Roanoke Virginia False Reality Shooting And Common Trends Of Contrived Events

Please note the excellent commentary by  and 12 common trends of government contrived false realities:

2 Weeks Later – Virginia Shooting Hoax Completely Vanished From Mainstream Media –



Moralmatters prefers the term, “False Reality” rather than “false flag.” False realities convey much more. They convey government contrived propaganda and violence events. All for the purpose of manipulating public opinion for political change. Gov’t perpetrated false realities are diabolical in nature, creating false history. The public is essentially lied-to and normal human communications are disrupted.

Throughout alternative media over the last few years many people have written about what to look for in a false flag. Many including yours truly have outlined steps to look for when trying to diagnose the next government false flag. Many of us have a good grasp on what to look for. Let’s review some of these common trends:…………

…………..This is what we are now seeing. It’s been slightly over 2 weeks now and the media has said nothing about the Virginia TV Reporter shooting like it never happened. Could it be that this silence which began over a week ago is directly related to the overwhelming evidence of a second take in the staged shooting incident? This evidence did after all put a major crimp in the authenticity of the story. It was the death blow in a long list of entirely unbelievable coincidences. Some lies are difficult to recover from once too many people know; and, as we are seeing, sometimes it’s best to pull the whole story out of the media and hope it fades away for good…….. –


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Roanoke VA False Reality Shooting: Informational Resource Links –

Telltale Signs Of Government Contrived Events –

Many Americans don't question the propaganda being fomented by mainstream media. Corrupt goverment counts on that wide-spread gullibility. Note that the pic is missing FOX Network, PBS, CNN, MNBSC and others.

Many Americans don’t question the propaganda being fomented by pernicious mainstream media. Corrupt government counts on that wide-spread gullibility. Note that the above pic is missing FOX Network, PBS, CNN, MSNBC and others. Pic source:×400.jpg

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Also related:


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

9 thoughts on “Roanoke Virginia False Reality Shooting And Common Trends Of Contrived Events

  1. Alec says:


    This disappearance from the airwaves is the second most notable part of stories like this one about the reported journalist shooting in Roanoke.

    The most disturbing part of these stories is how completely they pass out of the awareness of our fellow Americans.

    Just ask anyone about this story. I bet you get a lot of blank looks.


    1. Alec:

      Yes! Which again reminds me again how shallow people are in their acceptance of mainstream media reporting and understanding of it!

      Why People Believe Government Contrived Propaganda And Violence Events: AKA Hoaxes

  2. Kallie says:

    Vester Lee Flanagan “shooting” was 100% fake. See Photo.

  3. Steve says:

    Only six days ago, CNN aired a “special” wherein select family members of gun violence victims had the opportunity to speak out about the trauma of their experiences. Almost all of these “gun violence survivors” were smiling and/or otherwise displaying their obvious “duping delight” as they lied on camera. All of these fake gun violence survivors used this opportunity to “speak out” against gun violence

    Survivors of the shootings at Aurora, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and more come together to talk to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about gun violence.

    1. Steve –

      I’m convinced that crisis actors such as these are some of the worst of humanity. They’ve sold their souls to the devil having allowed their persons and tongues to live and utter these false reality deceptions!

  4. Douglas says:

    Not a bad article but there are some glaring lapses of thought and fact.

    Here’s an example: he wrote, “… more transparency in investigations for the purposes of defending against staged events and false flags.” That statement is one of total ignorance on the part of the author.

    See the problem with this article? The author does not seem to understand that the police, military, local officials, mall owner, TV & radio media and other organizations are a PART of that hoax. Asking the police to be more vigilant is a waste of time. The local police are a PART of the hoaxing.

    Friends…America is in serious trouble. America is systematically being attacked from the INSIDE. Do you get this? The US is now the MOST corrupt nation on the planet.

    America is currently being ATTACKED, not from foreign enemies but from the inside. City Hall, the local police, and the Courts are attacking and have the goal of destroying the US as a viable Constitutional Republic.

    We are in the absolute middle of a real WAR of horrific proportions. Be very careful who you trust. .

    1. Douglas –

      Excellent observation! Your comment deserves a new Moralmatters article based upon your spot-on comments!

      Yes! Attacked from the inside! If temporal justice is exercised for these horrific contrived events there will be many, many punishments. Hopefully, for the worse of the perpetrators, capital punishment!

      1. Douglas says:

        Capital punishment? God help us, I have no idea how that will happen.

        In Boston we now have fake court trials. We see State and local police and the Governor in CT were involved in the horrific hoax shootings [Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon hoax…], etc. It makes your head spin. These hoaxes are State and Federally sponsored!

        The seriousness of this situation is monumental. Also consider that adults in CT inveigled CHILDREN to be involved in the execution of these felony crimes. Parents using their own children to commit crimes!!!….can you imagine the horror of that? Well, that’s exactly what happened at Sandy Hook.

        Are people so numb and dumb that they don’t get it?

        1. Douglas –

          Your point is well taken. But, what would this world be like if good people just gave up and did not cry out for appropriate justice! Read the Old Testament Psalms and note how often the Psalm writers cry out for Creator Almighty God’s undertaking and justice. Read history and note how the wicked “got theirs” in this temporal realm!

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