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Mainstream Media Story Lines: Resist Being Mesmerized

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What you lend your eyes and ears to, controls you.  Please note: “Operation Mockingbird, CIA, NSA, Media Whores And Hoaxes” – – Also: “Pernicious Mainstream Media” – – Pic Source: “Awakening”

Mainstream Media Story Lines: Resist Being Mesmerized

Why do gifted conservative / patriotic journalists go gung-ho accepting the mainstream media story lines? Why do they assume the government / media (version) of events? Why do they incorporate within their commentaries, reference of recent and past false reality events, as if those events transpired as reported by mainstream media?

Obama’s Gun Orders: Sugar-Coated Tyranny – Exclusive: Erik Rush sets record straight about ‘lies’ president told this week –

This Moralmatters author left the following comment after Erik Rush’s WND aforementioned commentary: 


  • Nice commentary, with the huge exception, of the author assuming (accepting) the aka Obama narrative, which has been presented to the American people in form of government contrived false reality events, such as the Sandy Hook “shooting massacre” hoax.

    Eric Rush’s commentary assumption (mistake / fault):

    “……..Obama’s pretext for proposing more gun control measures has been the recent spate of domestic acts of terrorism and spree killings involving firearms. None of these could have been prevented by any conceivable firearms legislation, but leftists aren’t prone to confuse such issues with facts……”

    It’s careless to assume the political opposition’s egregious historical revisionist (false reality) narrative. Once that “ground” has been voluntarily surrendered, then all that remains, is endless and pointless discussion. Once the leftist / Nazi NWO narrative, is allowed its vent to flourish, the “point about the main point, is no longer the main point.”

    Conceding reality by pandering to political correctness is both a common and huge mistake of those who desire to stem the evil of wicked people. Imperative, is to drain their swamp with the bright lights of reality (aka, truth) and (good) morality. You eliminate the ground on which they slither.


Corrupt U.S. Government and its Siamese twin bureaucracy know how to manipulate the masses. The above quote attributed to former U.S. President Richard Nixon is a sad and pathetic indictment of foolish Americans!

Corrupt U.S. Government and its Siamese twin bureaucracy, mainstream media know how to manipulate the masses. The above quote attributed to former U.S. President Richard Nixon is a sad and pathetic indictment of foolish Americans! Pic: Found on the web.

Moralmatters is always looking for independent websites which don’t parrot the mainstream media propaganda. Those sites which have by now realized major government contrived propaganda and violence events, such as the Sandy Hook “Shooting” and the “Boston Marathon ‘Bombing.’”

Some of those (“false reality”) denial sites, this author is reluctant to highlight but, nevertheless, will do so. This author can only hope and pray that the authors of such professed patriotic / “conservative” websites, will, in time, come to recognize the large-scale exercise of government contrived propaganda and violence events.

This Moralmatters author has the highest regard for Erik Rush. He is most gifted. His mind is exceptionally acute. WND hosts his commentaries and Erik possesses his one site, called Instigator News Network.

Erik Rush is worth reading. Not because he assumes every mainstream media story line which slithers down the pike, but because Erik is very capable of analyzing the current political news. Don’t read him on WND because of the irritating pop-ups. Rather read Erik Rush’s commentaries on his own website of Instigator News Network –

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


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8 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Story Lines: Resist Being Mesmerized

  1. Douglas says:

    Your post is well meaning but there’s a problem as I see it with this comment…” gifted conservative / patriotic journalists”. These people are not gifted, they’re knowing and willing tools of the government. They’ve fooled us into thinking they are patriots. They’re more than likely CIA assets posing as ”journalists.” The answer is Operation Mockingbird…which is a monstrous effort to take down the USA and its being paid for with our tax dollars…many billions.

    1. Douglas –

      I cannot controvert your assertion.

      As author of Moralmatters I find myself in the throes of publishing some nasty realities. I welcome opportunities to be gracious. With this particular article I felt that I almost “bent over, backwards” to give the “benefit of the [my] doubts” to Erik Rush and other web authors such as Jim Kouri; and, others.

      Perhaps, I will confront Erik and Jim, asking them to give me their clear positions. Confront them and tell them that I’d like to publish a follow-up to this Moralmatters article. If they ignore my request, then I would then publish that refusal to respond.

      It’s “high (past) time” for anyone in his right mind, not to accept the reported mainstream media versions of the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon events. If certain web authors cannot accept those 2 events and others, as false realities; and incorporate such in their publications, then that continuous denial is clear evidence of “whose side they are on.”

      Having stated the above, time will tell. How long can such web authors ignore the false realities such as the Sandy Hook “shooting” event and the “Boston Marathon (so-called) “bombing” event? This Moralmatters commentary may be the first of others that will help to force these “false reality” deniers, out of their proverbial woodpiles. Or, at least, expose them.

      What are your further thoughts? I’m curious.

      1. Douglas says:

        I agree with most of your comments. There has to be some answers…maybe several.

        Consider this. These reporters are just plain dumb. They do no independent research and are just too lazy to look deeper into the events.

        Another realistic possibility is that they’re naive. They have no clue as to what really going on.

        One possible answer is that they are government assets as I’ve mentioned before….many times.

        But my first instinct is to say they believe what their government tells them and they’re too lazy to look into the event.

        They might also be fearful of being called “conspiracy theorists”, which is a new swear word to paint anyone who disagrees with the powers that be.

        If I have to choose, I’d pick they’re government assets…..merely spouting the propaganda line.

        1. Douglas –

          I think that you’ve laid out the possibilities. I’ll eliminate one, though. The “stupid” one. Authors such as Erik Rush and Jim Kouri are not stupid; nor are they ignorant. And, I will delve into another aspect you mentioned; the “naive” one. I ask: “How can they be that naive if they are not stupid and ignorant?”

          That leaves the last 2 possibilities you’ve laid out:

          1) The fear of being labelled and stereotyped as “conspiracy theorists,” However, if intelligent souls allow that; they show to the world their timidity and cowardice.

          2) Government “assets” (aka complicit “operatives”). Then all I have to say for now, is the following:

          “All Fascists are not of one mind. There are those who give the orders and those who take the orders.”

          – [“Watch on the Rhine” (1943) –]

          1. Douglas says:

            They’re not really reporters in the style of investigators of the facts.

            They’ve had PLENTY of time to inform themselves….years in fact. These events didn’t happen this week.

            They’re either government operatives or just plain lazy.

            Today, I’m suspicious of anyone in such a public position who does not know the facts of these events. They don’t know the facts, and yes WHY don’t they know??? Why?

            Erik Rush and Jim Kouri …..I don’t trust ANYONE who will not report the facts of these events…are they really that out of touch with reality? Are they that insulated???

          2. Douglas –

            Yes. I agree with your rhetorical questions. Who can be that “insulated” in today’s cultural climate?

            I will attempt to get in touch with them to either comment here or send me something to explain their bizarre behavior regarding their avoidance of these false realities. I hope that by reading this MM commentary and these comments, they don’t offer a weak-kneed response, like saying that they can’t prove that many of these false realities, are indeed, contrived (staged) events. That would be akin to (dishonestly) stating that aka Obama shed a real tear last week when speaking about gun control.

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