Paris Friday The 13th Attack: Contrived False Reality Event

 Please note the short video following the mini-commentary by a Moralmatters reader:

This Friday the 13th attack took place in Paris, where two notable “terror attacks” took place back in January. One of those “terror attacks” was the phony, fake Charlie Hebdo fairy tale. There was also a follow-on (fake) attack at some Jewish-owned market there in Paris.



Today (Friday the 13th) is an auspicious day for the Satanist Control System, and now we hear about a spectacular “terror attack” story in today’s news. Here are some features of today’s “shocking” story:

  • Multiple crime scenes
  • Hostages being held in a theater that taken over by the Muslim boogeymen
  • A big soccer match was also attacked, and the President of France was in the audience at that big soccer match, but somehow, his security people were able to whisk him away.

Question: Why didn’t the French President’s security force secure the entire stadium with heavily armed SWAT patrol all over the place? Paris just had a terrible “terror attack” this past January, so this city should be on heightened alert. More important than anything else, the French President’s security force should have ensured his safety so that NO ONE WITH ANY DEVICES OR WEAPONS would have been able to enter that stadium at all. Yet the news reports tell us that someone entered the stadium and planted at least one bomb that went off while people were watching the soccer. Why is it that President Hollande’s security force did not sweep the entire stadium to ensure that it would be “safe?” Why, indeed: this one piece of the story tells us that this was likely a planned event.

MainstreamMediaCautionI call bullshit on this “Friday the 13th terror attack” in Paris for that one reason: the French President just happened to be on site in one venue where the Muslim boogeymen breached the security and planted a bomb that exploded while President Hollande was there. But somehow, the lying French President was “safe.”

Paris is getting ready to host the BIG Paris Climate Conference (starting November 30th), so why is the security there so lax that they had to endure a multiple crime scene event like today’s “terror attack?” This year’s climate conference will stress the imposition of taxes and other financial responsibility measures to get all civilized nations on board with UN Agenda 2030, which will spell the end of freedom. Pope Francis started the Agenda 2030 push for globalism during his recent visit to the US Congress and the UN General Assembly back in September. The upcoming Paris Climate Conference is the second phase of the Draconian UN Agenda 2030.

So I ask again, Why isn’t Paris on heightened high alert for terror attacks with all that has and will go on in Paris this year? This one point alone is a BIG clue that today’s Friday the 13th “terror attack” was planned by the Control System.


Paris France Bombing “Terrorist Attack” Was a Live Drill Hoax – Crisis Actors –

Source of the above video: Russianvids: The Matrix Exposed –

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Pic source: Found on the web.

Pic source: Found on the web.

Short Summary Of  “False Reality” – 11/15/2015 Update:

Understanding “false reality” is not to suggest that actual violence and killings do not occur. What makes these (type-of) events, false realities, is the contrived status and those who are insidiously behind (instigating) these pre-planned (crimes against peace and humanity) events.

Author and aka Obama investigative researcher, Martha Trowbridge, aptly states on a Facebook commentreply:

“‘False’ meaning: what happened was contrived, not by the actors, but by GOVT AGENTS to achieve a political purpose. WICKED.”

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


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Found on the web.


9 thoughts on “Paris Friday The 13th Attack: Contrived False Reality Event

  1. Narcissa says:

    I just found an audio of the “explosion” that reportedly rocked the soccer stadium where French President Hollande was in attendance. The explosion sounded just like the Boston Firecracker “explosion” we heard at the Boston Marathon Event back in 2013. (That is, the “explosion” sounded like a Hollywood sound effect.)

  2. Tipper says:

    Al Gore was in Paris, Broadcasting from Eiffel Tower, when the Paris Terror Attacks Went Down

    1. “Tipper” –

      Thank you for the link. I remember reading on the Net about this fraud being in Paris.

  3. Kevin says:

    Geraldo Rivera’s daughter just happened to be watching the soccer match in the Paris stadium as the Friday the 13th “terrorist attacks” took place. This is the same soccer match where France’s President was in attendance. The same soccer stadium in Paris where the “explosions” occurred.

    1. Kevin –

      Did Rivera’s daughter (like her Daddy) start foaming from the mouth?

  4. Robert says:

    This girl appears at all these phony mass casualty events

    1. Robert –

      I’m not sure what “girl” with which you reference. You intend to reference another girl (and forgot to include the link) – or, are you referencing Rivera’s daughter?

  5. Peter J Kuehlen says:

    And we had another drill that suddenly went live:
    Proof Paris Attacks Are State Sponsored Terror Exercise – Case Closed
    Patrick Pelloux, the guy who admits to drills in above radio interview – believe it or not! – was also the first reporter to be on the scene of the Charlie Hebdo psy-op..
    Charlie Hebdo Hero Among the First Responders to Paris Attack
    Patrick Pelloux: “The on-site emergency came back changed, very pronounced”
    Check my wall for more:

    1. Peter –

      I will check your FB wall for more. Thank you. I intend to add these informational links to this article. It’s very helpful to have as many as is possible. More light shed on this contrived and criminal gov’t sponsored event is always in style!

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