Oregon Shooting Hoax – Silence Is Golden: Peekay22

“…….Silence is golden. But my eyes still see…….Talkin’ is cheap, people follow like sheep……..”

Oregon Shooting Hoax – Silence Is Golden – youtube.com/channel/UCBbjle1Uh5CpnY2m451XHcA/videos

Source of the above video: Peekay22 – youtube.com/channel/UCBbjle1Uh5CpnY2m451XHcA/videos

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

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8 thoughts on “Oregon Shooting Hoax – Silence Is Golden: Peekay22

  1. Coco says:

    This Oregon story is obviously a HOAX! There is no other explanation for all of those people who testified, on camera, that they did not hear any gun shots at all.

    1. Coco –

      I’d have to agree with you. Peekay22’s analysis is without equal. If anyone is convinced the Boston Marathon “bombing” took place as MSM reported, after watching and hearing all his videos on that false reality, those foolish people need their cerebral cells replaced.

  2. Marion says:

    Umpqua College was recently awarded a federal grant of $2.2 million.


    That’s a huge amount of money for a small rural college!

    Undoubtedly this small college will be getting millions more following the recent fake shooting hoax.

    Read more:


    1. Marion –

      I’m not surprised by this information you offer. The money question immediately popped into my head shortly after hearing about this false reality. “Who will get paid-off?” and, “How will the pay-off take place?”

  3. Steve says:

    Redsilverj breaks down this hoax …

    1. Steve –

      Thank you for Redsilverj’s link. I’ve been so busy, I hadn’t looked (yet) on his analysis of the latest government contrived violence event, false reality.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I found the whole thing strange from the get go. The stories kept changing drastically.

    First, we were told that the gunman was taken down by police officers. He was a 20 something-year-old student who was going around shooting people if they professed they were Christian. If they had no religion they were shot in the leg. That was a red flag that this was a terrorist attack, if in fact, it were true.

    The media provided 1 view of a wounded victim being rolled out on a stretcher with 4 EMTS and a sheet covering his face and only the foot strap secured on the gurney. That is wrong protocol.

    President Obama’s speech was riddled with arrogance and hatred that he could not get anyone to listen to him and yet he still pushed his gun agenda.

    The best part was finding out that the gunman was a recent convert to Muslim and had plenty of ties to ISIS. Obama failed to mention that in his speech and has remained silent to this day. He also asked the media to do a comparison between gun violence in America and terrorist attacks in America. That was a huge tell all for me.

    Explain why the sheriff and ME decided to report his death as a suicide when we were clearly told on live TV that shots were exchanged between the police and the gunman; and then it said that the gunman has been taken down? A lot of people do not believe these incidents anymore because they are happening more often.

    1. Jennifer –

      Great observations! And, I think that you draw a sensible and logical conclusion. The “law of diminishing returns” has already begun to “kick-in!” One can only repeatedly cry, “Wolf!” and those cries become ignored.

      I believe it won’t be long and more of the public will demand a financial accounting of all their tax monies being spent on these criminal false reality events. The public won’t be satisfied until all these low-life crisis actors are severely punished and their financial resources taken away (from them) to help make restitution for the crimes they have perpetrated, being complicit lackeys of the criminal aka Obama cabal government and its principle (certain) law enforcement and mainstream media enablers! A nation can only endure a certain rising level of deception and evil before the wheels of justice turn to indict, sentence and punish those instigators, involved!

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