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Prototype DoubleEnder: Amazing Twin-Engine Bush Plane

A view from the inside of the amazing Prototype DoubleEnder bush plane - Pic Source: "The Prototype" - backcountrypilot.org/features/category/featured-bush-planes/the-prototype-double-ender

A view from the inside of the amazing Prototype DoubleEnder bush plane – Pic Source: “The Prototype” – backcountrypilot.org/features/category/featured-bush-planes/the-prototype-double-ender

Take a break from the political news and commentary of the day. Ride along at the click of your computer mouse. Enjoy the performance of this innovative aircraft. Take in the beautiful landscape:

Excerpt from the backcountrypilot.org website:

“………Most of the good stuff on the market was invented by the pilots who are out there actually landing in the highest, shortest, and roughest spots. The same guys who have broken their gear or needed a better prop are the ones who came home and invented better ones. And this is true for the inventor and pilot of the experimental “DoubleEnder” twin-engine bush plane, Alec Wild.

In my opinion, the DoubleEnder is one of the most innovative and creative designs in recent light aircraft history, and I was fortunate enough to go flying in the current prototype with Wild………..” – backcountrypilot.org/features/category/featured-bush-planes/the-prototype-double-ender

The Prototype – youtube.com/watch?v=lHR6bpupwJk&feature=youtu.be

Source of the above video: Backcountry Pilot – youtube.com/user/BackcountryPilotOrg/videos

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Featured pic source of the flying Prototype DoubleEnder:

Prototype DoubleEnder taking off from a creek bed



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