Roanoke VA False Reality Criminal Crisis Actors: FOX News Network Accomplice Megyn Kelly Included

Roanoke VA False Reality Crisis Actors: FOX News Network Accomplice Megyn Kelly Included

Crisis actors are some of the lowest forms of humanity. They lie and deceive the public.

It’s easy to fall into the trap, thinking, that criminal crisis actors are only those who are on the scene of staged government / media and law enforcement contrived events. However, they are only the proverbial “tip of the iceberg.” There is the (behind-the-scenes) network which supports these crisis actors.  Included in this web are planners and the script writers.

There are also crisis actors who act-out secondary roles, such as paid protesters and supposed grieving family members. There are also those who fund them.

And, we must not overlook, the principal wicked crisis actors who globally spread the deception. They are members of the propaganda mainstream media. Even “conservative” talk-show hosts are part of the propaganda criminal network. They parrot the mainstream media false reality (aka, false flag) news stories as willing accomplices while they take taxpayer monies via advertising government pushed programs, such as

And, don’t forget another “level” of crisis actors: politicians, bureaucratic personnel and the U.S. President, included. They are the elite group who pawn themselves off as “public servants.” Yet, they only serve their own modern-day Nazi agenda.
Unlike their lower-than-snake-belly propaganda / violence event crisis actor co-conspiratorial counterparts, the politician and political class crisis actors, are lower than whale dung.

Please note the FOX News Network Megyn Kelly interview (2 videos below) with the supposed crisis acting father and alleged boyfriend of the alleged gun-downed, Roanoke, VA reporter. Note the “over-kill.” Note the catcall for the disarming of Americans. Note the obvious contrived crisis acting piece of propaganda trash with willing wicked accomplice, Megyn Kelly. Is it any wonder why Donald Trump and she, have so clashed?


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Many Americans don't question the propaganda being fomented by mainstream media. Corrupt goverment counts on that wide-spread gullibility. Note that the pic is missing FOX Network, PBS, CNN, MNBSC and others.

Many Americans don’t question the propaganda being fomented by pernicious mainstream media. Corrupt government counts on that wide-spread gullibility. Note that the above pic is missing FOX Network, PBS, CNN, MSNBC and others. Pic source:×400.jpg

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


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7 thoughts on “Roanoke VA False Reality Criminal Crisis Actors: FOX News Network Accomplice Megyn Kelly Included

  1. Douglas says:

    There is some mention of Nazi tactics. These hoaxes are actually done by traitors to the USA. That’s worse than Nazis. Nazis were attacking other countries. These hoaxers are attacking their own country.

    I wonder if people understand the horrific nature of this?

    1. Douglas –

      Good point. But, I’d still have to take exception. German WWII Nazis imprisoned many of their own. Their Goebbel’s propaganda affected the whole populace. If you get a chance (when TCM) has it featured again, watch:


      1. Douglas says:

        I’m totally aware that the Nazi’s killed millions of people including many of their own. I was only making a distinction among differences.

        The people doing the hoaxes are traitors to the USA and are doing it in broad daylight with the help and cooperation of the national news media. The degree of this traitorous action is beyond belief. Each of these hoaxes involves tens of thousands of cooperation traitors. All of the government, the news media and all of the politicians are involved.

        The USA is currently under INTERNAL attack by its OWN citizens. This is a war of huge proportions. Sadly, few people realize this and its all happening right under our nose.

      2. Douglas says:

        I’ve seen the film. They were basically all guilty. But they claimed they were ”only following orders”, which is not an excuse.

    2. Doug:

      “Nazis were attacking other countries. These hoaxers are attacking their own country.”

      The core “Obama” Conspirators are descendants of Adolf Hitler and his top brass, who masquerade as Americans.

      That said, many if not most in their coalition of evil-doers are “Americans’ who do not know who they actually work for.

      It will be quite the scene to observe them when they find out.

  2. Steve says:

    Douglas is right: the current dictator and his accomplices are destroying the United States of America from within.

  3. sosola says:

    The horrific nature of this gets more horrific when you start to see the connections between these hoax events and the approaching Islamic Barbarians on the way to meet the black ex-convict Nation of Islam army already training in Muslim military training camps all over the United States. Then one realizes that the American police are complicit in disarming us. My own police chief and governor of my state are complicit in the hoax event that occurred recently in my hometown, including the ambulance service and the media. My governor is not really American, he’s the son of Muslim immigrants and he
    ‘converted’ to the locally popular religion. The Muslim handbook tells them to make friends with us in order to kill us. So it is friendly people and friendly governors that we should be wary of.

    It’s important to note that this Islam in not a religion, it is a strategy for brutal take-over of the Western world and extermination of the white ‘devils’ as they call us openly. Louis Farrakhan teaches this ‘religion’.

    When posting information on the internet to warn people, the comments that are left by the trolls who defend the hoax are blood curdling. I get death threats through these comments. Already in my own neighborhood, I’ve seen some of them in action. If you say or do anything to offend them, even though this person was your friend, and believe me it doesn’t take much to offend them, they pull out their Iphone and send the word out that you are a racist. I’m sure they are making a list. Racist is a code word for a white who refuses to submit to the supremacy of muslims and blacks. And they do want total submission. They don’t all look Arabic either. They are recruiting in the prisons so even white boys are joining with them, I’ve come across one myself: A white ‘man’ who truly thinks he’s black and hates white people. In fact, I’m coming across more and more white people who hate white people, such is the insidiousness of propaganda.

    In Europe, the police have been betraying the people in order to defend the criminal muslim groups. You can watch this happening on many, many videos. The voice of the white people of Europe is completely eliminated from the media. The media gives the Muslims all the airtime to repeat their lies over and over again. The police protect only the Muslims even to the point of leaving 1200 young girls as sex prisoners for them in Britain, because no one wanted to make a report that would make them appear racist.

    The militant muslims are already infiltrated into the police forces all over America and Europe, since this is their plan and they work with Jewish groups to accomplish this. The Jews in Europe have made no secret that Muslim immigration into the Christian world is a plan that they sponsor. The Jewish groups have already stated that they are aware that people don’t want this invasion of immigrants, and that we won’t like it, but that we will just have to accept it because that’s what has been decided for us. Barbara Specter is the person most well known for announcing this, and her statements were taped so don’t accuse me of anti-semitism.

    There are at least 22 military training camps for radical islam here in America, one just a very short distance from where I live. White people are being surrounded and set up for extermination by our own security forces and it appears clearly that Obama is funding the project and that Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam is the main organizing group.

    This is what Donald Trump is aware of and the reason for wanting a wall. He wasn’t referring to regular Mexicans, he’s talking about the hoards being sent our way for an invasion. The crime rate in European cities has skyrocketed, but the officials are hiding the fact that immigrant muslims are committing crimes against European women as their war strategy. No woman or girl is safe. The only people who can feel safe from this Muslim army are the American Military, who they will avoid at all costs. Yes, the muslims are cowards when it comes to military battle, so they are sneaking in and attacking girls and women in Europe and in America I can see signs of their campaign right here in my community. They always hide and they always attack females, either shooting at cars or raping someone who has befriended them or pushing drugs, or whatever.

    So please beware of the connection between these hoaxes which are a campaign to disarm us, and the goals of the Army of the Nation of Islam, which is a pack of roaches hiding out to attack the innocent. The Muslim military camps are very likely where all the hollow point bullets have been sent that were ordered by DHS. DHS is almost 100% Jewish, they have published this fact, proclaiming that 98% of DHS contracts go to Jewish businesses in articles published in Israel.

    The previous comment states the truth:

    “The USA is currently under INTERNAL attack by its OWN citizens. This is a war of huge proportions. Sadly, few people realize this and its all happening right under our nose.”

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