Michelle Obama Throws Mud At The White House

Commentary by a Moralmatters Reader:
Interior White House pic - pre-Obama era. Pic source: Found on the web.

Interior White House pictures. Top pic: Dark Obama era. Bottom pic. bright pre-Obama period. Pic Source: Found on the web.

It was revealed this week that Michelle Obama has reupholstered the chairs and changed the drapes in the formal State Dining Room of the White House. But sadly it reveals something very ugly.

The Dining Room, as you can see, has always been a place of dignity and light. The sunny yellow tones of the chairs added an element of elegance and charm.

The new dark mud tones of Obama are an affront to all that the White House symbolizes.
Michelle has repeatedly said that she abhors all things related to the United States…even the flag. Her choice of colors and fabrics give visual evidence of this….in spades. [She also redid the Family Dining Room in a style that’s even more atrocious.]

Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan and other First Ladies added a sense of red, white and blue to the patriotic decor of the classically styled White House. The White House should not be a place of darkness.

Michelle Obama has thrown graffiti at the White House by changing much of it to dirt and mud tonesthat seem to defile our national treasure….the White House. The changes were made with donated funds. Regardless, its a hideous misuse of those monies.

It appears that she wants to damage the interior as much as possible before she departs. Let’s offer up prayers that the White House, a long standing symbol for all Americans, will soon revert to it’s former dignity.

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel




Featured pic source of angry Michelle Obama:

MichelleObama: MuseumsOnlyForWhitePeopleth.jpg – Pic Source: Found on the web.

3 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Throws Mud At The White House

  1. Jackie Cox says:

    Barry Turdbender and his 1st transgender Michael obuttefuckee are really a fine example for our nation’s youth to follow, LIVNG a life of mental delusion as if it were normal. Without fundamental Logic, Ethics, or a moral compass, and unaware of macroeconomics or basic science the last 7 years 7 months have been a sad time to witness, almost as devastating to the USA as s lick Willie Clintons NAFTA and free trade which exported our engineering, manufacturing infrastructure including the science foundation in academia that supported it. The news media hawking the horn for the federal reserve bankster gangsters I. Their quest for a one world power THEIRS, the last 30+ years have seen the presidential puppets destroying what took a few hundred years to develop. The current occupational government of lawyers, judges, banksters, gangsters enacting Lobbie written laws that are bribed into power, enriching to pseudo electorate with chump change making them millionaires except Clinton who got a few billion for the trillions in damage he did when he exported our jobs into slave nation’s the. Imported the landfill back to the trading g clan TRIO Walmart, SAMs club, Costco, 3 trillion mistake, and their following dozen or so other trading clan members.

  2. Jackie Cox says:

    Let’s not leave out Joan Kerry ! Ever wonder how many south Vietnamese were sent into refugee camps or how many ultimately immigrated into the USA ! The wake of a abnormal person. Mentally disturbed given unlimited news media coverage when our service members who fought and died for the free world were treated as war criminals upon Returning home to the United States of America, now he is still in the news every day, the total idiot he really is.

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