UN Climate Change Conference: Wicked NWO Confab

UN Climate Change Conference: Wicked New World Order Confab

To the honest and informed, man-made global warming / climate change is a world-wide ruse. It’s a scam; a fraud and a hoax. New world order “powers that be” political leaders harness anything within their spheres of influence to grab more control and exert their malevolent influence.

Pic Source: "Third World countries want more than $100 Billion a year in 'climate change' reparations" - dcclothesline.com/2015/09/13/third-world-countries-want-more-than-100-billion-a-year-in-climate-change-reparations/

Nazis have always been masters of propagandizing the masses. Modern-day Nazis are no different. They deviously molest and penalize people who only desire to be honest and responsible earth-dwellers. Pic Source: “Third World countries want more than $100 Billion a year in ‘climate change’ reparations” – dcclothesline.com/2015/09/13/third-world-countries-want-more-than-100-billion-a-year-in-climate-change-reparations/

World leaders buy into eugenic Nazi beliefs. Whatever (whomever) is undesirable, is either a target for “alteration” or elimination. These modern-day Nazis are obsessed with population control and have never trusted Creator God that all would be normal (and even blessed) by being “fruitful” and “multiplying.”

Instead, those at the “system controls” commit crimes against humanity via legalized abortion genocide while at the same time preventing disease cures and fomenting wars to reduce the population masses. Nothing is sacred; except their occultist and diabolical utopia. They click their dutiful boots, in service to their father of lies, who is preparing for them hereafter tormenting (“global warming” + ) fires of damnation hell.

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference commenced this week to hammer out how it can do its part to molest citizens of every nation and to foist upon them undue financial and other constraining (freedom-restricting) burdens. (The same “humanitarian” world-wide “peace-keeping” body which appointed barbaric Saudi Arabia to be the head of the UN Human Rights Council).

You can be sure, that at this Euro convention, there will be voracious cat call mandates to tax earth’s inhabitants (and animal creatures) for the “crime” of emitting (alleged) “poisonous” carbon emissions, while (at the same time) dismissing and ignoring the modern-day Nazi poisons of (chemtrail) emissions.

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Pic source: http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/01/lie-global-warming-proof-communist-indoctrination/

Pic source: “The Lie of Global Warming – Proof of Communist Indoctrination” – freedomoutpost.com/ – http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/01/lie-global-warming-proof-communist-indoctrination/

Paris Terror Attacks: Executed To Lock Down Climate Summit Conference – Friday the 13th Massacre: False Flag Operation Designed to Sequester and ‘Quarantine’ the NWO Climate Conference in Paris – themillenniumreport.com/


“………This summit represents the culmination of the ruling elite’s plan to establish their New World Order (NWO) via a One World Government ostensibly based on the global regulation of carbon emissions………….” – themillenniumreport.com/2015/11/19807/#more-19807

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Unrepentant, wicked, aka Obama is one of the UN Climate Change Conference participants. Do you think that this crimes against humanity, de facto ISIS commander-in-chief (butcher) cares about Lord God’s created world and its inhabitants? Also note: “Declassified Documents: Obama Ordered CIA To Train ISIS” – yournewswire.com/ Pic Source: Found on the web.

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel




Source of the featured pic – “United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change”


11 thoughts on “UN Climate Change Conference: Wicked NWO Confab

  1. Douglas says:

    It’s a way to levy huge new taxes on many items….such as fuels. As usual, a grab for more of people’s money.

    1. Douglas –

      I have no doubt that their intention is to “grab more of people’s money.” [Your apt words]

      It’s the same old story of the rich, famous and influential imposing their arrogant wills upon the masses. And, we all know as the adage states:

      [Paraphrase] “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

  2. Catherine says:

    People who have studied the King James Bible can verify for themselves that God made the earth for man. The LORD did not make man to worship the earth.

    We see, in Genesis 1:1-2, God created heaven and earth and the earth was without form and void. God did not create earth for the sake of the earth itself. The LORD created the earth as an environment for man.

    A quick review of Psalm 8 will reveal how the LORD esteemed man over all other creations and just below the angels; so much so, that the LORD made man to have dominion over the works of His Hands (Psalm 8:1-6).

  3. Kevin says:

    This “climate change” agenda is a means by which the Control System will implement an oppressive – totalitarian – one-world government that will choke off the majority of the earth’s population over time.

    Those promoting this false emergency are basically pushing Communism on “the great unwashed masses.”

    To be clear, “the great unwashed masses” include everyone on the planet except for the Elite minority who are implementing the tyranny.

    These Elite planners want an ideal world without the “problem” of having ordinary people living in it.

    1. Kevin –

      Spot on! And the “ordinary people” (your description) are those whom the “elite planners” pick to be abnormal. I thought “ordinary” had more to do with “normal” than “elite.” I suppose it’s always the holier- than-thou Hitlers of the world who make sure that they are first in line; and “the hell” with all others……

      1. Kevin says:

        Those elites would not know how to identify a normal human being.

        1. Kevin –

          I have no doubt they will be damned all to hell! The ontological reason for a literal future hereafter forever place of damnation torment for all their devious false realities perpetrated upon their fellow human beings!

  4. Margot says:

    “U.N. Climate change” = Mother Gaia Worship = Mother Earth Worship = Satan Worship.

    1. Margot:

      I would not doubt your equation. But, could you supply an informational link who “Mother Gala” is?

    2. Douglas says:

      “U.N. Climate change” = Mother Gaia Worship = Mother Earth Worship = Satan Worship….= Tax $$$$$$$$

  5. Tipper says:

    Someone should send Al Gore a Marmot Plasma 15 Sleeping Bag as a Saturnalia holiday gift. The Marmot Plasma 15 is a well-insulated and watertight sleeping bag that will keep Gore warm and dry during the harsh “climate change” winter that has been predicted.

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