NASA Mockery And Lies: On Your Tax Dime

American government does what it nefariously does best. It mocks Americans while frivolously spending and wasting their tax monies. The following example is witnessed on a 1 minute video highlighted by Peekay22, the same YouTube author who showcased the criminal Boston Marathon “Bombing” government contrived propaganda / violence event.

Pic of NASA'S (Underwater) International Space Station: "International Space Station Mock up - NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) JSC Houston" -

NASA uses underwater video footage to fake outer space “activity.” Pic of NASA’S (Underwater) International Space Station: “International Space Station Mock up – NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) JSC Houston” –

For those of you who still believe U.S. Government, its spendthrift agencies (NASA, CIA, NSA) and its twin Siamese corruption twin, mainstream media Network news, please don’t watch the following video and access the related informational links which follow. However, if perchance you do, this Moralmatters author commends you. He always admires those who step outside the political correctness box and those who risk experiencing reality.

It’s commendable to question, examine and evaluate.  Once you witness the evil perpetrated at your moral, social, spiritual and economic expense, you can no longer (in good conscience) remain silent. Proclaim the same reality you have discovered. Relate and shout it to family and friends! Rouse them to unhinge their eyes and ears from their TV’S, radios and entertainment centers! Vociferously urge them to cease leasing their minds to mainstream media whoredom and to the shills of the “controlled right;” the mind control “conservative” talk show hosts. 

NASA…The Mockery Is Right In Our Faces –


“If you have any doubts that NASA would never lie to us, and would never mock us for what they do; I’m going to show you a short little portion of a documentary………..and its right in your faces………..everyone of them with the Illuminati hand signal…….There it is folks. This is NASA sticking it right in your face!…………This is complete and utter mockery by the Freemasons who are in control of NASA………..” –

Source of the above video: Peekay22 –

Also: “Peekay Boston” – The Channel That Exposes the Boston Hoaxthon Firecracker –

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13 Reasons Not To Believe Anything NASA Says – Flat Earth –


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

2 thoughts on “NASA Mockery And Lies: On Your Tax Dime

  1. Mendacity says:

    Dr. Carol Rosin, former Corporate Manager of Aerospace Company Fairchild Industries, revealed an Alien Agenda that she learned about from the late Dr. Werhner Von Braun.

    Read about what Dr. Carol Rosin learned at the Web link below.

    Dr. Wernher Von Braun was one of the leading figures in the development of rocket technology in Germany and in the United States and is considered one of the “Fathers of Rocket Science.” He was a central figure in the rocket development plan of Nazis and he was responsible for the design and development of the V-2 rocket (DRONES) during World War II. Dr. Von Braun was brought over to the United States in the aftermath of the war as a part of Operation Paperclip.

    Dr. Von Braun went on to work, first with the U.S. Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA), and later, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He was one of the main architects of the space program in the United States and he fully understood the long term agenda of the control system; that is, elites who run the world.

    In the Dr. Carol Rosin interview at the Web link above, she reveals that Dr. Von Braun shared the progressive nature of the agendas to strike fear in the hearts of the people of the United States. He told Dr. Carol Rosin that the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers was to use scare tactics. That was how we identify an enemy!

    Dr. Carol Rosin learned of the strategies and the agendas from Dr. Von Braun back in the 1970s. According to Dr. Rosin, Dr. Werner Von Braun’s purpose during the last years of his life, his dying years, was to educate the public and decision-makers about why space-based weapons are dumb, dangerous, destabilizing, too costly, unnecessary, unworkable, and an undesirable idea … “

    Dr. Wernher Von Braun died in June of 1977.

    Dr. Von Braun shared with Dr. Rosin that a succession of enemies would be identified by the control system as follows:

    Russians “Commies” => Terrorists => Third World Country “Crazies” => Asteroids => Extraterrestrials (Aliens): the final scare!

    Here is what Dr. Von Braun used to say to Dr. Carol Rosin:

    “And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a LIE.”

    1. Mendacity –

      Thank you for your linked quote!

      I believe that Dr. Von Braun knew exactly, because he was one of the prime architects!

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