14 thoughts on “Spinning And Rotating Earth: Why Aren’t Humans And Animals Dizzy And Nauseated?

  1. Coco says:

    NASA another false reality? Does this mean that the “astronaut” Mark Kelly and his hoaxer-wife Gabby Giffords are both crisis actors?

    1. Coco –

      Yes! NASA is another “false reality!” Big government lied to us about NASA, the [fake] “moon landing,” “global warming” / “climate change” and the place on which we live!

      Re: “Mark Kelly” and crisis actor “Gabby Giffords:”

      As I understand it, “Mark Kelly” is also a government crisis actor. Do an online search. I just saw something the other day about him.

      1. Coco says:

        Thanks, Pastor Bickel Bickel. Seems to me that the crisis actors “Mark Kelly” and “Gabby Giffords” are anticipating a harsh and fiery Eternity. What losers!

        1. Coco –

          Some people will do anything (including selling their priceless souls) to the NWO (New World Order).

  2. Les says:

    The Martians and all the “crop circles” are fake, too?

    1. Les –

      The whole “Martian” thing is just another PSYOP operation to freeze people with fear so that they will clamor for their governments to protect them. With each perpetrated false reality, people respond like Pavlov’s dog. They are being conditioned by corrupted government to behold whatever their masters toss them.

      Here’s a video that may help you understand what “the powers that be” may be setting up for the umpteen gullible:

      NASA Mars Flowing Water Hoax | Ancient Aliens Atheist Hog Wash!!

    2. Les –

      You need to watch a last Century Twilight Zone video. It will help you understand how the NWO “powers that be” are coming up with their “new” ideas:

      “To Serve Man:”

  3. Bob says:

    Al Gore has been verified as a space cadet.

    1. Bob –

      I think that you have it wrong about Al Gore. He’s one of Satan’s many disciples; spreading the filth of deception every time he opens his snake tongue mouth.

      By the way, if you wish to comment further on this posting, come up with something serious. I’ve cut off people from comments for less.

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