Putin’s Push To Purge Syria Of Obama’s Modern-Day Nazi Terrorists

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Is it any wonder that pernicious Western American mainstream media would demonize Russia’s Putin while praising demonic aka Obama?

Western [American] mainstream media aligns itself with the United States imperialist (aka, “meddling”) mindset. Whenever Mother Russia is media-invoked, it is always in the backdrop of a “boogeyman” status. Modern-day Russia is stereotyped and consistently cast within the malevolent framework of obstructing global democracy. However, its perfectly “pure” (okay) for U.S. American operatives and “influences” to forever cast its political footprint, worldwide.  After all, shouldn’t “American democracy” vis-a-vis abortion genocide and LGBT American (hedonistic, culture of death, political correctness and multicultural) values be readily available to every single person?

Globally criminal (and crimes against humanity) aka Obama, built ISIS - "TREASONOUS OBAMA BUILT ISIS: FOIA DOCUMENTS DISCLOSE WILLFUL DECISION" - moralmatters.org - Pic Source: http://www.politifake.org/image/political/1211/obama-backed-fsa-terrorists-battaile-politics-1353279191.jpg

Global criminal (and crimes against humanity) aka Obama, built ISIS: “TREASONOUS OBAMA BUILT ISIS: FOIA DOCUMENTS DISCLOSE WILLFUL DECISION” – moralmatters.org – Pic Source: http://www.politifake.org/image/political/1211/obama-backed-fsa-terrorists-battaile-politics-1353279191.jpg – Click on the pic to enlarge.

Few Westerners can view global politics from Russia’s Eastern point of view. Few refuse to walk in Russian footwear. Few understand the WWII German Nazi devastation, inflicted upon Mother Russia. Hence they cannot fathom Russia’s present-day (defensive) actions in Middle East, Syria and, Ukraine.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin understands that America’s current government is a culture infestation of political (meddling / munching) rodent rats, intent upon sowing global unrest and destruction. He is aware of the White House criminal ID forgery fraud, aka Obama’s, modern-day Nazi character. He is familiar with Nazi Bâri’ Hitler-Shabazz (aka Barack Obama‘s) American imperialistic subterfuge which has targeted the East. Remember aka Obama’s cat call for the “Arab Spring?” Nearer to Russia, that cat call is understood as the Ukraine [aka Obama’s] “Nazi Spring.”

Putin to Russian army officers: operation ‘Salvation’ shall begin soon, you must prepare to cleanse Syria from Obama’s terrorists – awdnews.com


Pic Source: "Putin’s Christian beliefs & family values are much more in sync with Americans than Barack Obama's" - http://barracudabrigade.blogspot.com/2014/01/putins-christian-beliefs-family-values.html?zx=b8b0eb75015f2747

Pic Source: “Putin’s Christian beliefs & family values are much more in sync with Americans than Barack Obama’s” – http://barracudabrigade.blogspot.com/2014/01/putins-christian-beliefs-family-values.html?zx=b8b0eb75015f2747

……….Addressing the Russian top brass on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin lambasted U.S. Middle-East policy for being ‘disastrous’ as Saudi-backed rebels vowed to purge Syria and Iraq from Christians and other ethnic and religious minorities.

“We have nearly two million orthodox Christians in the Levant—Syria and Lebanon— and approximately 5 million Christians across Middle-East. Regardless of America’s presidential election outcome, White House craves chaos in that oil-rich region by supporting fanatic Islamist organizations, i.e. ISIS and al-Nusra Front,” Moskovskaya Pravda cited the Russian president as saying.

It is morally incumbent upon Russia to change this terrible status quo in the Middle-East , added Mr.Putin , prepare for operation ‘Salvation’ and with God almighty’s aid , we shall cleanse Syria from Obama’s ruthless terrorists………… – http://www.awdnews.com/top-news/putin-to-russian-army-officers-operation-salvation-shall-begin-soon,-you-must-prepare-to-cleanse-syria-from-obama-s-terrorists

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Vladimir Putin’s Christian Faith – in his own words – youtube.com/watch?t=850&v=u3d_yxJhmjk

Video source of the above: Marine1063 – youtube.com/user/Marine1063/videos


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel




Featured pic source:

Russian tanks and artillery move in to Syria as Putin prepares to attack ISIS:
http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/464661/Russia-Syria-airfield-Latakia-Islamic-State – dailystar.co.uk


6 thoughts on “Putin’s Push To Purge Syria Of Obama’s Modern-Day Nazi Terrorists

  1. Douglas says:

    The problem with all of the US mainstream media is this: CIA Top Secret “Operation Mockingbird”.

    1. Douglas –

      Thank you for bringing up that reference! Could you provide an informational link?

    1. Jim –

      Oh, thank you for the informational link!

    2. Douglas says:

      Don’t be fooled by contrary opinions or misinfo….the US has spent BILLIONS on totally taking over the MSM. Guess what? They actually succeeded. That’s exactly how Barack Hussein got elected.

      The US news media…the mainstream media has created a living hell. It all makes Pravda of the Soviet Union look like child’s play.

      The US is today in her last days. Without truth and investigation by the news people, we’re finished….its all over.

      Benjamin Franklin warned us in 1776 that the US might not last.

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