Sandy Hook False Reality Exposed By Another Independent Media Solidarity Documentary

It’s obvious that the powers that be, have prevented the public from gaining access to information and records dealing with the alleged Sandy Hook shooting “massacre” and records pertaining thereof. Please watch and listen to the 2nd Independent Medial Solidarity documentary about the Sandy Hook hoax government contrived false reality event.

Oh yes, don’t be surprised that this documentary is also repeatedly scrubbed from the web by the criminal co-conspirators as they think that they can continue to lie to the American people about the contrived Sandy Hook false reality event.

Access this link as a second option, in the event the video below is scrubbed:

The Life of Adam –

Video Source of the above: IndependentMediaSolidarity –

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Sandy Hook Hoax Confirmed: Adam Lanza’s Photoshopped Face -

Apparent photo shopped pic of alleged “Adam Lanza.” Pic Source: “Sandy Hook Hoax Confirmed: Adam Lanza’s Photoshopped Face” –

“We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” – A Collaborative Documentary By Independent Journalists –

Secure for yourself Fetzer’s free e-book about the staged Sandy Hook affair:

Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #5 bans NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK – by Jim Fetzer –

Access the ongoing online persistence of Investigator, Wolfgang Halbig. Also access his Facebook page

Sandy Hook Justice –

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San Bernardino And Other False Reality Events: Legalized By Immoral Bastard U.S. Legislation


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Pic source of featured photo shopped “Adam Lanza” pic:

Sandy Hook Hoax Confirmed: Adam Lanza’s Photoshopped Face –

11 thoughts on “Sandy Hook False Reality Exposed By Another Independent Media Solidarity Documentary

  1. Douglas says:

    Little boy from the Sandy Hook incident said on TV interview that the sounds in the school sounded like ”pots and pans being banged together”. That’s the most true words I have heard about the Sandy Hook Hoax.

    You can often get the truth from a child.

  2. Sabin says:

    The best evidence comes from the testimony of the kids who were allegedly on site when the Sandy Hook incident occurred. Here is a brief video testimony of a 3rd grader who told TV’s Dr. Oz that they were “having a DRILL.”

    Dr. Oz rushes Interview w/ Sandy Hook 3rd Grader Louis says we were ”Having a DRILL” !! MUST SEE!

    1. Sabin –

      It appears to me that the little boy became flustered because his script called for deception and lying. Consequently, he was having a rough time playing his expected crisis acting role. After all, didn’t the interviewer say at the end: “……that’s perfect.” Apparently, he and the other conniving scam actors thought the interview came off as well as could be expected.

      1. Douglas says:

        All of the adults who participated have committed a felony and should be arrested.

        The problem is NDAA….which states that lying is legal.

      2. Sabin says:

        Yes, Pastor Bickel: the 3rd grader was obviously under duress and he became flustered during his TV performance. But just as soon as the poor kid flubbed his lines, Dr. Oz deftly changed the subject and asked him, “What would you like to say to your teachers . . . about . . . Friday . . .?”

        The kid was completely confused at that point, so Dr. Oz essentially spoke the words he wanted the kid to speak.

        You have to wonder if this kid (or any of the other kids who were hired as “crisis actors” for the event) will someday confess that they were forced to lie and that the whole event was just a DRILL.

        These kids will grow up, and some may blow the whistle on this hoax after they realize how they were used to push an agenda.

        Dr. Oz rushes Interview w/ Sandy Hook 3rd Grader Louis says we were ”Having a DRILL” !! MUST SEE!

        1. Sabin –

          We can only hope so and that someone will encourage the other kids to bring a class action lawsuit against those directly responsible like Eric Holder, Daniel Malloy and aka Barack Obama. However, I think that these children will be “forever” brainwashed by government operatives by various the methods available.

          1. Douglas says:

            That December 14 has essentially ruined these kids lives forever. They will never be free of the stigma of being involuntarily involved in the Hoax of the century.

          2. Douglas –

            I agree. Your spot-on comment reminds me of a past Moralmatters article:

            The Soul Murder Of The Sandy Hook Hoax Childhood Crisis Actors

        2. Douglas says:

          All of the Sandy Hook Hoax parents got free houses…..their mortgages were paid in full BEFORE the event.

  3. Waldemar Perez says:

    I just found this blog and it is fantastic. God bless you people for the fantastic job you are doing! I woke up about 5 years ago. I think you guys will like my videos on my you tube channel Verify Events Research. I have a 3hrs presentation called Mainstream Media as a Military Weapon of War among many others. The following is my latest video an attempt to connect geopolitics, with staged massacres both domestic and abroad, hope you guys like it, cheers! “Bouquet of Lies”

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