.

 If there is one thing that U.S. Federal Government does consistently, it is perpetrating crimes against its own people to achieve its desired results. The Oregon Standoff affair is just one of many propaganda events designed to control the populace. Pic Source: Found on the web.

If there is one thing that U.S. Federal Government does consistently, it is perpetrating crimes against its own people to achieve its desired results. The Oregon Standoff affair is just one of many propaganda events designed for its total control of the populace. Pic Source: Found on the web.

A Moralmatters Reader offers his comments. Another telltale sign of a government (“psychological operation”) false reality – specifically that of the Oregon Standoff  contrived event:

This was a total psychological operation right from the start. As soon as I saw the news that the dimwit #yallqaeda types in Oregon took over the Misfortune Wildlife REFUSE, I saw it as the start of a psychological operation.

That was on the night of January 2nd, just after the first reports about the staged “take over.”

I don’t believe for a minute that the Bundys or any of the other operatives are in jail and I don’t believe that FINICUM is dead, either.

We have been exposed to 40 days of an obvious phony, fake show.

Pic of the "Santa Monica 'shooting'" dummy. Most of the time, real government crisis actors are used. But, this gov't / media contrived (pre-planned) event, called for a dummy. Pic attribution -  http://imgace.com/pic/tag/santa-monica-shooter-kills-dad-brotherand-four-more-mom-and-dad-had-bitter-divorce/

Pic of the “Santa Monica ‘shooting'” dummy on public school property. California is a popular place for these government false realities. The Feds know how gullible the public are. They remind themselves that CA inhabitants voted Gov. Moonbeam into office, 2 separate times. Pic attribution –  http://imgace.com/pic/tag/santa-monica-shooter-kills-dad-brotherand-four-more-mom-and-dad-had-bitter-divorce/

And I’m sick and tired of these truthers who are covering the story as though it were real and as though this were a righteous event. One truther keeps saying that these people had the right to take over a government building.

We always know when an event is a hoax when we see that it is taking place in a government facility (e.g., a military property a school, etc.)

It is not a coincidence that all of the false reality shootings and other phony, fake shows have taken place in government-owned facilities.

The Oregon Reality Show is no different than any of the other false reality events we have seen.

The Oregon Standoff show took place in a government facility.

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Note the Moralmatters Topic Page (below) On The Oregon Standoff. Read, if you will, the multiple Moralmatters commentaries and other links:

Oregon Standoff: Not What It Appears To Be – moralmatters.org

Featured pic source of apparent crisis actor (aka, “Rifle-toting militant”) below. Note the fellow in the background and his “shitty” grin, as both of them are posing for a contrived crisis acting photo-op:

Oregon standoff: Rifle-toting militant rages on video about bloodbath as FBI surrounds militia

How does corrupt government “pull-off” contrived propaganda and violence events (aka, false realities)?

  • Featured pic source of "False Reality" with TV sets in the background: http://spongefan.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:MrScience12/False_Reality

    Featured pic source of “False Reality:” http://spongefan.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:MrScience12/False_Reality

    Crisis Actors: Fraud Exposed – moralmatters.org/


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



4 thoughts on “Oregon Standoff Reality Show: No Different than Any Other False Reality Events

  1. Hsaive says:

    The so-called ‘truthers” who refuse to be skeptical about these events are either irresponsible reporters with no investigative talent or they are fake truthers who have setup shop for Obama’s cognitive infiltrators of disinformation.


    “Any Alt media source not skeptical of an unconfirmed story is not to be trusted.”

    1. Hsaive –

      Thank you for your adept and defining comment! Spot-on!

      I’ll tell you that I have (in time) come to that same conclusion. All the (so-called) “conservative” talk show hosts fall into that “Rule of Thumb” principle, you provide. And, there are scores of websites that also are of the same status. These people just keep drinking the poison Federal Government “Jim Jones” type, Kool-Aid. You’d think that they would finally wake up. You exercise patience with them but they are like a bus that never arrives at its assigned stop.

      I’ve come to the conclusion about many of them; that they love being lied to, or are part of the conscious effort to play along with the control system and destroy America. Too much “benefit of the doubt” has been granted to these criminal co-conspirators! That’s what they become when they, by their silence do not speak out against the crimes and criminals of those crimes perpetrated against the American people!

      Reality can be presented to them 10X over and they won’t budge. An example: “Bill Still.” After he deleted my informational comments on his YouTube channel, I scratched him from my website topical page. He poses as a Christian, but is, apparently content to be as other “Sheeple.” He, apparently doesn’t seem concerned about criminal conspiracies. He desires to play the damnable political correctness game, of which game, is tearing America apart!

  2. Ken says:

    This video maker explains that the stage was set for the Oregon Standoff Reality Show. This year’s event at the Wildlife Refuge was preceded by several fake Militia “call to arms” pleas that were designed to lure patriots into a trap. Please listen carefully to what the video maker says about the people who were fooled and who now find themselves as possible targets of Federal indictments.

    What the Bundys and their fellow operatives have done is criminal and worse.

    The Cards Were Stacked From The Beginning

    1. Ken –

      Thank you for you comment and link. More confirmation of what Moralmatters has published as per this “Oregon Standoff” false reality event.

      It’s a shame that more people don’t visit here at Moralmatters and discover tips and info. how to quickly figure out these government contrived scams. Perhaps, too many people have glued their arrogant asses to their living room cushy chairs while they foolishly inhale FOX News and other propaganda mainstream media!

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