Nice commentary, with the huge exception, of the author assuming (accepting) the aka Obama narrative, which has been presented to the American people in form of government contrived false reality events, such as the Sandy Hook “shooting massacre” hoax.

Eric Rush’s commentary assumption (mistake / fault):

“……..Obama’s pretext for proposing more gun control measures has been the recent spate of domestic acts of terrorism and spree killings involving firearms. None of these could have been prevented by any conceivable firearms legislation, but leftists aren’t prone to confuse such issues with facts……”

It’s careless to assume the political opposition’s egregious historical revisionist (false reality) narrative. Once that “ground” has been voluntarily surrendered, then all that remains, is endless and pointless discussion. Once the leftist / Nazi NWO narrative, is allowed its vent to flourish, the “point about the main point, is no longer the main point.”

Conceding reality by pandering to political correctness is both a common and huge mistake of those who desire to stem the evil of wicked people. Imperative, is to drain their swamp with the bright lights of reality (aka, truth) and (good) morality. You eliminate the ground on which they slither.